Friday, October 24, 2008

Comment Junkie!

So, as I spent the last few days not posting, busy in real life, I have had at least a dozen ideas for posts. Some of them take on lives of their own and others fizzle into nothingness. I found myself determining whether or not it was a good idea for a post based on how much someone might want to comment on it. As many of you regular visitors will be able to attest to, I love asking questions or stirring up thought. I started this blog for a way to connect with many different people from many different areas and all with their own backgrounds. Our environment, and our life's experiences mold us into the people we become. I realize that not one of us is exactly like another. Just as not one of us sees 'everything' the same way as someone else. Where we build camaraderie and relationships is when we find others who share enough of our likes, dislikes etc..

So back on topic..........I realize that I enjoy Reading my comments. I enjoy it as much as reading your blogs. I guess others already knew this because I have heard the term, 'comment whore'. Wow, lol, anyway it was in jest and maybe not so off base. So if comments and dialogue are what I'm after:
  • what makes someone leave a comment?
  • Why do many people visit a blog, become a follower, and never comment?
  • Are some people scared to comment on a new blog they stumble upon?
  • Why do I care? Do you care?

Alright then, this is the assignment. You must accept it. Answer the questions, tell me what you think. I know that I have been guilty of not leaving comments. Sometimes I have no response to what a particular post is about. Sometimes there is nothing to comment on. But all in all I try to leave a comment. If for no other reason than to say, 'Hey, read your blog....blah blah blah'.

Many of you blog as a journal of sorts. I think that is great. I have done that. I like to look back on other posts but keep too many particulars of my life out of it. I want to get inside your minds. I want to know what people are thinking. I want to know why they are thinking that?

Okay, I've rambled on enough. So obviously.....leave a comment......if you think of something new later.....leave another one. There is no such thing as a bad comment. Criticism is okay too if it is done in bounds.

As always, Have a great day!


Ronnica said...

what makes someone leave a comment?
I suppose if they have something to say.

Why do many people visit a blog, become a follower, and never comment?
They're shy? Lazy? Don't find anything worth commenting about?

Are some people scared to comment on a new blog they stumble upon?
I'm not, but I think I might used to have been (I'm SURE that's correct grammar...).

Why do I care? Do you care?
I'm not you. While I love comments, I'd rather them be meaningful, not a "Come look at my blog" or simply a "That's nice" kind of thing.

Amy said...

Funny you should question this because I have asked these same questions myself.

First of all, I DO subscribe to a few blogs that I very rarely, if ever, comment on. The reason being, I feel like I am not really in the "in crowd" of the blogging world sometimes and it feels like some of them are 'clique-ish' but I do enjoy reading them nonetheless.

I think what makes some comment is if they have something to say or add to the post.

I really don't care one way or the other if someone comments on my posts, but I do like the attention at times :D

angie said...

what makes someone leave a comment? they like comments in return and feel comfortable commenting.
Why do many people visit a blog, become a follower, and never comment? something about the author of the blog resonants with them.
Are some people scared to comment on a new blog they stumble upon?
I Always comment when I visit b/c I feel weird not letting them know I was there.
Why do I care? Do you care?
I DO care. I'm a comment junkie too. :)

Jess said...

What makes someone leave a comment? to establish a new bloggy friendship

Why no comments? I used to be that person because and don't know why. I started commenting and now have 16 followers.

Are some people scared? Most definitely.

Why do I care? Do you Care? In the grand scheme of things, no. But it is nice to build bloggy friendships and know there are other people out there living life like every other person. Everyone is not just in your backyard, so to speak.

I'm at

EmmaP said...

Bad Comment.

EmmaP said...

Oh! All Right!!! I only did that just to prove to you that there IS such a thing as a "Bad Comment".

