Sunday, September 7, 2008

Am I smarter today?

I really liked everyones comments on the last post. Feel free to add comments to any topic at any time. So I have been really busy these last few days. Too busy to really do any serious blog stalking. Life can be cruel. But had some good busy days with family. Wouldn't trade those days for all the carefree lonely days in the world.

So I actually have a topic for a post. Of course it is not wholly original. Again, I got my idea from a few other blogs I read over the last week or two. In a few blogs there was a theme of writing your old self a letter. I really liked the bloggers who did this. They were all very interesting reads. They would tell their younger selves things to avoid that they have regretted doing or not doing. Some of the advice just made you smile from ear to ear. Yet some of the advice was quite sad, as it obviously was to avoid hurt that the blogger had experienced.
So, on to the question of the day. What would you tell yourself of yesteryear if you could leave a message for him/her? But it is not going to be quite that easy. I also want to know if you think you would listen to yourself. I find myself giving my kids advice that my parents gave me. I ignored their advice, and my kids seem to discount my advice to them. When you are a teenager and know everything, who listens to 'old' people? What's funny is now I see the wisdom of my parents. They had gone through these years. They had grown up different, for sure. Things are always more technologically advanced in our kids generation. Remember walk-mans? My kids have no idea what an LP is/was. I had a 13inch television that was black and white. It sat in my room and I thought I was soooooooo cool. When I wanted to talk on the phone, I had to wait for a sibling to get off. Or go down to the local store and use a pay-phone. My kids don't know how to use a pay phone. Seriously. Anyway, they had gone through it, just like we have gone through what our kids are going through, albeit a little less hip.

Now we have i-pods and MP3 players that hold tons of music. Our kids can almost always be accounted for. We all have cell phones. When I was a teen, I would tell parental units what time I thought I would be back. If I was late all they could do is worry. Now if my kid is 5 minutes late I can call their cell phone. We can even track their phone with GPS if we choose. We don't even have to have a dark room to develop pictures. Or go to the 1 hour photo unless we want to. We have Digital everything.......But I digress........I tend to do that.
So take some time, put some real thought into it and tell us what you would tell your teenage- high school - self. And then tell us whether or not you think your younger self would take the advice.

Have a great day people!


American in Norway said...

Hmmmm I think I will use this topic for my 100th post. main thing I would tell myself would be that everything is going to turn out OK...not to worry... I am going to have a great life.
Any other advice my younger self would probably ignore...
Great blog! Come stalk me

amelia bedelia said...

That was so true! its a sad fact that most teenagers have to figure it out on their own.

Debateur said...

I would have told myself to never give up piano. I would have made for a great career and no I wouldn't have listened. I knew everything back then.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hmmmmm, interesting. I was never a follower; a free spirit and thinker. I respectfully listened to my parents, but my heart was always in charge. One piece of advice for the young ones, be true to yourself.

Cristin said...

I've seen this on so many blogs this week too... I would have told my high school self that yes, Mom is every bit as crazy as you think she is, but she loves you in her own weird way and one day you will laugh about her craziness instead of crying about it.

Happy to have stalked you!

Melissa said...

I linked my way here from Counting our Blessings. I saw her poll and couldn't stop laughing. Love your blog. What I'd tell younger self? Take up running and tell that boy you love him!

Dawn said...

Wow. That is pretty thought provoking. I really have to question whether I would have listened at that age, but with the right relationship, I probably would have. I am not sure that it's the younger me who I would have the message for but to my parents who could have instilled some self-confidence and self-esteem in the younger me. But if my message was to the younger me, my advice would be to respect yourself, don't worry about finding love but instead worry about being who you want to be, set goals for yourself and work to meet them, realize that you are smart and use your brains!!

RhondaLue said...

I would have told my younger self to:
Keep my eye on the prize, don't worry so much about what other people think.

High School is NOTHING like real life. Just get through it and don't worry about the teen drama scene

Work harder on school work. School was easy for me and I skated by just fine with minimal effort. Had I really TRIED I could have secured a fat scholarship.

Go to College right after high school. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not wait!! Getting through and finally graduating with my 3 kids in the stand cheering for me was an accomplishment but I made things wayyy harder on myself by not going sooner.

Love yourself first and the rest will come.

Tam said...

Wow what a letter to my YOUNGER self that would be. HMMM one to burn and never let it see the light of day anywhere!

Sarah said...

blog stalker-- I'm intrigued! I'll be checking back with you to see what other gems you find in cyberland.

Melissa said...

When I look back at my teenage years I have vague memories of the "big things". But, I do remember the little things. Kind words from others. Notes from friends encouraging me. Laughs shared with my sister.
The little things matter.

I might listen to myself... that's an interesting thought...

EREBUS said...

Every time I think of something to tell my younger self, I think of an opposing, and disagreeable consequence that doing that might trigger.

I don't think I would ever send my younger self a message.

Rhonda said...

