Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not soon enough......

Okay, been really busy with school,..................kind of crazy actually! Things are going pretty good and I am even figuring out my "bad" instructor and have an outside chance at a great grade but am keeping the expectations earthly based. I will be okay, very disappointed-but okay, with a B in his class.

I never before, in high school or college- when I was younger(and less busy), ever been looking so forward to a spring break! And it is right around the corner. After tonight I only have one physical class to attend, one test to take, and one mid-term essay to write. The latter of which is scaring me a little because I work every day this week. But then in class tonight, the instructor lets me know that she will take it anytime during spring break if I need extra time. HOW SWEET IS THAT!? Anyway, still would like to turn it in by Saturday night, but so much pressure is off, just knowing I have extra time if /i really need it.

And just to toot my own a horn a little. Was totally called out in front of other classmates on how to correctly post to the on-line discussion posts and to challenge other classmates. TOOT-TOOT!
(me tooting my own horn, lol)

So, anybody else looking forward to spring break? One mom I know said spring break is no break for her. Just more dirty dishes and bodies laying around the house. I for one am gonna try and find some fun stuff for the family to do. Any suggestions? And remember, we have zero money, so you gotta be pretty creative!

Have a great day stalkers!

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