Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What would you do.........?

So not that many were brave enough to call the number on my last post. You missed out. It was just a fun number for the psychiatric hot line. It is a fun number to give your friends, so if you waited till now to call because I creeped you out, too bad. Ha, I thought you guys were coming around but apparently all the bloggers who think I am creepy just don't take the poll.

So any who, I have been watching Gustav with a lot of anticipation and concern. It has been good to get the updates from
Dawn and other bloggers who are riding it out or near the areas of concern. So far it seems that it will not be as bad as Katrina at least, so very good. But still a chance for major damage and danger.

So with that it mind, my mind starts to wander. I know, its always wandering. Fairly evident by the wandering in my posts, sometimes barely making sense. Constantly transitioning between subjects. Like now.......sorry. Anyway......I did start to think about what would I do and what would I be thinking if I was going through that. And then I thought about the idea for this post.

So this is the question of the day. If a natural disaster was happening, was due to occur or had already happened, and your family and pets were not in any danger, what would be the item(s) that would mean the most to you that you would try and take with you or save from the disaster?

That was a long question blogstalker, can't you come up with shorter, easier questions?

Well, I would, but that would not be any fun. But if easy is what you want, then here you go. What is your favorite color, and why?

Hey, that was a great question till you stuck that why in there.

Okay, okay

Please people, let me know what you would do in answer to the first question. And if that is too hard just answer the second one.

Have a great day and those in the path of Gustav, GOOD LUCK!


Dawn said...

I don't think you are creepy, but the call me thing was a little odd, but I figured it was something funny. And I don't think you're a man, for the record!!

I'm glad my updates were helpful to you. It has been very nice having so many people checking on me (and my Louisiana bloggers) and praying for us. Thank you for checking in on me!

I've had to think about the question being here in Louisiana, although my parish wasn't evacuated, but I would take my family, pets, family pictures, important papers, and food to last several days! Anything else, I can replace if I had to.

Rhonda said...

I, like most people, would probably grab photos/negatives/CDs. As a photographer, I have a WHACK of them! But I have talked to people who have lost everything including photos and they say it really isn't that bad. They have memories.

However, I do have a fairly comical natural disaster story. The disaster itself, of course, not so much, but my 14 year old reaction to it was a little, uhhh childish.

It was the end of June, 1987. (To set the stage.) My parents were at work and me and my brothers were basically hanging in the basement. They noticed some storm clouds, but I did not stray from Days of Our Lives long enough to pay any attention.

I just knew there was a party that night.

Next thing I know, people are FREAKING OUT!!!

We had a series of tornados that ripped through several communities. They call it Black Friday.

One of my friends had the entire roof ripped of his house.

My concern was the party, that was in the path of the tornado. "Do you think the party's still on???"

Yes, it did go on, after much debate by his parents. And the ignorant children we are just continued to party while chaos surrounded us. Brent, whose house was torn apart, even came for a short bit.

Silly kids.

RhondaLue said...

I would make a mad dash to the filing cabinet to the get the one file folder that has our most important documents, birth certificates, etc. and then make a beeline for the photo albums.

I may have my memories but having lost two grandpa's, my kids(especially the younger ones) need to be able to see the pictures. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if my kids didn't know or remember what their papas looked like.

Tulsi said...

If my family and pets were not in any danger I would grab my wedding ring and the jewelry box with my great grandma's things. The genealogy and the safe with the family documents. And the 72 hour kits. I need to check those. I'm sure Mik isn't in size 8 any more. And hopefully I would have time to grab my pictures, family video's and photo CD's. I have a lot, but if they aren't in books, they are in the rubber maid boxes. But then, so are the books. They are all stacked in the scrapbook room and would be easy to take, even if I had to do them my self. But I would need a few minutes. I'm sure that if I were really in that situation, I would most likely go practical. If I were alone, I would likely just go for the ring, genealogy and family documents before grabbing a few non replaceable special things of my kids and husband.

I had two cousin's who's family's had to evacuate for a fire recently and they joke that Cody remembered his golf clubs. He said they were already in the vehicle, but.... knowing him.........

And red is the best color.

Ronda's Rants said...

My great-grandmother's house burned to the ground and the only thing she cried about was photographs of her parents and siblings...IF everyone, including my pets were safe...I would take our family photos! Good question!

take me away said...

Like everyone else, pictures. And since a lot of my pictures are on my computer, I would try to grab that as well. Each member of my family also has a file folder of important documents and my sisters and I each have a memory box, so I would want to save those as well. And... my childhood stuffed animals.

Misty said...

you totally Are not creepy. That number cracked me up... so much so, that I've made EVERYONE call it!

um... my flash drive, sentimental box of old letters and photos & my ipod!

Mother Goose said...

I would take my computer or the brain! It holds all of my pictures from 2003. THat is the year we went digital and I quit printing actual photos accept for the wall sizes. It houses my online journal. it holds my memories.

Amanda Han said...

I would take my jewellary as most of it was my mum and nans and then photos.

