Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your life's soundtrack!

So, any of you who are frequent visitors to my blog, and not just readers of my posts on google reader, will note that I have quite a variety of music. I REALLY relate to music. While I am not musically inclined in any way, I am literally obsessed with GOOD music.

What is good music? Obviously we would all give different answers to that question. Some might even say that they prefer quiet to music. Crazy I tell ya! My tastes in music are very diverse to say the least. For example: I am huge fan of hair metal, particularly that from the 80's. I also like Johnny Cash and even some Michael Jackson(just keep him from my children). If it is good, I also like pop or top 40 music. Anyway, I also just love The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack and some of the classics. So how does one classify me?

Well you can't! That's right, there is no category I fit into. I really like music. Music that is well written and somehow connects with me. I like music that is well performed and produced. Not that I do not like a 'raw' sound also.

Two things that keep me from liking an artist or a band: Good vocals and writing but horrid musicianship & Great talent with the instruments and sound and then deplorable vocals

I know it sounds so so picky, and really I am not too critical. If it sounds good I probably like it. I am usually less critical than most music critics. But critics are usually biased in some way, which is fine, I just don't listen to them. I know that I tend to listen to music depending on the mood I am in. Does that make me a moody person? Probably, but there are distinct moments in my life where I can definitely 'hear' that certain song that 'fits' my mood, feeling or what is happening.

Now don't get me wrong, I have music that I run to. I have music I like to veg out to. I have playlists for many different things. And some songs make all the lists while others may only work with one.

I find myself 'craving' NEW music to try out. I am constantly updating my itunes and Windows players with new music. It may have actually, at one time, been a really unhealthy addiction. I started this post with the intent of posting my "Life's Soundtrack", a group of songs that would cover most of the highs and lows and good and bad of my life thus far. As I started listing songs I realized that I could not make a small enough list. There IS a song(or three) for EVERY occurrence and happening in my life! I could not whittle a complete list together. To illustrate what I was combing through, I tell you that my music folders contain 32,458 songs. Told you it has been unhealthy at times!

Anyway, I thought I would list some artists who I think of as contributors to my life soundtrack:

  • Pink Floyd
  • Metallica
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Rush
  • Reba McEntire
  • The doors
  • Eric Clapton
  • Johnny Cash
  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • Beastie Boys
  • Michael Jackson
  • Audioslave
  • Charlie Daniels
  • Guns N Roses
  • Queen
  • Garth Brooks
  • UB40
  • Jimmy Hendrix
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Styx
  • The Eagles
  • 3 Doors Down
  • The Cranberries
  • Sweet
  • Willie Nelson
  • Blondie
  • Have to throw in Weird Al and all of Dr Demento's hits!
  • Almost all 80's hits, you know, what they played on the radio!

Well, that is so not even close to putting any semblance of a complete list together. I want to either add another 50 or erase them all together. But I wont, at least not right away!

So, now that I have probably bored everyone to tears and sent them off to their next post, way to go Stalker!!!! Wow, I still have one reader. Thanks for sticking with me. So, if you would, let me know if you have a soundtrack of your life. Do you relate to music depending on your moods? Any chance you are as crazy about music as I am?

Answer or don't, I realize I now have way more readers than commenter's. And that is O. K.

But if you want to put your brave face on and leave a comment, GREAT!

Have a great day!


EmmaP said...

i feel like this so much. i also believe that music provides triggers to our past lives (memories), provide comfort in the present and hope for the future. Eclectic. That's your musical "style"... brilliant post!

RhondaLue said...

I am so-so one of those who just want some quiet now and then. With six kids, who can blame me? But then again, I do like good music too. I really like Michael Buble and David Cook to name a few! And all that awesome eighties music too!

Tulsi said...

Since my kids were small I've always said that life is a song, and usually an 80's song. I have a funny story. Mikele came home from school last week and said she got hit by another girl who was jealous of her talking to another boy. Then she said she has learned that Love Hurts. I laughed and broke into song. She rolled her eyes and said she should have thought before she said anything. She doesn't even LIKE this boy. She just likes him. But it brought out a song I hadn't remembered.