I LOVE to comment! I think people Should Comment! I mean otherwise it's just Snooping, isn't it??? Like someone walking up to your house and peeking in your windows cuz they wanna see who you are, if you're home and what you're doing. When instead, the polite thing would be to ring the doorbell, introduce themselves and get to know you. hahaha! actually, in reality, i don't care if people comment or not on MY blog...scratch that...I DO Care! But only because I am a COMMENT WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! There! I admitted it - are we all happy now??? [deep cleansing breath]

Sorry. I have ahold of myself now. As I was saying, I do think it is more polite to comment, just so people know who is reading and what they think. However, I have had people comment and confess that they had been stalking my blog for months anonymously before they finally got the courage to admit it. I guess people are just blog-shy.

Anonymous said...

1 A thought might strike me that I feel like sharing. OR I relate to what ever the post might be about. So I share!

2. Like you some times there just is nothing to say. Some times time is a factor. I only am visiting for a moment while I eat my lunch. If I am eating I don’t have time to set my food down to comment.

3. I can say I am never scared to share!

4.Do you care? I am fallowing you! Yet I have not heard from you and it really doesn’t bother! I do enjoy comments. They are fun! I want it to be meaningful not something you feel obligated to do.

Ronda's Rants said...

I read a lot of blogs...I don't always leave comments because...
a) I am new to the blog and feel like I haven't been given permission to comment. I know that doesn't make sense since it is open to everyone...but if they don't know me I feel a little like I am intruding!
b) I don't agree with what they have written and I just don't feel like I can add to the dialogue in a positive way!
c) I have a time issue so...I check in to see if they are okay and then go about my way!
d) Otherwise...I love to leave comments and I love to get comments!
I have to say...yours is one of my favorites because you leave good comments and you always write interesting posts!
Thanks again for not disappointing.

MissKris said...

I've always had a lot of traffic but I don't think I've ever had maybe more than 10 comments on any one post. Average? Maybe 3 or 4 if I'm lucky. I've tried the "de-lurking" tactic and even that's never helped. One reader got brave and told me it's because my entries are so thought-provoking at times that she doesn't know WHAT to say so doesn't say anything, haha! When I go to other blogs and see 20 or 30 comments I just shake my head and wonder. Anyway, I almost ALWAYS comment if I visit a blog, just to let them know I stopped by at least. Sometimes I'm too time-constricted, like I will be again starting next week when my 2 1/2 year old grandson is back from Texas. Life is a real whirlwind here with both grandsons and some nites I'm too tired to do more than drop in to bed. But I am not fact, I think I hold a record as a comment motor-mouth, haha! My daughter calls them my "epic comments". Uh-huh.

Cristin said...

I'm commenting because I recognized Jason Castro's voice right away!!!

Heinous said...

What makes someone leave a comment? They feel they have a connection to what was written or the person who wrote it. If I don't feel either, I don't leave a comment.

Why do many people visit a blog, become a follower, and never comment? Sometimes I think they see the comments that are there and feel it's been said. Sometimes it's a close community of commenters and if you're shy-ish, it's uncomfortable.

Are some people scared to comment on a new blog they stumble upon? Yup, probably for the same reason they wouldn't say, 'hi,' to strangers at parties.

Why do I care? Do you care? I think it's a community thing. There's some validation there too, but for me I like chatting with the friends I made.

I stopped over from somewhere, but I'll be dammed if I remember now.

Mike said...

first bullet - If you want people to leave comments on your blog you have to comment on others.

bullet two - There are 6 billion versions of normal and it's not normal for some people to comment.

three b - Not scared, just not ready to dialog with a new person.

b four - Depends on your version of normal. Depends on mine.

Mother Goose said...

i always leave comments even if I have nothing to say. It must come from owning 2 yahoo groups.

I adore comments on my own blog. So, I leave them on other blogs.
BUT I do not have all the time in the world and I comment TO GET A COMMENT BACK! I take note of those who comment back to me. I am sure to comment on their blog. If they are sporatic commentors then when they leave a comment on my blog. I click their name and leave them a comment.
My attitude is I blog for myself FIRST!, comments are icing on the cake.

TWO- If one is not a consistent commenter than I quit going.

