Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hope for a New Year?

Well, we are at the end of yet another year. So I find myself wondering if I am any better off now than at this same time last year. Did I make any resolutions last year? And how long before those resolutions went the way of the dodo bird?
See, every year, everyone talks about New Years Resolutions. And I mean EVERYONE! We get asked by our colleagues and by our friends and neighbors, "What are YOUR New Years Resolutions?". Heck, even the advertisers get in on the deal. Fitness clubs and Gyms probably make the most money at this time of year because of everyone signing up to make good on that resolution 'to get in better shape'.
So, if I have been around for as long as I have, What is there left to be resolute about? HA!, That's just the rub that I am getting at. What is it about our New Years Resolutions that we (me) cannot seem to conquer?
I am thinking that part of it may be that we aim to big. I know that if I say I am going to lose weight and I have lets say 50+ lbs to lose that if I have not dropped 10 lbs the first month then its right back to cheesecake and fatty burgers. I know that to be successful I, and I am only talking about myself here, I am sure there are many who are WAY better than I. But I digress, I know that if I start with a smaller, more obtainable goal, such as losing 5lbs, I might have greater success. And I can then make another resolution to lose another 5 lbs after that and so on.
And what of other goals, such as getting a promotion at work and/or being a better friend for example? How do we tackle such lofty goals? Certainly they are worthwhile and we feel they would make us better people. If they did not, we would not set them as goals, would we?
How do we break down getting a promotion? Maybe see where we can increase productivity in a certain area and putting in the time necessary to be noticed for positions as they became available. And how about being a better friend? That's a hard one no? I guess that you need to know just what your friends need or want IN a friend, or IN you for that matter. Of course listening and being there for them during their trials has definitely got to help.
Well, I am really trying to figure out what I most need to work on so that I CAN make some resolutions. Of course I am finding it difficult at how best to achieve "financial independence' and
'children who listen better'.
I am working on both of these as a matter of fact. I know they might seem pretty 'out there' and if you knew my circumstances maybe even unrealistic. But there is not to question but to do and so me and spouse WILL do. We are going to do the things we should have done before things looked so dire. We will 'bury' the credit cards and do something drastic. LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS! Okay, it seems so simple when you write it down but it does not seem so simple when kids need braces for example. Or when something goes wrong in the house(money pit) and demands replacement, such as the Water main or the Heater/Air Conditioner. Sort of why we are burying the credit cards and not cutting them all up like we want to. Anyway, would welcome anyones advice on money saving tips in any area.
As far as the whole getting kids to listen better goes we figured we would call Nanny 911. Then we figured there was no way in hell I was going to put my family on television. Fat chance! Not that they are not the best kids ever, occasionally anyway. They are just, well, lets just say the decible level in our home can get mighty loud sometimes and I always wonder just what the neighbors are thinking. Because you know, even when we are having a ball, WE ARE LOUD!
I think the most common thing heard in our house apart from the repeatedly calling of children by their name until they answer is the word, "what?' or maybe "sorry, I didn't hear you' followed closely by "you never said that." Of course me and spouse find ourselves pulling out hair and groaning in misery because it seems to get worse as the children get older. In fact, I don't have a clue as to how to actually break this goal down. So, any help in this area is welcome as well.
WOW! that felt good to get off my chest. I hope I don't read this in a year and wonder 'what the heck was I thinking?'
So, now I am wondering Just what are you fellow stalkers out there putting on your lists of New Year Resolutions? Are they lifestyle changers? Are they going to cause you to make drastic changes in your routines or your home life? Please put on your brave face and let me know what you have planned for the New Year as well. Are you a big party person with lots of friends or do you roll over and kiss the spouse at midnight and go back to bed? Or are you somewhere inbetween?
Here is wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Okay, they say things come full circle and I am starting to believe it. I can distinctively remember the first time I watched the movie Home Alone. Just how many countless times I have seen it since I have no clue. I think It just may be part of my generations classic movies of Christmas. While I do not think it rates all the way up there with It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th St(the original) but when I think of Christmas that movie does come to mind. What is funny is that I think of lines to that movie even when it's not Christmas. When the uncle says, 'Look what you did, you little jerk!' This line is always repeated anytime I hear anyone say, 'look what you did!' sometimes it is not wholly appropriate but it is there, tucked into the tiny folds of my cranium.

What was the magic of this movie? I think it was the fact that we as children always think we would be better off without our parents and siblings around. Maybe that carries into adulthood but that's fodder for another post on another day. Anyway, just like any of us the star of the movie lives it up thinking he has gotten his greatest wish. Then later when he is reunited with his family he realizes just how much he loves and needs his family.

Now my children are watching this movie with the eyes of wishful children and wondering what they would do without their parents around. I see this movie with deeper meaning now as an adult.(I am an adult right? at least as far as the legal definition goes)

What other movies from the last twenty years or so, with a Christmas theme have left a big mark on us the 'regular' public? Could it be Jim Carey's 'The Grinch"? What movies would you, my fellow stalkers want to put on a 'New Holiday Classics' list?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas - Humbug!?


