Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lifes answers

Not really, but I am answering my own questions from my last post.

1. My favorite color is purple. At least right now it is.

2. My favorite action movie is a tough call. I guess I have to cheat and say anything with John Wayne! Maybe True Grit.

3. Kiefer Sutherland is my favorite actor not under 30

4.Mash was great and so was In living color

5. 70's - Pink Floyd 80's - Metallica 90's- Nirvana

6. Simpsons. doh!

7. Dirty hairy..........Oh Yeah!

8. Bon Jovi, any era, hands down, even if you include when it was John Cougar

9. Little Rascals, just loved spanky and buckwheat!

10. GO Cardinals!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Okay everyone, I have an assignment!

It is easy and painless. Just go to This Site and look for Sara Nelms and vote for her. I have it from a good source that she is beautiful inside AND out and totally deserves to win. And FYI, we have caused her to surge to the front page. Keep spreading the word! There is az long way to go!
But don't just take my word for it. GO HERE to find out more.

But make sure you go vote for Sara Nelms!

That is all

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's get to know eachother better

So, why is it that as I go throughout a normal day I will have those moments. You know what moments I am talking about. Those moments where you are either in shock or awe or are just plain laughing out loud. And then you say to yourself, 'self, I am gonna totally blog about that!'

But guess what? I might have as many as 10 of these moments a day. But when I get even the tinniest amount of time where I could post I just freeze up. It can be so frustrating. I think if I didn't have this pesky job thing to worry about I could put a better quality of post up. But alas, kinda like the roof over my head and you know, we alls got to eat.

So, where was I? Who has any flippin idea! I am like this in real life as a matter of fact. So I have more fun when I am talking about things we may or may not have in common. Because no two people are exactly alike, nobody comes away from any experience with exactly the same take on that same experience. For example, some of us were around during the 80's. The 1980's to be exact, just so there is no confusion.(haha) Some of us liked this particular decade while others try and blot the whole era from their memory. (just because you burn the pictures does not mean I still don't have them. ) But seriously folks, nobody thought they were silly wearing legwarmers and parachute pants. Not at the time anyway.

So my question(s) are simple. Do not take much time coming up with the coolest answer. It is the answers that pop into your head first that are interesting. so answer if you dare.

1. Your favorite color(starting off easy)

2. Your favorite action movie

3. Favorite Actor/actress born in the 70's or earlier.

4. top two TV shows not currently putting out new episodes

5. Favorite band/artist from the 70's. the 80's. the 90's

6. Simpson's or family guy

7. Rambo or dirty hairy

8. Bon Jovi or John Mellancamp

9. Little rascals or 3 stooges

last and maybe least..............

10. Cardianls or Steelers

I will post my own answers if and when I get enough responses from the rest of you. So when you get a free sec come back and let us know. Also, you can give me some ideas for future questions.

As always, have a great day stalkers!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What did you do today? and roll call

No trick questions here, just want to know what you did today.

Maybe it is so I can live through your exciting days events and dream big.

Maybe it's because I want to feel like I am not the only person who has ho-hum drag on boring days.

Maybe I didn't have anything else to post about.

Maybe I spent too much time creating a new music play list to put together a coherent thought.

Maybe it is all of the above.

So, do me a favor. Take 90 seconds(more or less) and click the little comment button and tell me at least one thing you did or are going to do today. It does not matter when you read this. The day you read this is the day you tell us about. Easy enough? Well, we shall soon see ............................................................................................................................ at least take 15 seconds for the roll call and let me know you stopped by.

Plus you know you want to hand out a little bit and listen to the cool new music. (probably just me)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Music and my ipod

