Friday, October 10, 2008

Interrogation or Interview?

So, awhile back I promised an interview. Several of you awesome blog stalkers submitted questions. Many of you did not. I invited a close personal friend of mine to help me with the interview. Thought it would be a little weird to just sit here and ask myself questions. An Interview needs a little meaningful banter.

So without further delay I would like to introduce Pat , a Detective from the Internet Investigative Division:Stalking Unit. But we'll just call this person Pat and turn over this here interview over to them.

Pat: So first of all thanks for inviting me here. We've been watching you for a while now.
BS: Really? Watching me?
Pat: Well, the whole "Blog Stalker" name is a little frightening to some.
BS: Honestly, I chose to be anonymous so I could be judged by the content of my posts and comments and not by anything else. It has been quite interesting. I know I probably put some off who might otherwise hand out, but that is the bed I made and now I have to sleep in it.

Pat: Okay then. First submitted question.
BS: Go for it.
Pat: On your profile you are listed as 232 years old. That's pretty old, can you explain any significance to that.
BS: 232 years ago there was an event on the North American Continent that I feel has shaped the entire world from that point to this day.

Pat: Quite a few of your readers wanted to know when you go to the bathroom whether you sit or stand?
BS: I can honestly say I have done both. Next question.

Pat: Okay, what about first thing in the morning, do you shave or fasten a bra?
BS: Again, I have done both! Not saying it was my bra, but not saying it wasn't either.

Pat: So sitting down you seem kind of average height. How tall are you?
BS: I am 5'9 and 3/4". Exactly.

Pat: Have you had any operations?
BS: Yes as a matter of fact. I have had an operation that will prohibit me from having any more spawn.
Pat: Speaking of 'spawn', sounds like you have children. How many?
BS: That's a little tricky. I do not want to give out too much info, but let's just say it is more than 3 and less than 10.
Pat: 10? really?
BS: I said less than 10. Are you even paying attention?
Pat. Oh Sorry, just caught me a little off guard.

Pat: So, someone asked if Pink Floyd was your favorite band?
BS: I do love Pink Floyd but I love lots of music. I listen to many different kinds of music, as regular visitors will be able to attest.

Pat: So, someone else wanted to know what speed you set your ceiling fan on?
BS: Really? Why would anyone want to know that? Anyway, I like it cold, so always on high unless the chitlins are cold. Cuz, getting a blanket is too much work for them.

Pat: How many sharpies do you own?
BS: Again, really? Oh Okay, Lets say if I had to count them, this interview would be over because it would take all night.

Pat: What do you want to be when you grow up?
BS: Does that mean I have to grow up?
Pat: Hey, its not my question. Do you Have a dream job?
BS: Oh yes I do. I want a job that wants to pay enormous amounts of money to watch tv, preview movies and spend ridiculous amounts of time with my family and then blog about it all.
Pat: Sounds nice. Do you want an assistant?
BS: Nah, I can handle it. It IS MY dream job.

Pat: What is your best household tip? What about a beauty secret?
BS: How about 'If you kick it, YOU pick it up!' and for beauty secret, Q-tips ARE for cleaning out your ears....I don't care what it says on the box.

Pat:If you had only 30 days to live what are the top 5 things you would definitely want to do?
BS: Okay, this is kinda hard. 1. Quit job, and spend every possible moment with my family. 2. REpent of everything, whether I'd done it or not. 3. I'd want to travel, but takes too much time and stresses everyone out so I guess order lots of take out and watch movies and tv in bed with the whole family. 4. Write as many letters as possible to my kids that they can open on special dates in the future. 5. Hug my family as much as possible.

Pat: I liked the honesty of that last answer. I will try to lighten it up for the next one. So someone wanted to know if you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors recently?
BS: Well, geez....let me think..........hmmmmmmm......I better go and check
Pat: Hey, where are you going? Hello? Well, I guess that ends this interview. I still have a sheet full of questions and I suppose many others may have been raised. I had a lot of fun conducting this interview and can state that 'Blog Stalker' is a pretty good individual. We'll keep our eyes on (him, for you, but fear not.

Until next time, this is Pat..........................................signing off


Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

First off great interview Pat. B.S. still remains annoyance since most of the questions were replied back like a lawyer would respond. I knew that b.s. had kids by the way he/she responded to my blog and I' am happy for all the input that b.s. offers on my blog spot.... :)

Have a great weekend!!!

MissKris said...

First time visitor and commenter here, coming over from Scribe's site. I guess I'm out of the loop 'coz this is the first time I've heard of you, haha! Well, you're welcome to come stalk me any time. I always love having new readers and making new bloggy friends, even those who choose to stay a little more on the 'anonymous' side like you do. If that little picture of a partial face is you, I'd say you're a she but that's just a guess. Your eyebrows look too 'tame' to be masculine. What an enjoyable read, tho...I'll be back stalking you, too!

