Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Have you ever been so embarrassed that you wished you were dead? If you have been a teenager then I assume that the answer to this question is yes. As I was thinking the other day(scary I know) about a new post I decided that maybe I should share an embarrassing moment. Still not sure whether it is a good idea but what the heck. I do feel time heals all wounds and so here it goes.

I was in a particular store just walking the isles, shopping. Because I failed to have a list with me I was just browsing the sales and looking for things that jumped out at me. It was not a particularly crowded day at this store. The isles were clear and maneuvering around was easy. Anyway, all of a sudden my stomach was doing the twist and I was not moving. I thought to myself, "Self, this does not feel good. You either need to pass some gas or they are going to need a clean up on isle 9." So I stop walking and lean down on the cart a little. It is very painful and I know whatever is gonna happen needs to happen fast. I quickly scan the area and no one is anywhere around me. I brave it and release the pressure............whew! No clean up needed. But an air freshener would have been warranted. It did definitely did not smell like roses. But tragedy averted right? Wrong! The putrid smell was just lingering there and of course Before I can go anywhere, someone else starts down the end of this isle. I make a break for it, hoping to move the air around as I leave. As I get to the other end of the isle I look back. This person is just staring at me with a kind of wrinkled nose and a look of 'What the Heck was that?' all over her face.

So, now I shared. Are you done laughing with me? I hope this doesn't make anyone feel differently about me.

And now I want to hear from all of you. What was your most embarrassing moment(s)? But since most of you probably will not share that experience, tell me what you can share. And remember, Time DOES heal all wounds. And as observed in the preceding, It is sure fun to laugh at other peoples embarrassing moments. The important thing is that we survive those moments and are able to look back and hopefully laugh, and maybe even cry a little.

Spill it stalkers,
And have a great day!


RhondaLue said...

That was YOU?
You nastay son of a gun! I *hate* when people stank up an aisle and then leave it for me to walk into. it's wrong.

Having said that, one of my most embarassing is when I was graduating college and my family was in the stand..I had a while before we would start walking and I realized..I THINK I LEfT MY GlASSES IN THE CAR! So i run to my family and ask if someone could go get my glasses. Their response? "The glasses that you're wearing?!"

DER. Graduating college and I couldn't figure out whether or not I was wearing my glasses. in my defense, I just hadn't remembered putting them on. lol

EmmaP said...

OMGosh!!! I have mentioned in a previous post ("Ten Things I Hate About You") when people leave their Fart "clouds" for me to walk into!!! Too funny! Yes - I was Laughing "WITH" you - still laughing. tears rolling down cheeks. But you should try to observe the advice a father gave to his children once... "Never trust a fart!" You coulda had a real mess on your hands.

as for my own embarrassing moment...i'll have to ponder on that one. Not that I don't have any - but rather which one I am willing to share!

Blog Stalker said...

Great one Rhondalue, I can imagine the looks on your family's faces. Too funny.

Okay Emma,I'll give you a little time to come back with a story of your own. Do not become one of those "be right back" kind of people, and then act like you never promised us the dirt.

Rhonda said...

Okay, I have posted my embarrassing moments before, but only a few. You can link to the nasty details from my sidebar, Are you new here? The title is Me. In all my glory.

Briefly, though, I will not tell you my MOST embarrassing, but second to that is when my dad walked in on me with my then boyfriend, later turned fiance, later turned ex-fiance, while we were doin' the deed.

I was 15.

"Nuff said.

And can you believe that is NOT my most embarrassing? Yes. I was trouble.

Rhonda said...

Oh yeah. But I did also want to tell you a fart story.

Not mine. Thankfully.

Our friend was on a high-protein diet and desperately had to let one go. The dumb-ass was in an elevator at the time. Alone. It stunk so bad he could barely stand it himself. When suddenly, you know where this is going, a good looking woman walked in at the next floor. She held her nose and actually said "Oh my God!".
He left her there as fast as he could when the door opened.
She was never seen again.

