Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you know your ABC's?

So, I was not planning to post again but was challenged by Rhonda to do it. And I just LOVE a challenge!

So I will attempt to put something down that corresponds with EVERY letter of the alphabet! Hope you hang in there all the way through. Who knows, you may just find out something new about me. Or maybe not! lol

  • A is for All done having children. Me and spouse cannot have any more! But no sadness...grandkids one day! :-)
  • B is for Blog Stalking, one of my fun new pass times and time eater uppers
  • C is for crowds, I do not like them and avoid them when possible
  • D is for Daughters. They are my Princesses and the hope for real change in this world!
  • E is for Education, whether it is formal or on the job, continual education is so necessary in this trial of life.
  • F is for Football, my favorite sport to watch
  • G is for Graciousness (may I always act that way)
  • H is for humor, without it life is just a collection of trials.
  • I is for Ice Cream with My family, a fun time
  • J is for the Joy that is realized after we come through our trials
  • K is for Kissing done right!
  • L is for Lipstick.....on a pig (haha)
  • M is for Metal, (like hair metal.....80's )
  • N is for NeenerNeener
  • O is for Outhouses, thankfully we have indoor plumbing now
  • P is for Privacy, I like mine
  • Q is for Questions and the answers that help us grow
  • R is for Reading, because the books I read are the best Movies I've never seen
  • S is for Scriptures, because they help us find the answers
  • T is for Television. It may rot my brain but is a great retreat from the cares of life(in moderation of course)
  • U is for Universal truths and Understanding them
  • V is for Victory over our weaknesses
  • W is for a Winning Attitude
  • X is for Xopenex (it's like gold)
  • Y is for Yesterday, may we learn from it and not yearn for it!
  • and Z is for Zaniness, may we all be able to experience it occasionally!

How do you think I did? Did I leak out any insight into myself? Do you like any of my answers? Do you NOT like some of my answers?

Feel free to try this, it IS harder than it seems but it WAS fun!

Leave a comment and tell me one or two letters you think represent you!

Have a great day!


Jenny S said...

You did good at keeping your identity from everyone. While sharing some great insights about your self. Good Job!

EmmaP said...

I am sooo with you on "A" and "F", but I have to say I LOVE "N"! awesome!

Ronnica said...

I love football, too!

I found it ironic the juxtaposition of "S" and "T."

Mc Allen said...

Omgosh' ypur blog cracked me up, what a brittiant blog name!!!! I'm gonna go check more of it out. I dont believe you have been to mine, I'd remember that face!!! LA

Jess said...

You came up with some pretty good stuff. I especially like the Y for Yesterday -- words to live by!

Mike said...

"So, I was not planning to post again"
Ever? Or just today?

If your really into S you have to read John's blog at

Dolly said...

Thanks for the highlight :) Your music and post are AWESOME!! I need to update my music to some rock and roll!- "Jump!" *I wish that I had thought of mysterious blog-stalker identity. (Cats out of the bag now!)

Ronda's Rants said...

I am still trying to figure out if you are a boy-blogger or a girl-blogger...I still got nothing!

Rhonda said...

Very well done!!! You even got a "Z"!

Hey, I know a question that may narrow things down ....

Do you say zee or zed? lol

MissKris said...

I did this on mine Thursday nite. Fun! I loved your answers!

Tulsi said...

It looks difficult. I may have to try it. There is a word I have to look up, so you did great. I'm not into pig lipsick, but really, I haven't had a chance to experience that.

Jess... said...

i still think you are a girl

McEwens said...

I like L.... from this I am guessing you are a republican!

And H, I am a big humor fan!

McEwens said...

Oh and Duh you are a girl... why would anyone think you are a guy?
Guys dont talk about grandkids, and post the pictures you have

Jan said...

I always thought you were a guy too. I now feel differently. How fun. Great post and blog. I see you all around my spaces and Dolly is a great highlight.

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