Thanks for visiting my site - come again!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Since I've never experienced a disaster, but have read comments and known people who have, I'd be the practical one to take important papers, photos, food supplies and a first-aid kit. As another commented, everything else can be replaced. My prayers to those who are dealing with Gustav, and or anywhere else in the world!
Buona giornata!
p.s. The number was for a psychiatric facility? Cannot imagine what you'll do for April Fool's! Oh, blues and greens.

Blog Stalker said...

Petra Michelle - No silly, the number WAS A FAKE! It is a recording stating you called the Psychiatric Hot Line and gives you some hilarious options. You can still call it but the surprise factor will be lost. (But still funny)

Mike said...

Most people are mentioning photographs. Do you know thats the first thing arson investigators look for in a suspicious fire? If the photographs are missing it's probably arson.

greedygrace said...

In theory, I would grab my laptop and my photo album (and hope that our safe is, in fact, fire and water proof). However, our neighbor's house was recently on fire and we had to evacuate. I grabbed my daughter and a blanket and left. Luckily, my purse was already in the car, but I didn't even have shoes on. So, I'm guessing if a true disaster hit, I wouldn't care about anything but my family.

Veggie Mom said...

If all my loved ones were accounted for, I'd take the family photos and my mother's engagement ring.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi there,
Thi is my first visit to your blog and I've read this one post so far, I's fun and funny, Off to read more.........

btw, my favorite color is orange!

Tulsi said...

""Ok, so the gas chamber was the absolute most worst experience of my life. It sucked. Having your lungs and skin feel like they are burning and not being able to breath is not fun. And my drill Sergent's were in there with their masks on just laughing at us. I never want to do that again. I'm glad that's done and over with now. That probably was the worst part of Basic. ""

This is part of a letter from Kass that I posted on his blog. His words were to funny for me to try to think of a post for this one. I had a total visual before the DI sent his newsletter and photo's. To bad Kass wasn't in any of those photo's.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Well since I have vast amount of experience on evaluating for hurricane b/c of Katrina. I pack the most important document of all INSURANCE POLICY!!!!! I realized after Katrina how important is was to read everything that was in my homeowners policy.... listen people do this one thing READ THAT POLICY B/C believe me them bastards will try to get out of paying for anything. I had a hurricane policy, but it didn't cover water damage HELLO !!!! it was in small very small print on the back of my policy... oh then the government bails them out after Katrina... I'm just saying!!!! INSURANCE POLICY!!!!

EREBUS said...

Question 1: I would take nothing but the clothes on my back. Sometimes a clean slate, is a good thing.

I'll just answer question 2 too: Green. Because it helps me to hide in the woods.

Nic said...

Kids dummies momo the monkey juice snacks photos laptop important papers money/cards mobile phones coats hats spare dummies spare juice nappies wipes did I mention snacks yet ohmygodwe'llNEVERgetaway.

Natural disasters (ok, some mad flooding) being a rare occurrance in the UK...thank heaven I hopefully wont be put to the test, eh?!

Favourite colour - the blue of a sparkling sea. Nuff said.

Thanks for adding me and look out for yourself shortly on mine ;-)

Blog Stalker said...
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Blog Stalker said...

Nice lists stalkers. I agree for sentimental reasons that the pictures are a huge deal. Love the comment about always having memmories.

Great comment on the Insurance policy. We better all check the fine print too.

All in all, great participation. Interesting on the arson tip.

Note to self: If I ever set a fire, let the pictures and stuff burn!

Melissa B. said...

You haven't turned your rapier wit on we Educators yet. Here's your chance--the Carnival of Education is out today. Drop by if you have a chance!

Insane Mama said...

I'd grab my computer cause It has all my photos

Deb said...

That was an easy question Stalker - whatever pics I could get my hands on.

Thanks for stopping by my blog (twice now I think) and leaving such kind comments. :)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

easy - photo albums, scrapbooks, a few things that I have left from my dad

fav color - hummm - don't really have one.
BUT my closet is white shirts - about 25 of them, or black shirts about 10 of those! ha ha ha!!

Jennifer said...

Like practically everyone else, I would grab my photo albums, my cds of pics and my laptop. Then I would go for for a bundle of letters written to and from my dad and grandmother. And I'd probably have to get my son's blanket or he'd never sleep again!

My fave color is pink--it always has been (except for a brief affair w/ yellow).

EmBee said...

I've thought this question through before and I can quite honestly say... 'Nothing'... Okay, maybe my laptop but really, Nothing.

Things can be replaced. I'm really not that attached to anything I own... It's all, quite simply, just Stuff!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Important documents, and the girls' favorite animals/blankies and the pictures from the walls.

Blog Stalker said...

Embee - I think your comment was one of the best I've seen on the subject. We are all probably now thinking....Yeah, me too. Nicely done.

But I would still try and grab 'something', I am sure

jennifer said...

We are coastal- ish Alabama and we did evacuate for Gustav... sort of. My biggies are pictures and my jewelry. Of course my laptop too. Those are my absolute must haves.


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