Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks for nothing!

The title of this post means nothing. I really am truly thankful for a whole lot. I AM thankful that I am busy enough with work and family that blogging has to come a distant third. I AM thankful that despite my great and obvious faults I DO have the greatest spouse in the known(and unknown) universe.

I do not get the opportunity to post, let alone read blogs with the frequency that I would like to. But all things considered, who cares? Not that I am blase about it or anything, there just is not any time. I seriously have written and rewritten post after post within the little brain I was blessed with. Problem is, with no time to sit at a computer it is just gets lost to the wind.

I have done some very cool family activities as of late and I so enjoy them that it caused me to take a look at what I am thankful for. It really is amazing how mush, even the least of us, have to be grateful for. How often do I feel like I am going without because the cable is out or the soda fountain at the store is out of order? Seriously!

Anyway, Since this IS thanksgiving(In America) I thought I would share a few things I am thankful for

  • My spouse, seriously, my best friend!
  • My children....I need to tell them that more...each one brings me immeasurable happiness
  • A relationship with God through church and service
  • My health........it could be better.....but it could be so much worse!
  • My Job.........duh.......the way things are everywhere.....a big one
  • A descent house....adequate for our needs
  • Reliable transportation
  • The ability to communicate my feelings and beliefs.......to a fault......I talk too much....but so much better than not being able to talk
  • Cell phones and always being able to get hold of my kids...lol!
  • Great books!
  • Good movies!
  • Music for any mood....ipods and mp3 players
  • the rest of technology that I could live without but glad I don't
  • Good Mexican food

Starting to get a little out of hand I know, but we could all make lists that could probably go on forever if we were honest with ourselves. As bad as things are or as bad as they get I think we all need to remember to treasure what we need, and be willing to part with what we don't. If we can do that, we can always be found happy, no matter the trial.

So.....anyone out there thankful for something? Spill it and help add to the good feelings of the Holidays (or at least so I can read more comments) Who knows, what you are thankful for might trigger something for someone else and so on and so on.............

Put your brave faces on and comment!


Rhonda said...

I´m thankful for this great day in Playa del Carmen! lol More to follow! Gotta get back to the sun and swimming pool!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for a lot of the same things you are.

RhondaLue said...

mexican food is one of mine toO! I could eat it nearly every day and never get tired of it. the kids on the other hand....just kiddin'!

I'm thankful for a roof over my head when so many are losing their homes. I'm thankful for food on our shelves (even if it's slim pickin's at times) because so many wonder where they will find their next meal. I'm thankful for kids as they learn their independence and I'm thankful when they use their brains and don't do crazy stuff that other kids their age mightbe doing.

I'm grateful for the health I have, the family I adore and the income we enjoy. It may not be a ton of $ but it's enough to get by and that's all I care about!

Happy Turkey day to you!

Ronda's Rants said...

I am grateful too! I think if we really think about the things we are most thankful for...it isn't expensive toys but rather the relationships we have that are so important to our lives!

Ronda's Rants said...

It cracks me up how many Rondas or Rhondas stalk you!

Jed said...

I too like to step back and think of all that I am thankful for. Especially when I may feel there is so much I am lacking. When put in perspective, I AM the richest Man alive! Great wife, great kids and good health with a good job, what blessings!

And Mexican food, Music and movies are not bad either.

Good post, have a great Turkey Day, wherever you are!

EmmaP said...

i am so grateful for great mexican food too! oh ant toilet paper. there are countries out there which do not provide TP in public restrooms!

Tulsi said...

I am grateful for new spirits willing to enter the world. And for the parents willing to give all for them. Even though they all feel overwhelmed and inadequate.

Mike said...

I with you all the way on your bullet points except that job thingy.

LegalMist said...

Nice list... and an excellent reminder of the many things in life to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And if you want to come stalk my blog, you are welcome anytime. :)


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thansgiving! Where do I start...?
So much to be thankful for.

Veggie Mom said...

I with ya on all of these, ESPECIALLY the Mexican Food! Could it be you're a Texan in Disguise!! Hope Turkey Day was everything you hoped for, and MORE!

Melissa B. said...

Yes, I'm a Mexican Food Junkie as well! BTW, don't forget to tune in to Sx3 today...we've got the Holiday Spirit!

Melissa B. said...

Blogstalker...I've left you with a little Holiday Cheer over at My Place. Enjoy!

Blog Buddy said...

I'm thankful for a fully functioning computer-yahoo! I'm also grateful for a smart neighbor who can do repair work-♥

Veggie Mom said...

Hey, I'm Sharing Some Linky Love with you over at my place...please come Check. It. Out!

Veggie Mom said...

Hey, I've ALSO left some Yummy Bling for you over at my place today!

Mike said...

Just stopping by to change to comment count.

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