THREE- I understand that some will follow just to follow and keep up with me. THAT is FINE with me.

FOUR - My intent of following someone is to get to know them. If I wanted to just lurk and read someone occassionally, I wouldn't follow them.


Mother Goose said...

I already know Jenny S!

I am the WHORE of WHORE's of commentors. Seriously, I got most of my followers NOT because of my posts but because of the comments I leave on other people's blogs. Apparently, I'm funny. (when I don't mean to be)

so, I am going to check out MissKriss and EmmaP, because I am a fellow commentor and I am going to hope to lure them over to my blog, with comments! LOL

White Rose said...

I usually leave comments because there is something I can relate to in the post and I enjoy getting comments for the feedback to see if I am connecting with people. So I thought I would leave you with a link to my page. :D

White Rose's Garden

I hope you enjoy!

Veggie Mom said...

I give comments to get comments, but also because I really enjoy continuing all my cyber-chats. My Bloggy Friends and I have made a connection, and that's a good thing! BTW, don't forget that we're starting a Great New Pop'rs Halloween Giveaway at my place today...22 different, fun prizes. Come play, today!

Jess... said...

i love to get comments but i don't always leave comments

if you comment - it's like commiting yourself to the relationship

it's the neverending thank you for the thank you card... oh, no, thank you for the thank you card for the thank you card..........

so if I've commented on your page it means i like something about you and hope you like something about me too.

Melissa B. said...

1. I comment to be polite, and also because I'm interested in what the blogger I'm visiting has to say. I think it's rude not to leave a comment!
2. I think grown-ups are a lot like high school kidz. It's all about hanging with the Cool People. If a blog has lots of comments, then perhaps it's cool? The folks who don't comment, I think, are pretty lazy!
3. I would never be afraid to comment on a blog. The cyber-factor pretty much guarantees anonymity, doesn't it? Well, I guess you could figure out where I'm blogging from, but that's about it. Blogs aren't like Google Earth, after all.
4. You & I both probably care because we're Curious. Am I right?
5. BTW, please don't forget Sx3 tomorrow! Please consider your funnybone tickled in advance!

Tulsi said...

I think I tend to leave comments because I want the person whose blog I am reading to know they are important. I don't want them to feel alone and uncared for. I don't leave comments sometimes, but that is rare. Even if they have 900 comments, they are important. I like to make friends. And I enjoy different perspectives. Such as you comment on how calm I sounded on my blog about Steve. I wasn't feeling to calm earlier.

Jen said...

I have often wondered these same things, most of all why do I care if I get comments or not. I guess its away to get the validation and community that we are women all crave so much. We all want to feel that we belong and that people like us.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I think since I started blogging this past May, I've left comments on every blog I've visited, whether they'll understand it or not (for those non-English speaking blogs). If I've made the effort to visit, what's another few minutes to leave a comment?

Aleta said...

I try to leave comments when I visit a person's blog. It takes time to blog about something and it always gives me a new perspective, so it's worth the effort to respond. Have I ALWAYS commented? No.. usually that's when I'm rushed for time and then I feel bad about it.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I guess I have never thought much about this. I normally always coment. Mostly because I want to respond to what is said.

On new blogs I sometimes don't because I don't want the blogger to think I am strange witch is just dumb because I don't mind stranger comenting on my blog..

Jen Sue Wild said...

I guess I have never thought much about this. I normally always coment. Mostly because I want to respond to what is said.

On new blogs I sometimes don't because I don't want the blogger to think I am strange witch is just dumb because I don't mind stranger comenting on my blog..

Jed said...

I know I don't leave you many comments and don't leave many at all. I tend to read blog posts on a sporadic frequency and cannot develop those 'relationships' with other bloggers.

That is probably why I get so few comments myself but I guess I have to live with that!

Jed said...

Just to make up for the lack of comments, here is an extra one..... thank me later J/k

I think you leave a comment when you agree with what was said or you have the time to just let them know you were there. No matter what people say, they all like seeing meaningful comments.


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