So with that out of the way I wanted to know how everyone feels this time of the year. I know for me that Christmas always is a magical time of year for me. I am lucky to have small kids around(still!) and that keeps the magic going for sure. But with the older kids we get to have a lot deeper Christmas traditions such as reading Luke 2 and watching Christ-centered movies as well as the fun Santa and Present themed movies.

I definitely was raised with certain traditions in my own family. Spouse had a few traditions in their family as well. But as we started our own family we had to decide what traditions WE were going to start.

Mostly, just spending time together is the most important because with all these kids and all the Church/work requirements we have to be flexible. But there are a few traditions we try and always do.

1. Sit around Christmas Eve and read the story of Jesus. We then have hot cocoa and go out to look at pretty Christmas lights. When we get back we let everyone open 1 gift

2. We go watch Christmas programs and Lights at certain areas(sorry-have to keep this generic or it totally gives me away)

3. We try to make cookies and treats for as many 'friends and family' as we can and deliver them as a family.

These are not knock your socks off traditions but they are OUR OWN! Because neither of us have much family support due to OUR standards we have tried to do the things to develop bonds within OUR immediate family that will last into our kids adult years so that as they grow older these traditions can be shared by their spouses and OUR grand kids.

So, fellow stalkers, what are your traditions? Are they traditions that you started within your own families? Do these traditions include any extended family? Tis the season for sharing people so SHARE ALREADY!


Friday, December 19, 2008

How do you spell TRASH?

Just a quick rant that I am having difficulty dealing with. Because I wish to keep things lighter I will try to generalize what has so greatly offended me. Hey I know, I'll do one of those Dear whomever letters and let out all my frustrations that way.

Nope, that won't work either.(I would never use that kind of language in a letter!) Maybe I will just ask a few questions and see what my fellow stalkers think on the subject.

So what do you do when someone who is entrusted with the care of someone you love not only allows something to happen to them that just causes your mouth to drop open and steam to come out of your ears but actually encouraged and pushed them into it?

OH, I can't even begin to list the many levels of rage and frustration and anger and rage, I think I said that already, but you get the picture.

Lets put it this way:

You have a prize winning dog. It is pedigreed and trained and is treated with white gloves. Your "friend" agrees to watch your dog for the weekend and you feel safe that your dog is getting loving care, greater than that from some stranger at a kennel. When you come to pick up your dog you find out that your "friend" took your dog to a dog fighter to "toughen it up" and give it a more aggressive doggy cut. While there the dog fighter crops the tail and generally changes your prize winner forever.

This was a stretch and does not even begin to really explain the situation but let me ask you this.:

If a friend or family member destroys the trust you had with them by choosing to put someone you love in harms way deliberately, should you feel guilty about not wanting to be around them? Even during the holidays?

PLEASE put on your brave faces and help me out here!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Politically Correct Christmas?

Merry Christmas all you bloggers out there in blogger land. It may not be politically correct to say it but say it I do with all the emotional feeling to go with it. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.

I am not some anti-Semite or other hate monger as our PC society would have you believe. No, I am a God fearing, Christ believing Christian. There I said it. WOW that feels good. I want it to be known that I am respectful of all religion or lack thereof. In fact my own religion teaches tolerance of all beliefs and faiths.

So why is it that I am supposed to say Happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Are we really supposed to give in to all the commercialism of this season and forget about the true meaning? My Jewish friends are respectful of me and wish me a merry Christmas and I wish them a Happy Chanukah.

Don't get me wrong I love all the traditions of Christmas but isn't it all about the giving and sharing?

So what do I do when someone says, "Sorry I don't believe in that!" when I wish them a blessed and merry Christmas? After all, they ARE getting gifts wrapped and are waiting in line with their kids to see Santa. I know many atheists who celebrate Christmas so what's the deal? Is it the word blessed? Geez, forgive me for the atrocity!

I will not preach to someone who does not want to be preached to but are we to the point where Christianity is to be locked away and hidden from the world? I would not ask anyone else to shelf or hide their beliefs so why should I?

Well, leave me your thoughts stalkers. And as always, Have a great day!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

If mice could talk?

Well, Mama Kat gave an assignment and I actually decided to take it to task. So first up, what would I do if a mouse spoke to me?

Well, first off I would ask it for a great meal. Hey, I saw the movie. I know those things can really cook. And after my scrumptious meal I would start scheming. What?! Have you seen the places where a mouse can fit into? I have not got it all figured out yet, but I am sure we would make quite the team.

If I needed to know how someone really felt about me or what was "really" being said behind closed doors my new little friend could really help out. Of course I am only assuming that this mouse would be intelligent and not just some dumb field mouse who by some sheer coincidence has the gift of human speech.

And what could I offer that mouse? Protection for one. Do you know how many different ways humans have perfected in exterminating mice? A lot I think! Anyway, on top of that, I think a mountain of cheese would go a long way in making the little bugger my ally.

