Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How much is too much!

Someone I truly admire and respect told me I put too much time into blogging. I disagree but realize that with ALL of the other requirements and demands on my time I do not have a lot of time to blog. And so It may seem that that I AM blogging or reading blogs too much. So of course now I am analyzing and over analyzing what is a good balance of time. I do enjoy blogging. I do, for some strange reason, like to read everyone Else's blogs and see life, the good and the bad, from so many different perspectives. I truly feel inspired each time I do and enjoy the community feel of the blogging world. I actually read an article the other day about the strength of the blogging world. There was a plane crash and through blogging friends, auctions and efforts to raise money to help the family affected were started.

These are the sad but feel good stories that I enjoy. I also love to laugh. A funny blog, that either makes me remember my past or just laugh (with) someone else about their day can really be a stress reliever.

So, I guess I have a question. How much is appropriate? Obviously I have to determine that. But does anyone else have thoughts on this? If I only posted every three days for example. Is that enough? What if I did less?, or more? Does it even matter? Does anyone even care? I told myself I could just stop this whole 'experiment'. It is not something that I HAVE to do. But if I like to do it, Is that wrong?

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

Have a great day.


Misty said...

i personally believe it's something that has to be decided by each person. I blog (or try to) every week day. There are several reasons for this- one being that I'm a total control freak. But yeah...

My difficulty is struggling to find the time to read the blogs I love...

EmmaP said...

Whoa!!! Just because you admire and respect someone DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE RIGHT! Ok - you asked for my it is...take it or leave it.

Some people play golf. Others spend hours cooking in the kitchen. Some scrapbook, some go to the gym, some watch TV, see where I am going with this? The Dundee Messenger explains why having a hobby is healthy for you, as it helps relieve stress. I also believe that if you are engaged in something you love your brain rewards the body by releasing natural endorphins. It is good for our self-esteem.

I, myself, am obsessed with blogging. I truly believe that for me, it is a great "out" asn over-communicator or an over-sharer". I love to chit chat. I love to overanalyze stuff. I love to work concepts through my mind backwards and forwards, inside and out. Not to mention I love writing. Blogging fills this need for me - it keeps me SANE!!! My alternative could be going to therapy - or - spending $30 on various self-help books that will teach me insight. Instead, I can browse other blogs for free!!! Uh...duh!

I realize that others may have different reasons for blogging. Only you can determine if it is too much for you. Ask yourself the following questions...

1) when is the last time you showered/brushed teeth/changed underwear?

2) have all of those in the house who can not yet care for themselves been fed/cared for?

3) have you ever called in "sick" to work/school cuz you were in the middle of blogging?

If your answers were somehwere in the realm of
2) yes
3) no....
THEN YOU ARE FINE!!! Just because that person does not have the insatiable urge to blog, nor perhaps understand it, does not mean it is wrong or too much.

However, if your answers were more along the lines of
1) i cant remember
then perhaps your friend was attempting some sort of intervention. HAHAHAHA

Ok - i am stepping off my soapbox now and letting someone else have the floor...

Anonymous said...

I contributed to 3 blogs, and published in my own 4th blog (about work) for 3 years. It got to be a bit much, between work, home life, and blogging.

I pulled out of the 3 I contributed to, closed the 4th site down, and now only publish on Dreams in the Dark.

I was to involved with writing about work. I'm trying to stop that. D&D allows me to clear my mind, and I decided I would only post when I had something I deemed worthy of posting or need to clear my head - whether it be every day, or every three weeks.

Don't let it worry you. Do what you like, post when you like, and read what you like. Your life, your choice.

Ronda's Rants said...

Y'know I am little concerned about this blog just blog stalk as opposed to peering in my window...I say this because my Hubby and I have just had this conversation. I did listen with out getting defensive...okay that's not true...maybe a little. But, I did point out that just because we in the past had watched TV beside one another that wasn't exactly quality time and no..I don't enjoy do!
So, I think we will have to work out time issues...I am going to try some time limits and see if I have withdrawal issues which would I think imply I have a problem and then I will introduce myself to the first 12 step blogging program I can find...Hi...My name is Ronda's Rants er I am Ronda!

RhondaLue said...

I think it depends. There's nothing wrong with blogging but you should probably ask yourself a few questions:

Is it interfering in your life?

Do you lose sleep to blog, spend time on the clock sneaking in blogging time?

Do you get an anxious "have to blog" feeling if you miss a day or two? Or do you get really ticked off if you aren't able to?

Do your friends and family know that they really do come FIRST or are they a close second after blogging?

Back in the day a family member got addicted to the internet. It's not that the internet was a bad thing but it was hurtful when this person always chose to be online rather than spend quality time with her family.

If you've answered no to all those questions then screw it. Whoever is giving you trouble is just an idiot.

Amy said...

Whatever you want to do is up to you and nobody should tell you otherwise. To me, it's a hobby and it doesn't cost anything, so that is a major plus.

NucMEd is Hot said...

I kinda figure if you aren't about to lose you family your home or your job then probably it's OK

Rhonda said...

