Saturday, August 30, 2008

Please Call Me

Please Call me at the following number:

650 - 388 - 1117

Don't be scared, I wont have caller ID on or anything. lol Anyway, Do I Look Scary? Trust me on this one guys(and gals) you will not be disappointed.

Friday, August 29, 2008

And The Winners are..........READ THE WHOLE THING

So, Not a lot of help from you guys on the selection process. Thanks for nothing.

Rhondalue, thank you for the nomination of PracticallyJoe. After a short consideration I whole heartedly agree. Without any other nominations I was forced to pick four more out of a pool of many definitely worthy blogs.

And the winners are: (drum roll please)

1. PracticallyWisdom, Check Joe out, he's great.

2. ScarryMommie, thanks for the comment. (warning: Side bar cursing...but is a child quote that serves as a great reminder that we are mentors to our children and other children who may look to us as an example)

3. I had someone picked in this spot but turns out they already had the award. My brain is too fried to have to sort out a new winner, sorry folks.(do people really still say folks?)

4.LifeHappens, because it does, and I have a soft spot for 80's posts.

5.VeggieMom, thanks for the comment
Please take your award and display it proudly on your blog. Then link it back to me and pay it forward by awarding other blogs you deem worthy.

Okay, that was harder than I thought it would be, so many more of you are as equally deserving. Make sure and visit these blogs and enjoy them yourself.

SO, I wanted to see what everyone is doing this weekend. In the U.S.A., where I tend to get most of my comments, it is going to be a three day weekend. Labor day is on Monday and most people do not have work or school. Of course the police, fire, and military do not take the time off. But I digress.

Tell me what you guys are planning for this weekend. Or what your not planning. And one final note: Why do they call it "labor" day when the majority of you do not labor? Just wondering

So, if you want a laugh, call650-388-1117. Then text the number to your friends and tell them to call you at that number asap. (stolen shamelessly from JillJillboBill)

Again? Really? Me? Cool!

So, I just received another award. I don't gush and give acceptance speeches but I would like to thank the little people. No, not the Village people. That was the last post. Anyway, Ronda over at Ronda'sRants gave me this award. So what is the appropriate protocol for multiple awards in one week? Am i supposed to start speaking(typing) with an air of stuffiness and condescension? I don't feel any different. I know it gives me instant street cred though. Not that I need any of that. My Rep speaks for itself. I am an OG from way back in the hood. Okay, starting to go to my head now. Feel a little light headed. Is this what it feels like to be on cloud 9? And what the heck is wrong with clouds one through eight?

So, I guess I AM gushing and totally letting it go to my head. Sorry, but It's not like I have that many opportunities to prop myself up. Who knew a stalker from the --------(not telling) could catch the interests of first
Dawn and then Ronda? I definitely want to pass on the award. But here's the dilemma. What should I base the award on? There are a lot of very deserving blogs out there. But one way out of this would be to keep getting awards. Then I could totally keep paying it forward.

But until I get more awards(hint, hint) I have devised a way to give out these awards.

You, my fellow blogstalkers will tell me what I am looking for. That's right, you.

So leave me a comment and tell me:

#1. Tell me what YOU think makes for a good blog/post

#2. List any blogs you would like to nominate for my consideration.

#3. Sit back and enjoy the wait while I decide who to give this award to In fact, check out some of the cool blogs to the right.

I don't think this is that hard. I might even give out the awards to the best comments I receive on today's post. You'll just have to participate to find out who deserves this award.

Who knows It could be you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tag was a game I played at recess

Okay now, I am not trying to come across as the grouchy person always spoiling the fun. But, (you knew that was coming didn't you) I am not a big fan of the tagging in the bloggosphere. And no It's not just because no one ever tags me. (okay, maybe just a little) But I don't want to all of a sudden go into a fit because my one brain cell left can't come up with something clever to put down for someones tag. I mean really, I can barely post a slightly coherent post as it is. That's why I am a BLOG STALKER. I depend on others to make ME laugh and cry and enjoy their witty and deeply thought out blogs. I like to think of myself as deep but who's kidding who. I am who I am and thats all that I yam. Wow, now I am starting to sound like cartoon characters.

So on a serious note. Okay on a slightly coherent thread of thought , I want to generate some fun banter. Now I really like music. All kinds of music. But there is also some music I just can't stand. I sometimes relate life moments to songs and think, Jeez, that song totally would be playing right now in the movie of my life. But that's a totally different post. What was the purpose of this post anyway? Oh yeah, so instead of tagging a bunch of you and then waiting to see if any of you had the time or the interest to respond in your own blog. I decided to just ask you my questions and have you post your answers as comments. Pretty painless don't you think? Really, you don't have to keep going back to the other post to see what the questions are or cutting and pasting. Just leave your comment and move on. Or then leave another comment amending your first. Whatever it takes. So will this go over well with you my fellow bloggers, or will I be shunned by the blogging world for straying outside the comfort zone?

