Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy Belly Barrows Batman!

Today Blogstalker is taking part in Candid Carries's Phota Phiesta! So, after you comment on my post, totally go check her out to see everyone else involved!

Todays Entry:

Wait for it.....

Wait for it........

Okay, you asked for it

This weeks Phriday Foto Phiesta entry is another spoof of McDonalds! So at what point do you realize you have a problem? Is it when you can't find a shirt to fit, or when you need a wheelbarrow to move yourself around?
It's pictures like these that keep a person motivated, no?
So, while we're at it. What motivates you? In Life? at work? Are you a motivated person at all?
Do you set goals for yourself ? What about for others? Do you expect others to perform to your standard? Above your standard?
Just put your brave face on and drop a line and enlighten the rest of us!
Oh, and have a great day!


Jed said...

Holy Cow,,,,, that picture definitely motivates me to put down the second helping and go run around the block!

As far as goals go, i have to set goals of I won't get anything done. What I need help with is not putting everything off until the last minute. I tend to handle things great in a crunch but why I do that to myself I have no idea.

So what motivates you Blogstalker?

Mike said...

"Do you expect others to perform to your standard? Above your standard?"

Actually below. It's the only way to rise above the fray.

jewelstreet said...

Oh, Lord! That's all I have to say.

I do set goals for myself. I don't think I have high standards for everyone else. Probably the way I grew up. It was just easier to expect less from everyone else and I think this carried over into adulthood.

Nina said...

Wow!!! That is some picture and it really makes you think about McD's and that bad stuff we eat.

Am I a motivated person? I have my moments and sometimes I am and sometimes I am not. When I am look out because I am a chick on a mission. As for goals I don't think I set them but I guess I do since I am always coming up with the next home improvement project, excercise plan and so on.

This Mom said...

OMG I think we will skip lunch today!!!!

At least at McD's

Susie said...

That picture is soooooo gross!!

I am motivated to not turn into my mother who is a needy and unhealthy person. I want to enjoy my old age, not spend it in a doctor's office.

BoufMom9 said...

Happy FFF!

The Other Carey Sue said...

That is have to feel sorry for someone like that.

What motivates me? I've always been hard on myself, I guess my internal dialog pushing me to do more and be better! said...

ha, ha! I am never eating at McDonald's again. All I have to do is remember "I'm LUGGIN' it!"

Blog Buddy said...

Have ya' ever seen the youtube video of the guy who saves and collects MD hamburgers? He has them saved from years ago! It started when he bought two burgers and saved one in his pocket. Months later-he found it! It smelled the same and looked the very same, as the day he bought it :(

I only expect my kids and myself to keep a goal in mind. It kinda keeps the excitement rolling! What shall we conquer today?

Rhonda said...

I just returned from two days at band camp with 99 junior high kids.

They learned that I EXPECT them to clean up after themselves.

I know. Cruel and shocking!

Teri said...


I have to set goals (and keep a list of them) in order to get anything at all accomplished. Also, I really love a challenge, so setting goals is my way of overcoming those challenges.

I just wish I could squeeze this notion into my kids' brains.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

That's pretty sad!

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