You can read mine here:

.... but I don't think I'd have listened. My young self was, like, WAY smarter than this old self could ever hope to be! lol

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

The funny thing I still don't listen to my parents. UMMM but I would tell myself to finish my masters degree, b/c right now it is going to take me forever to finish (with kids and all)

April said...

I've seen this on other blogs as well, and I do want to do it. Granted life is getting in the way of my blogging lately (the NERVE! LOL) but I'm going to sit down and craft one!

Ronda's Rants said...

I would tell my younger self...It will all be fine! Stop worrying! Marriages and Love aren't perfect as we aren't perfect people and Good Enough is more than good enough, sometimes! (that will make more sense to me, my older self)
Will I listen? Maybe not...but I might remember it was said and that is better than left unsaid!
Great question as always!
I could use your wisdom ole wise one!

Ronnica said...

"Get over the boys. Focus on God and His Word more than you do on what others think of you. You CAN make a difference, but not when you're so stuck on yourself!"

Now the questions is how my younger self would have taken that...

Tulsi said...

I thought about this for a while now. And now I am blank.

I laughed about the pay phone. I would have never gotten a ride home from dances without one!! We taught our 14 year old how to use one before she went to DC even though she had her phone, as a just in case. I learned way before 14. Steve and I always talk about the phones. We are glad our kids are where they can get messages quick or us quick. But are amazed that we actually thought the cell phone as big as my shoe was so cool and hope no one has a picture of us with it!!!! Kass has all of our LP's in his room. (Rick Springfield - sigh) They may be his only Antique's so far. And he knows not to scratch Elvis or Rick.

I would tell myself not to care so much what other people think. Other People aren't walking in your shoes. Other People don't have the life they want you to think they do anyway. Which is why Other People want you to care what they think.

I would tell myself to stock up on the jeans that fit "just so". And the Nike shoes that I loved that they don't make now. I would also tell myself that anyone who said "throw those shoes away, you can get another pair" when they were just fine and so wonderful are nuts. Hide them if you have to.

I would tell myself that I deserve a great husband and family and to be proud of myself for staying true to me. And to remember that they are trying to sway you so they don't feel guilty.

I would tell myself that "One Voice" does make a difference. So use it.

If my younger self wouldn't listen to me, I am glad that these aren't the top issues for my kids. And I would find a way to really persuade my younger self to listen to the jeans and shoes advice. Maybe I'll go find Rick. Steve is way cooler, but he doesn't sing Jessie's girl right.

Nic said...

1. Don't dress as Boy George. It doesn't attract men.

2. Don't fret about the birth control. Start saving for IVF now.

Would I have listened? Hell, no!

Veggie Mom said...

I would tell myself to slow down a little and, cliche as it may sound, stop to smell the roses a whole lot more! I seem to have rushed thru my younger years, and here I am--wish I could have some of that time back!

Veggie Mom said...

I would tell myself to slow down a little and, cliche as it may sound, stop to smell the roses a whole lot more! I seem to have rushed thru my younger years, and here I am--wish I could have some of that time back!

Briana said...

Thanks for visiting and saying you like my new hairdo! :)

I'm not sure I would offer any advice other than what path I've already taken. I've been very very fortunate for what God has given me thus far in life. I graduated HS, 4 years of college, have a stable job, a wonderful dh and two great kids.

I think if anything, I would have told myself to just do a c-section for the first child. I let them let me push for 5 hours straight and it messed me up really badly. I had a c-section for the second child anyhow...

Or maybe I would tell myself to exercise more and don't sluff off like I have. It's hard to lose weight.

I may or may not have listened to both advice. I would hope that I would have taken it.

Mike said...

Your parents didn't listen to your grandparents.
You didn't listen to your parents.
Young you wouldn't listen to old you.
Your kids won't listen to you.
Their kids won't listen to them.
Such is life.

Ronda's Rants said...

BTW...extremely cool Pink Floyd music!

EmmaP said...

10 Things I would tell myself...

1)If your friend/boyfirend asks you to do something that goes against your beliefs, he is not really your friend...even if he tells you he loves you.

2) Be your best self - no matter who anyone else wants you to be.

3) Stay in school. Finish your degree. You will want it and need it someday.

4) Sing your heart out, baby! Don't lose confidence in the face of fear.

5) Only you can define success for yourself. Success is a feeling; not en event.

6) Ask your mom!

7) It is not your job to "save" anyone. You cannot manage other people. They have to work out their own salvation for themselves.

8) Right Person. Right Place. Right Time.

9) Find someone who loves you for YOU - as you are now. Not who they THINK you may become.

10) Marry someone not because your are completely and totally in love with him, but also for the way he loves you.

I think I would have listened to myself. I listened to my mom all the time. I was a good kid overall. However, in college we lived an ocean apart. I thought I was an *adult*. I wished I would have talked to her about sooooo many things. I think she would have told me some of the things above. And I think I would have made different choices. But I suppose I have learned and I have definitely grown. And now I am choosing to be happy in spite of those mistakes.

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