Well, how interesting. Out of 8 commenters, three are Rhondas! lol

I am having blog issues. I am trying to get some sort of a fan base (haha) and that means commenting, like, EVERYWHERE! Who has time for that?

I am also scared that if I take a day off, besides the weekends that I have given myself, then will I lose anyone? I know. How pathetic is that?

My husband has serious issues with this. He enjoys my writing, but somehow thinks it should magically happen while I am doing all of my wife and mother chores. He knows that I hate my job and I've found that this blog can be my creative outlet, and I'm not as cranky as I used to be. He should be thankful for the small things.

So I've accepted my place within the blogging community.

I have decided that I don't have time to scope out others or comment on every little thing just to let people know I'm there.

I'm perfectly content with the friends I have made.
I do make sure I take the time to get to their blogs and leave my comment love, I am very loyal that way, and only stray to the others when I have extra time.

I'll definitely check back and see how others cope!

Ronnica said...

Here's how I've handled the issue in my own life. I try to avoid blogging on the weekend (except I do read comments that are left for me, but that's easy, since they're in my email inbox). I do post usually 6 times a week, but my Saturday post is pre-written. I also avoid blogging in the evenings, prime talking/reading time. This way blog doesn't interfere with my real-life relationships or my higher priorities.

Tulsi said...

Personally, I use it as a journal. I publish at the end of a year. If I were not typing, I would be writing. And typing is so much faster for me. Steve said he hated the journal because I only wrote if I was mad. Which is true. My blogs may get deep, but I don't blog only mad things so that is a plus.

I figure if the kitchen is clean, cloths are clean, dinner is prepared, and the family is cared for, I don't have problem doing it daily. I keep notes during the day in my phone so I remember what someone said or what I have done, so it helps keep typing to a minimum.

I actually like "peeking" on some blogs. In a bad day, some make me laugh, or I can empathize with someone and maybe help in some small way by way of comment. When someone comments on mine, I kind of feel like they care.

I try to do it when Steve is at work and Mikele is in school. Mostly because she wants to come home and take the computer over.

I don't have to blog, but it sure makes the journal thing alot easier for me. I have no "not writing in my journal" guilt.

Also, since I only have one child at home and she is in HS, I don't get out as much. She is so girly that we don't attend sporting events. Although, she is going to do Powder Puff football. Everyone said "YOU?" Now it is for spite. I will blog that!

Mike said...

Your only blogging every three days! Let's pick up the pace here!

When you blog every day you appreciate what a cartoonist or editorialist has to go through because they HAVE to do it or they don't get paid. And you CAN skip days if you want to.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Honestly it up to each blogger... If your friend think you are putting in to much, tell them to kiss your qrits.

I love your blog!!! You can write how the hell ever long you want it, i'll read it... but I'm not going to read the long ass comments you have.. *wink*

Rychelle said...

as a fellow blog stalker, i say there is no such thing as too much.

blog away!

stalk away!

if it makes you happy, do it!


Dawn said...

I spend a lot more time reading blogs than writing my own, but either to me is just another hobby that I choose to fit into my busy schedule. I sometimes feel like it's a good way to organize my thoughts or get something out of my brain that is running around in there, so in that case, it's more of a relaxtion/stress exercise. I think you should blog as much as you feel like because you are more than capable of deciding how you spend your time. Maybe the ones who think you blog too much should try it!

Melissa said...

I too enjoy the blogging world and have had to cut back. At one time I was reading just over 100 blogs. Yeah. Go ahead and ask my wonderful family if they suffered during that time. No really... go ahead... I'll wait...
:) That's when I knew I had to cut back. The REALLY important things in my life were suffering because I was a tad too consumed with this blogging stuff.
So, that's my advice. Enjoy it, but if it starts to take over your REAL life, it's time to cut back!

Melissa B. said...

My kids complain, too. Whenever the oldest sees me on the computer, she starts singing, "Bloggy, blog, blog, bloggity, blog!" It's a pretty catchy--but quite annoying--tune. Speaking of Blogs, am I on your blogroll? Please add me! Thanks!

Veggie Mom said...

Yeah, I Blog too much. I'm falling way behind on my reading. Of real books, I mean!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Tough call! I think it depends upon one's reason for blogging and what they get in return. For some, it's a full-time business. For me, it's another form of entertainment when/if I have the time. Sure would miss those I've come to know well; great blogger friendships have been known to happen!

Hot Air said...

Mneah, wassup doc?

If I didn't blog, I'd feel even more exiled from the world. I don't get out with adults more than a few hours a week for church- and most of that time is spent with my attention focused on the kids anyway.

I figure, this kind of adult interaction and creative outlet is just a great invention that helps me to stay sane without packing and unpacking my kids to go to some boring adult place, or worse- leaving them with someone else while I go have fun.

Time-wise, I've found nap and night time to be more than enough, so my kids won't be scarred for life... ;) And my house doesn't care whether I pay attention to it or not, so I just get around to it before it gets dangerous ;)

Jed said...

Do what works for you, but I read a lot of good advice in the comments before mine.

Good luck

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