Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roll Call

Have not done a roll call in quite a while. Lets see, do I remember how this goes? Of course I do.

Please leave me a comment and let me know:
  • Who are you and where you are from
  • What it is like in your town, city, community right now!
  • What about you that helps set you apart from others around you
  • What you fear
  • What brings you joy

And of course you can leave anything else in a comment also. Just leave a comment so I can see who has checked in. If this is your first time to my blog or your first time leaving a comment,do not be shy. I have a saying around here, "Put on your brave face and go for it!"

Like Nike and Michael Jordon said, "Just do it" and then do it again if you come back and want to add something else. We do not penalize for multiple comments, long comments, short comments, non-sensible or even dissenting from general consensus comments.


ashok said...


ashok from India nce to knowI also like to interact with people round the world.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Karen from Kansas

It's freakin cold here

I'm the only person I know with a signifcant other in prison

I fear the snake in my basement
My kids bring me joy (Cliche I know)

Ronda's Rants said...

Ronda from Ronda's Rants
Let's see here in my town it is a little I suspect it is many places in this country, which has always made me sad!
Well, I have been told I am loyal, compassionate and generous...I like to think that that is true of me!
Our business is not doing are others in our I would need prayers...actually I always need prayers!
I do feel blessed though! :)

jewelstreet said...

Let's see if I get this right.

I'm Aimee from the eastern shore of Maryland. It's slightly on the warm side today and the sidewalks are still rolled up. :)

Not really sure what sets me apart from others. I am terrified of the dark, and my daughter brings me joy.

I hope that covers it.

Rhonda said...

Hey BS!

Here goes:

Rhonda from Alberta, Canada.

So far, here, it has been a very nice fall. No snow yet!

I think what sets me apart is my sense of humour. (It's a little whacked!)

I fear spiders and consider them, and teenagers, so far anyway, to be God's only mistakes.

I love to read, play soccer,and play raquetball. My littlest one brings me absolute joy, because she's still little and loves me and thinks that I'm awesome. I can't say that for my teenagers!

How about you?

Amy said...

Amy ....from Louisiana

I live in a fairly small town, but not TOO small. No excitement here. Oh, we do have a serial killer right now...yeah, that sucks, thankfully *I* don't fit into the category of the sort of women being found.

I think lots of things set me apart from other people. I am a constant worrier and I analyze every aspect of my life CONSTANTLY!

I fear lots of things. Failure is the main one. That goes for every part of my life.

Lots of things bring me joy. My kids, family, friends and my special guy. I am simple and pretty happy.

I've been here before and I always read even if I don't feel like saying anything. :D

Love "The Final Countdown" song :p

KeepinUnity said...

Hi im Leigh from beyond the 7thsky blog, i come from a place called corby in th uk of course, This bursting at its seams.The amount of folks here make up a city!yet we dont have the facilitys of a city,not even a train station! I have mixed feelings on where i live. Every place has its good n bad points doesnt it.what sets me apart from others around me ...ummm errr i have sense!lol.What i fear....being ill forever more....what brings me joy,my family! my pets, knowing i am progressing even if it is at a slow pace! not takeing drugs or smokeing!anything inspireing,nature,learning new things.......and probably alot more that i just cant think of at the moment.....the temple of nike

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow blogger. Tis mannequin of the great state of PA.
Incredibly warm for this time of year, I'm waiting on snow.
I am just plain whacko. Period.
I fear..... not meeting deadlines.
What beings me joy
is my little boy

Oh how cute I am.

Mother Goose said...

hail from NC
family brings me joy
i fear death. I have to much to live for.

Carey Sue said...

Hello BS

I am Carey From MI

What's it like here in my community?...well, a lot of people concerned about our economy-MI huge in the automotive industry, need I say more!

What sets me apart--I'm a small town girl living in a community where most people hire everything out and I like to do it myself!!

I fear a lot of things...actually I don't. I don't know the usual stuff...death, getting too fat...

What brings me joy? All of the simple stuff...a great cup of coffee, a long run, healthy kids, and peace and quiet!

Kass said...

You know me and I love where I live. What sets me apart right now is that some psycho has latched onto me. I have to say she reminds me of Steve's former sister in law. But I am the center of her Universe. JOY comes in the form of Kass at the airport here FRIDAY! Candid Carri moment!!!!

Tulsi said...

Sorry, I was posting a pic on Kass' blog and commented from there. It is really me, Kass' mom and your commenter.

Mike said...

- Missouri, the land of the last state to decide.
- cool
- My ability to move faster than them.
- Topys
- no typos

kartch5 said...

My name is Cari, I am from a little town in Utah.

Right now our little town is stunned that we have our first black president.

What sets me apart? I can fix or do pretty much anything. I do my own electrical, plumbing, etc, can work on engines with the best of em, can shoot a gun better than most guys, I am an EMT, and our local Chapter director, I am also a pretty good cook, so I am pretty well rounded I think. I love to ride my dirt bike and spend time with my husband and kids, jeeping, camping, or just chillin at home.

I fear not being good enough to make it through this crazy life.

My kids bring me joy!

Amy said...