Mike said...

Three guys I used to work with were always playing pranks on each other. They would get in an elevator and one of them would get out a bottle of 'morning breeze'. All he would have to do is take the cap off for a second and the elevator would fill up with the smell. Then two of them would look at the third one and start in on him. OH my god! What did you have to eat this morning?!

This was years ago. So I asked myself, I wonder if they still make 'morning breeze'?

Tulsi said...

I am certainly laughing WITH you!!! I, to, will have to ponder the most embarrassing moment. I'll ask Mikele when I pick her up. The kids remember everything.

Blog Stalker said...

Rhonda, I suppose we will never know anyones MOST embarrassing moments but yours is way up there.
And I love the elevator stink, classic

Mike - Funny, but what was YOUR most embarrassing moment or the one you're willing to share with us anyway?

Tulsi - Glad everyone seems to be laughing with me. Don't forget to come back and leave your comment. You and Emma are sure leaving me hanging out in the wind.

Ronda's Rants said...

Okay...My Most embarrassing moment...recently!
I was washing my clothes at a friends house...he is a friend of my Hubby's and mine. I asked if I could wash some of my clothes...sure...he puts some of his clothes and his kid's clothes in the washer with ours. I hear the bell and go to put the clothes in the dryer...He beat me to it and is holding my thong like a sling shot and says...Drip Dry or do you put this baby in the dryer?
I was mortified...and speechless... which almost never happens!

Erin The Great said...

I'm new here and have absolutely NO shame so here goes....

I was in the seventh grade when I had a crush on this guy who was 'dating' my friend. I wrote a letter to my other friend telling her I was jealous and wanted to date said guy. I unfortunately dropped the letter in class and my teacher thinking she would make an example of me read the note aloud in her next class... the class where my crush was in attendance... to make things worse my 'mortal' enemy was also in that class and when my crush wanted to know who had written the letter (he had no idea i was in existance) my mortal enemy had no problem pointing me out very loudly in the doorway of my next class...

After a very heartbreaking 'that's her? Ew' I decided to skip the rest of the day with a mystery flu... I about died!

Rhonda said...

Oh Erin!! That is so awful! Teachers sometimes have absolutely no compassion! AND kids suck!

Kaye Butler said...

I found you at Navel Gazing at its best. I loved your bloggy name.

An embarrassing to pick just one.

I am raising my 2 nieces who are now 12 & 13. This happened when the 13 year old was in 2 ND GRADE. The teacher has no idea that I am not her mother.

I am at Parent Teacher Visitation around Thanksgiving. I'm checking out all the cute little Turkey projects and can't find "YARM13YOL" turkey. My turn comes. We go over her grades, what a good kid she is and all and I ask, why doesn't YARM13YOL have a turkey project? The teacher turns white. and says..."Well, I didn't want to put hers on the wall because I was afraid you would see it." "Whats wrong with it?" "Um, well, they were supposed to write on the feathers what they were thankful for" Okay, no big deal, right?
YARM13YOL Wrote: #1 My grandparents, #2 My sister, #3 My dog, #4 My Mom, #5 ALL MY DADDY'S GIRLFRIENDS AND HE HAS ALOT OF THEM.

I was reading them silently and it hit me...she thinks Im her Mom. ha Ha ha I start laughing and the teacher relaxes, and says, Oh, good, you know about the girlfriends!

No I didn't, but I am just the Aunt, so relax.

It was so Hi-larious!

Blog Stalker said...

Ronda - Yeah, that is pretty embarrassing. Talk about 'uncomfortable'

Erin - Geez. So hard to be a teenager. My daughter to avoid that uses code names in her note. Funny thing is her last 'boyfriend' wanted to know who the guy they were talking about was. HIM under a code name

Kaye - You could have had so much fun with that teacher. I guess that will teach her to assume. And bravo to you for taking your sisters kids for her. Love to hear the back-story.

Ronnica said...

Oh, we've all done things like that. It's embarrassing for a moment, and then the moment passes.