Amy said...

That was a great interview, will be waiting for part 2 :D

RhondaLue said...

Hmmmm so you've manged to stay pretty anonymous but you sound like a nice person either way.

Can't wait to read part 2...there will be a part 2 right?

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands ever, but like you, my taste in music is across the board.
Hmmm, interesting the way you set up this interview.

EmmaP said...

Ok - I TOTALLY agree on the WHOLE Q-TIP thing!!! Everytime I see that on the box, I'm like - WHAT ELSE WOULD THEY HAVE BEEN MADE FOR??? And as far as my embarassing moment that you're still waiting to hear...14 years old, dived off the high dive, hit the water with such speed, that when i came out everyone was STARING at me!!! I thought, Wow! Was I that impressive? Then a kind lady near by rushed to my rescue. Apparently, the tie from my suit came undone from around my neck from the force of hitting the when I came up outta the water - my suit didn't. Either way, I guess I DID leave an impression with folks that day!

Erin The Great said...

That was a smashing interview! I think Q-tip puts the warning on their box tha avoind a lawsuit...

I love your Music mix on your blog. Way to represent the Butt-Rock!

Mike said...

"I can honestly say I have done both."

We want video proof.

Jess... said...

your female...all your friends are!

Tulsi said...

I love "if you kick it, pick it up"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And repent even if you didn't do it. You'd be covered!

Ronda's Rants said...

Thanks for nothing....
Kidding...Blogstalker you rock...even if you do stay in the shadows!!!I am sure in your spare time you are fighting crime wherever you are!

Rhonda said...

Very entertaining and enlightening inteview. It seems many are curious as to your plumbing situation. Let me just say here and now that you are a woman.

No contest.

The end.


Jess... said...

whoops, THIS IS IT says that she mispelled her html

correct -

Summer said...

You're a girl, a girl, a girl!

That was a cute interview!

Melissa B. said...

Quite amusing! I have one more quick question for ya: Why does the "Live Traffic Feed" in your left-hand sidebar list me as hailing from Detroit? I don't live-or blog-anywhere near Detroit. I don't know if I've ever even been to Detroit, much less Michigan (isn't that where the Motor City is?)! BTW, please don't forget S x 3 tomorrow. Gotta good one for ya!

Veggie Mom said...

Welcome back, Blogstalker! Quite an entertaining interview. Glad you're back on the airwaves!!

Blog Stalker said...

Confessions - Sorry to be an annoyance. Submit your questions now. But don't expect easy answers to decode. lol

Misskris - Welcome, hope you come back often. The picture is from the 'Blair Witch" movie. Sorry that does not help. You are not the only person who has guessed as you have.

Amy - Thanks for commenting. Any questions to add for a part 2?

Rhondalue - Yes, there will be a part 2. But do not know when. soon maybe, will have to check with pat's schedule though.

Petra-Michelle - How much do you like pink floyd I wonder. Piper at the gates of dawn, atom heart mother, obscurred by clouds.......ring any bells? Music can tell the story of life, define a mood, or amplify your emotions......

Emma- Thank you for the whole Q-tip agreement. And thanks for finally sharing an embarrassing moment. Better late than never. And funny

Erin - Glad you found me here. I realize it's because of idiots and lawsuits. Same reason the packing peanuts say not for human consumption. haha
Thanks for liking the music. A little of everything, no?

Mike - You know you are not getting "video proof" right? by the way I would be a little offended if I were you. One of the comments says only girls comment on this blog. As If!

Jess - You are entitled to your opinion. and added you to blog roll

Tulsi - Yes, you should seehow clever kids can be avoiding stuff on the floor. lol

Ronda - Fight crime whenever I see it! I am not someone who sits idle, doing nothing. -w-

Rhonda - We need some more Rhonda's around here. lol Again, I have said nothing that would give my gender.....but entitled to your opinions you are(that totally was in yoda's voice)

Summer - Girl....does that mean you also think I am really young?

Melissa - The live traffic feed only tracks where your server is based. If you are logged, lets say to a school network, which is in turn based out of Detroit, then thats where you will show as visiting from. Simple enough. Some use Y-fi hot spots from places like staples and starbucks which may show places states away or even countries. Can really throw people off.

Veggie Mom - Thank you, glad to be back

Mike said...

I saw that. But you know there's no doubt I'm a guy after my comment. We like short comments and lots of pictures.

Breezi said...

Thanks for the insight into you!
Love the blog :o)

KeepinUnity said...

brilliant idea,great blog!thanks for comments on mine x

Jed said...

So when is the next installment of this interview? Too many unanswered questions mr.mrs blogstalker!

Jed said...

By the way, I think you are a's the music and movies....totally...but maybe I'm wrong......nope!

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