Amy Bell
From Indiana
I love Blogging, Journaling, photography.
Spending time with my husband and daughter brings me great joy!
I found you from the Mindless Banterers Blog!!

Melissa B. said...

1. Mrs. Scribe, Native Texan.
2. DC area, US of A.
3. An ability to communicate, on almost ANY level!
4. I fear nothing, but fear itself!
My family, my work, my kitty kats.
5. BTW, please don't forget Sx3 today...we have a VERY timely snap for ya!

angie said...

Angie from Southern California
LOVE the weather. Love it.
First impression that sets me apart? I have 5 kids including a set of twins. Plus I have red hair. :)
I fear losing a child, I LOVE happy children.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Grrr. Telephone!

Jen Sue Wild said...

jennifer from Alaska

I have Moose roaming in my yard..

Andrea said...

I am Andrea and I temporarily live in Germany. We have lived overseas for nine years while my husband has been serving his country. We have lived in the UK and now Germany.

It is cold, rainy and overcast here. I'm not sure the sun even made an appearance today. I am generally creative, generous, energetic, and busy raising five children. And no-they are not home schooled. I applaud those who do that, but I can get too busy doing other things and we would be sooooo behind!

I fear big spiders and dying early without seeing my children grow up.

My family, music, friends, shopping, cleaning and organizing, reading, a calm environment and traveling make me happy.

Veggie Mom said...

Veggie, from Up Nort! Cold, starting to snow. I Eat My Veggies! But of course! I only fear Lima Beans. My family brings me the ultimate joy, in so many ways!

BTW, Aunt Julie's hosting another *Recipe Week* over at my place, starting today. Remember how yummy the last one was?

SuZ said...

Greetings!! I'm SuZ and I'm from the good ole' USA (Florida to be exact) and right now it's coooollllddd! And when I say coooolllddd, I mean it's in the low 70s and we're freezing our tushes off. What sets me apart from the others, is I'm not your typical mommy :). I fear spiders b/c I live on a horse farm and we have spiders lurking EVERYWHERE. And what brings me joy is my family b/c they kick ass. :)

MissKris said...

MissKris from Portland, OR. Gray skies and showers at the moment. Close to dusk. A typical November day here. What sets me apart from others? Hmmmmmmmm. I'm not afraid to be uniquely myself, no apologies. I don't fear much outside of tight places - I have terrible claustraphobia. My darling grandbabies bring me joy. And so does seeing Dear Hubby pull up in front of the house at the end of his work day. 34 years married to the man, and he still rocks my boat.

Anonymous said...

Super Mommy/Jenny from Utah

Everyone seems to be getting ready for Christmas. Which is really driving me nuts. Because we have not even had Thanksgiving yet. What is everyones problems? Lets celebrate Thanksgiving. The weather is chilly. Which I don't really care for. But the beauty of the Moutains makes those feelings go away. The snow caps are some thing to be seen.

Not really sure that anything sets me apart. Other than I am true to my self. I like who I am. I can easily admit that I am not perfect. Am willing to make changes to those things that need working on. Not afraid to admit when I am wrong.

Fear and Faith don't work together so I focus on Faith. Faith in what? God, family, friends and loving life.

Joy is something I have each day as I hug my children. Then getting to see them when I am at work. Because I get to work at their school. Joy is the love I have for my hubby. Reading a good book, watching a great movie, playing games with my family. Visiting with old friends. Helping some one out.

Ronnica said...

Ronnica from NC here (or Kansas, depending on what you meant by "from," hehe). It's beautiful right now in NC as the leaves have started changing in the past week. One thing about having a lot of trees is that there are a lot of beautiful leaves in the fall!

I think that my generally fun yet sensible personality sets me apart. I can be a big goofball around kids (and adults sometimes, too), but I'm incredibly structured and responsible. I feel like I'm doing a personal ad here, sorry.

To be honest, I fear being single my whole life, but this is something that I'm working to get over (the fear, because it's nothing to be afraid of). Worshiping and serving alongside my church family brings me incredible joy!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Ok Carrie from the BIG STATE OF MS

I have very small community (one stop sign)

I will blog about anything sex to politics

I fear GLOBAL WARMING.. there is something to those 80 degree December day's....

I Love Pretzels they are low fat and all i can eat according to my doc. or maybe that was bark from a tree...

Erin The Great said...

Erin from Plano,Tx... I just moved from Provo Ut about a week ago though so I'm brand spankin new to this area of the globe.

I love the fact that Football and Dr. Pepper are like a main religion down here, I fear the un-lived life and marrying the wrong person and it's the little things in life that bring me joy ie blankets fresh from the dryer, an ice cold Dr.Pepper, new relationships... Life is good.

this is it said...

This is it. Messy Jess. Jess's mess. I am all the same person.

From Gillette Wy

November Rain

Latter Day Saint in a drug/alchohol overrun city

I fear my marriage is falling apart

I live for my kids. They are my joy.

I still think you are a female.

Erika said...

*Erika - Tucson, AZ... Native of Cincinnati, Ohio
*76 degrees F, blue skies
*I'm crafty
*Birds of Prey
*Sadly, money

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