Of course, It would be a one mouse deal. No parties, no friends. Soon as there is more than one, DEALS OFF! I still have nightmares about the movie BEN. Anyone remember that one? With all the rats? Yep, as soon as the friends start hanging out its all over but the clean up. lol

The second part of my accepted assignment was about new roads I have taken ion life. Well, lets see here...........getting married, that was a new road.......bumpy at times but the best road I ever started down for sure. A little info on blogstalker......was very young when I got married. Especially young by the worlds standards. Even some of my family could be whispering that our marriage could not last a year. HA! jokes on them, going on two decades now!

Anyway, many different roads I have turned down on this here journey. Looking back there were some roads that forked. The sure thing is that you can only go down one of the forks or you can just sit still, never quite deciding which direction to go. One thing I cannot be accused of is sitting still. A slew of kids, some different career/job directions and a whole host of other 'activities'.(lol, maybe an inside joke)

So now I turn it around and ask my fellow stalkers what roads have you chosen? Were they the right roads? Also wondering about backing up and going down a different road when you realize you are not on the road you thought you were taking. Anyone done that? Anyone wanted to do that? Whats stopping you?

Okay stalkers, you know what to do....or do you?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me Worry?

Okay stalkers, I think I feel a confession coming on. Yes, it is definitely coming out. I do not know exactly how to let it out but will do my best. I have a feeling most of you already know but I need to type it to convince myself. So here it goes: I am getting so old! Well, relatively speaking of course.

So why do I feel the weight of all my 234 years pulling me down to towards the earths core? Well, that question is not so easily answered. But seeing how I only have limited space to write(the Internet IS limited, right?) I will try to briefly let you into my head.

You see, when I was younger, I did not fear anything. At least I cannot remember fearing anything. I probably was a scared little kid at one time, but I am remembering that young teenager who saw the world orbiting around him/herself. I did things that I would never dream of doing at my ripened age. I took risks with my personal safety and more than likely those around me without really thinking of the possible consequences.

While I was not that impolite teenager or the teenager that broke EVERY rule I did step out of the box my parents tried to package me in. And now HERE IS THE KICKER.

Now I have to deal with the kids who are not scared of anything! I find myself worried to death about everything they do and what 'could' happen to them. Now don't get me wrong, I let my kids make their own mistakes. I even let them do things I know they are not going to like the consequences of. MY problem is that too often I expect or imagine the worst. And boy do I have an active imagination.

My older kids are really good kids. I honestly think they are way better kids than I ever was. But then again my parents thought I was such a great kid. AND THAT IS WHAT SCARES ME THE MOST. What don't I know about them? Me and my spouse have prided ourselves on the fact that we talk to our children about 'everything' openly and honestly. We may 'over react' at times, but really do tend to really hear them out and take their concerns to heart. I do wonder who they are when we are not around and it's just them and their friends. To be a fly on the wall.(or a little electronic transmitter. lol)

So, I am rambling again. Child #1 just got home from late night(morning) out. Everything went well and I can stop worrying.(for now)

So I do have a new question for all you stalkers who hung out through this boring post.

What do you worry about? or do you worry at all? If you do, what do you do to help you cope? For those of you with completely grown kids, do you ever stop worrying? and for those of you with all young'ns(no teenagers yet) GOOD LUCK!

Put your brave face on and leave a comment!
Have a great day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yummy Chocolate!

I, as you all know have been seriously limited on my blogging as of late. Imagine my surprise when after a week of not getting on my computer, found that I had not received just one award but TWO! The fact that they are the same award makes it that much easier to post about!

Thank you to The Scholastic Scribe and to Veggie Mom who showed me the bloggy love!

I want to award the following regular contributors(besides Scribe and V. Mom) to my comments with this award!

The rules will follow at the end of this post, but because so many move on before that I wanted to tell you all that this is A must have award! Not that I need any award to find reason to enjoy a sweet treat such as chocolate, but when it is a requirement it makes it twice as nice and I am sure when you are eating chocolate because it is part of an award that it has no fat and zero calories!

So anyway, is chocolate the chink in your armor? I like chocolate but Cheesecake is the sin that I have little or no defense against. Is there something that you stalkers out there have to be careful around? Is it harder around the holidays? I know I am trying to run more again, one of the reasons I am finding less time to blog!

Here are the Rules of the Road:

You must eat a Piece of Chocolate in honor of accepting The Octamom Award.

You must, um…..Eat Yet Another Piece of Chocolate when you put The Award on your blog.

You must visit Debi B. (who designed the award) by clicking Here. "It’s neighborly, you know," proclaims Tara R.

Try to go by and see the other stalkers we're putting links up for.

Don't forget to display the award on your blog!

Feel free to add or subtract from the rules as suits you…except that Chocolate one…

And, but of course, if you're reading this post & feel like you need a little Chocolate in your life, please accept The Octamom Award, with blogstalker's blessing!

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