Rhonda said...

I'm like you. Music is a very important part of every day, every milestone, every crazy moment.

When I was 16-ish, my song would probably have been "So Many Men, So Little Time".

Follow that with all the '80s heart break ballads out there. lol I was a little into the drama....

When I hear a song, I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing when that song made an impact on me. I would give up TV and my computer if I had to. Just don't take away my music.

cornnut32 said...

i don't know what i would do without music. seriously. in high school, when i got in trouble, my parents would punish me by taking away my cd player. (oh, the horror! i cringe thinking about it...)

i definitely have music to go with moods. when i'm depressed or angry, i listen to evanescence, linkin park, or offspring. when i need to relax, i like enya and sarah mclachlan. i even had sarah on when i was giving birth--it seriously helped. i love oldies when i'm working, and country music for most things. i also seriously love nickel creek when i need to chill. when i want to sing loud and have fun? you betcha queen is one of them! (also...shh....don't tell...i still listen to my spice girls cds, circa 6th grade.) sheryl crow...and i love those 80s songs, too...funness.

thanks for this post, it's got me all happy thinking about all the fun music i just adore! i need a pick-me-up. :)

Mike said...

I agree with your assessment of music and voice. But I like the music more than the voice. About a 60/40 mix is a good mix for me. And I think of the voice as another instrument. I don't listen to the words very much. But a good song needs both.

Amy said...

I absolutely LOVE music too! I don't know what or where I would be without it. Music has 'saved' me on many occasion and been my best friend. I love 80's music like no other. Like you, I could never list just a few songs or artists that have made a difference in my life. All of what I enjoy has touched me in different ways and times and certain ones bring back many memories of my life.

Jed said...

I love the music and absolutely love the eighties music. Great post, I definitely have a life soundtrack that plays in my head at certain times that the song fits. Or i connect with songs based on a life experience.

Again, great post!
Love Metallica and johnny Cash too.....you are not so weird

By the way, I dissagree with a lot of your readers and think you are a dude!

Messy Jess said...

I love music but I haven't ever thought to catorgorize myself.

For those of you who follow Jess's mess or THIS IS IT...
I merged my 3 main blogs into one. All you need to do is drop by and click on "follow me" and you'll be good to go!


fiona said...

I'm right there with everyone else.
SB plays guitar, Mandolin, bass, harmonica, keyboards... I learned to play the guitar around 12 years ago and I sing so we have some great "jam" sessions in our kitchen.
Hey, why don't you all come over? :0)

rimafauzi said...

70s and 80s music rules! But there are so many artists on your list that frequently play (live) the soundtrack of my life. Like one day I went to the grocery store and saw this gorgeous guy who took my breath away and suddenly in the corner, near the condoms and tampons I saw Roger waters, David gilmour, syd barrett et al performing breathe, to help me breathe again. And it's strange cos I know Syd Barrett no longer takes residency in this earth again. That is the power of my awesomeness for you.
My Blog

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Haven't had time to make my rounds and am finally caught up after my mother was in the hospital and home doing fine now.

But back to your post. Thanks for sharing...Pink Floyd definitely is one the best ever. Love everything from Mariachi to Heavy Metal and everything in between.
Who said it? "If the music makes your body move, it's good!" And Nick Drake says exactly what you expressed,"a line of a song is like a bookmark of life."

Dina said...

I love and relate to music as well, and then turning it into a dance. The song that most resonates with me is Silence by Sarah McLaghlan...most people don't know it, and I have yet to get my playlist on my blog...anyhoo come stalk me and I will stalk you!


Dr Zibbs said...

Great list.

Summer said...

If it weren't for music, I wouldn't know God existed.

discardedprototype said...

Wow... it amazes me how coincidental this is. I've got a Playlist of my own on my blog (http://caffeinated-stupor631.blogspot.com) and, though I don't have it all on my own Playlist, you have a very similar taste in music to mine. The older stuff really can be some of the best stuff.

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