My most embarrassing moment happened at my high school graduation. I was salutatorian, but was unable to attend graduation rehearsal as I was at a science competition in another state. In fact, I was never even told that I was a salutatorian, except by my best friends who had been at rehearsal. Anyway, I didn't know what to do, and got in the wrong line on stage (there were several valadictorians and several salutatorians). And guess who's name they called first? Mine. I'm not first alphabetically or anything, and they knew I wasn't at practice, but there I was expected to walk across the stage a certain way and I didn't know what to do!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

ROFLMAO hey don't feel bad we all have left the cloud of unpleasantry HA.. But I'm glad you didn't crap your pants now that would have been real shittty ...

I have many, but the one that happened a month ago I was in a brand new Wal-mart and all those dang things change up there men/womens restroom. Ok so I was doing the pee pee dance and I run in not pay attention to the sign on the door... I had high heels on okay so no one in there ... I passed the unusual toilets on the wall, No that didn't stop me.. i ran in and pee'd that is when I look down and notice that the lady beside me had huge feet.... and was wearing some ugly tennis shoes.. wait she has hairy legs too ... OMG IM IN THE MENS BATHROOM.... AND THERE IS A GUY BESIDE ME.. HOLY SH*T ... he knows I'm here,, I have high hills on HA HILLs LOL... any way I open the door slowly making sure no other man was doing his business, and thank God there wasn't... so I ran for the door, and ran out hoping no would see me.. OOOO Gosh I just left..fearing that the man would spot my shoes and laugh his ass off at me... OK long but ... hey you asked for it.. sorrry if any grammer mistake.. lol writing fast b/f the boss is back HA...

Melissa said...

It's never happened to me. I've never been embarrassed. Ever...yeah. Right.
I was shopping and had taken some clothes into the dressing room with me and left some in my cart. I hadn't noticed the sign that said "Limit 10 Items" outside. But this was a BIG sale and there were TONS of people in the store. There was a line for the dressing room. I was trying to hurry and get through my pile of things. When I opened the door to grab my other items one of the ladies in line said, "CAN'T YOU READ! There's a line out here and you're only supposed to try on 10 items and then get out! SO GET OUT!" I felt so stupid... sigh. She didn't have to be so rude, but she was right. I hadn't read the sign... oh well :)

Tulsi said...

Mikele couldn't think of an embarrassing time for me, either. She said I'm ordinary. Hmmmmmmmmm.
But if we can go back to High School...... A guy had moved to our town my Freshman year. I had a huge crush. He was a Sophomore. My friends were talking about him in a hall that feeds into the main hall. I walked out of the side hall, into the main hall and right into him. He had heard every word. I seriously wanted to die. He moved back to SLC his Jr. year and back to my town for his Sr. year. I was 16 then and we dated for a bit. He remembered when he accidentally "caught" me talking about him. I have no idea what happened to him. Mikele is a Freshman. I can imagine her walking into someone she had a crush on. Not good.

Melissa B. said...

I think I remember that day. You were in aisle #3, right? Hmmmmmmm...embarrassing moments? How 'bout when I went to the bathroom at work; when I was finished, I pulled up my hose and adjusted my outfit. Oh, and of course I washed my hands, then headed back to the office. Little did I know that I had tucked the back of my skirt inside my hose, so there was quite a sight to see from my caboose end!

Mike said...

OK, now I've got an embarassing story. According to the next post I'm the only guy that's following this blog. Now THAT'S embarassing. But I can live with it.

KeepinUnity said...

oh my gosh ,i dunno what they most embarassing one is....theres soo many lol.Falling over in the road whilst running for the ice cream van in front of a street full of kids, walking to the shops with dots of sudocrem on my spots and i actually thought everyone was smileing at me as they were happy! till i got in my mums car n she sed what the bloody hell is that white stuff all over your face!lol my boyfriend tellin his rather good lookin much younger freind i had piles!!!!xox

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