I really do have a question, so if you are still here reading, thank you for sticking around.

Today's Question: What are your favorite bands/artists from the eighties? And remember this is an all ages question. You were either around during the eighties or you have seen all the VH-1 remembering the eighties. At the very least, some of the bands from the 80's are actually still together.

So come on bloggers, don't disappoint me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cool Beans!

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with beans. It's just something I say. It's equivalent might be, 'awesome' or 'righteous'. So anyway, This blog just received it's first award. Dawn gave out the award and it is nice to be noticed.

There were no rules associated with this award, but I wanted to pass it along to just a few of the blogs I like. So, in no particular order I award the following blogs:







I would award even more blogs but then it would diminish the value. I encourage those who got an award to pass on the award to other blogs they think deserve it.

Okay, that is done. I want to say I have not been disappointed with most of the blogs I check out or others have turned my attention to. I will still link anyone to this blog who would like me to. The rules are the same: You must tell me you want me to link to you in a comment and you need to leave your URL (blog address).

That being said I want you to know that I intend to keep this blog readable by all who would like to come by. I will not link to objectionable sites or blogs with objectionable content. I will be the judge of what is objectionable. I implore the readers of this blog to inform me if they find a link of which they think might fit into this category. I do read every blog I link to but not all previous posts etc. And things can slip through the cracks.

WOW! I sound so Gestapo-ish. Enough of that, just keep the comments coming. I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Monday! Or is it?

So my last week was absolutely non-stop. First week of school, extra meetings at work, a little public speaking too. In fact, as I was reflecting on last week, I think I had some extra Mondays. You know what I'm talking about, right? Those days where things just don't go the way you were expecting. One of those Murphy's Law days. At least two days last week were Mondays. I don't mind extra days in general, but what I want are extra Fridays. Is that too much to ask? Fridays are nice because everyone is happy and looking forward to a nice weekend and so are willing to work together better to reach that glorious end of the day.

So I was wondering, is it just me or are Mondays the slowest most unproductive, if something can go wrong it will day of the week?

Is there anyone who wants to vent their Monday stories here? (sometimes, others can feel better reading about someone else having a bad day. I think it may even be therapeutic. So dish already, you'll feel better)


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't be scared!

Okay, so you are already here, checking out the blog. Either it is or it isn't an interesting blog. But you are already here. Leave a comment. Be anonymous if you are too shy. Get things off your chest. Rant about things, people or places that irritate you. Tell a funny joke. Tell me it creeps you out that my name is 'blog stalker'. The whole reason for this blog is to create interaction. I see that my traffic is quite high. at least compared to my old boring -just hanging with people I know- blog. So take a minute and leave a short comment. If you ask me questions I will be more than happy to answer with comments on your own blogs.

Lets do a roll call shall we. Tell me where your from and the thing you most like about where you live. The weather, or your close to mom, or there's a bakery across the street that always smells oh so sweet.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whats on your mind?

So tell me what concerns my fellow bloggers right now. Around the world everyone may rank the problems of the day in a different order, so put a topic out there and lets see what everyone thinks. I do not want to get too political, even though it may come out on its own. Why dont we start with the Olympics that are going on right now.

is anyone watching them?

Is Phelps and his record ever going to be beat? and are you shocked at how dominant he has been?

Is your country representing themselves there. Is there any national pride where you live?

Questions to ask and things to ponder.

Leave a note and let me know what you think


Leave a message.....

Hello to all those finding my blog. Please leave a comment and tell me where you are from and maybe a little about yourself. I think it would be cool to have a forum where issues can be brought up and talked about from all across the world. Does this sound cool. I know everyone has different perspectives on life, love, war, etc.

I also love good photography. If you know a good blog with great photos, share it please. I will not link photos from my blog-stalking without the Bloggers consent.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Blogs

Welcome one and all! I have been stalking some of the coolest blogs on the web as of late. Good job by all. I am going to start a blog list of those who would like to link to this blog. I have received a fair amount of traffic and will list any one's blog that is:

A. posted into a comment on my blog asking me to.
B. not crude or distastefully done

Please leave your URL in your comment and then give me some time to get it listed at the side.

Thank you and have a great day!

A Blog Stalker

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good Day

Everything has been changed to protect the innocent and shy!
Leave a comment if you would like.
Leave a link if you want me to check out your blog.
Please keep it respectful.

Your friend,

My Fun Stalkers Who Rock