So peaceful looking, no? But I seem to remember my mom telling me not to go to sleep with headphones on. Something about rotting my brain away.
Anyway this post is more about MY music but I loved this picture and just had to fit it in.
Now, those of you who are regular readers know that music is a big part of my life. Maybe you do not know just how much I am into my music.
I posted before that I can find a song for any occasion. That is no stretch of the imagination. So often I find myself thinking this song or that song would fit as the background music in the scene of my life, happening right now. Of course, my mood can change what song is appropriate in what scene.
Anyway, I have all my music on several different hard drives. I have a back up just in case something goes terribly wrong. I then have two separate i-pods with the music stored on it.
But that is just the beginning people.
I have all this digital music still on cd. Yes, cd's, you know those compact discs your kids will soon have no clue about. I rarely if ever listen to them but have had to put them all back onto a windows media player when my system crashed and I lost them all. Hence all the backups nowadays.
But it gets worse still.....
.............................................................................................I have those old relics called cassette tapes. Not just a few either. I think I have about 700 still. Cassettes were my first music format. My collection really started with the cassette and the mixed tape. Yes, the mixed tape! You know, the tape you would make with all your favorite songs. My kids would gasp at the effort required to make a mixed tape back in the day.
And yet worse still............
............................................................................................once I was collecting music I started picking up lps. You know, vinyl records. You know, it has been said that music sounds the best on vinyl and I think I agree with those who say this. The problem is you can't take your lp's around with you very easily. And so I sacrifice the smallest of clarity and choose the digital more easily transferred and carried around.
SO, WHY THE HECK AM I POSTING THIS? well, the truth of the matter is that I can't seem to get rid of the old originals. The lps the tapes and the cd's. I feel like they are too important to just toss or sell. I have the music, and I hope that I would never need to re-download all of that music. But I can't seem to feel the value of the music on the computer as anywhere equal to that of the originals. Is it because this technology blossomed during my life and not prior to? I DO lolve this technology that has enabled a music lover to have his music everywhere and so easily.
Spouse sees all the space taken up by the lp's tapes and cd's and says we could use the space better. Probably but I stubbornly hold on to these "real" things. I don't think its because I think I still don't trust computers, but no matter how practical the argument I can't let them go..........
Is there hope?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

To be or not to be.......

That is NOT the question of this post. It is merely a line from a Shakespearean play. It does make me question to be .......what? Oh well, I know what he was getting at. I suppose this post IS asking something similar.

To be happy.....Or not to be happy.......THAT is THE question!

It is not that difficult to consider your answer if you establish the criteria for the question. it goes......................

  • when you get up in the morning, are you looking forward to the day ahead?
  • do you notice the change in the seasons?
  • Do you make the best of your job, whether its your dream job or not?
  • when people are around you for a period of time, do THEY tend to become happier?
  • are you stressed out on Sunday because the next day is Monday?
  • can you enjoy just sitting around with friends doing nothing productive?
  • do others enjoy sharing THEIR good news with YOU?
  • When you see co-workers talking do you assume they are talking about you?
  • Are you so fun when you are happy that others try and make and keep you happy?
  • Do you try to out do yourself?
  • Can you be happy with your best efforts?
  • Do you do the bare minimum to get by?
  • Do you feel you make a difference?
  • Are you approachable?
  • At the conclusion of a conversation, do you feel you talked too much?
  • Do babies like you?
  • Do dogs like you?
  • Do you like dogs?
  • Are you the suck-up in class?
  • Are you the student who excels without advertising it?
  • When lost, will you ask for directions from a stranger?

These are not questions that will scientifically determine whether you are happy or not. DUH! But they are questions we can ask ourselves and decide if we like the answers. If we don't, these are all things we can change.

So are you as happy as you want to be? If not, what are you going to do about it?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Passion or Obsession?

So what the heck is going on people? So how do I break into this new year with a fresh question? Not really sure myself so I decided to take a look at what MY interests are in life. What I discovered was that I do not have much that I sit on the fence about. Meaning, I tend to go 'all in'. I look at the sports teams I like and realize I could easily be considered a Fan-atic! When I like an Musical Artist or band I tend to really find all the music they have ever made. When I fall in love with a writer or new TV series(or old) I want to read/watch everything ever done.

So I was going to write about my passions in life. You know, the passions that would not reveal TOO much about me and would not cause anyone to blush either. Anyway, I started thinking that maybe obsession could be deemed a more appropriate descriptor in some or these categories.

This is what I found online:

Passion is defined as: a: the emotions as distinguished from reason b: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction c: an outbreak of anger d: ardent affection : love e: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept f: an object of desire or deep interest

Obsession is defined as a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling ; broadly : compelling motivation

So I don't know, maybe Passion is still okay. Spouse I think would say in some cases I definitely have a 'disturbing preoccupation' so I guess the jury is out and I will have to just watch myself closer. The last thing I want is to be considered 'Obsessive'.

And so that brings up the question of the week. Take a look at the things you consider yourself passionate about. Then look at the above definitions. Is it really a passion or are you acting obsessive? It almost can be how you perceive things through your own prism of view. So probably you will not come clean about anything you are obsessive about.

Well here's mine: Of all the things I am passionate about there is one thing that I always question myself about. And that is music. All kinds of music. I think I have stated it before, but I have several dedicated storage devices dedicated to storing my music. But it's not just a few favorites. I am constantly increasing my collection from music I grew up with. But I am also always looking for new music. When I hear something I like I want it. And I find a way to get it. So yeah, I think this may be borderline, but guess what? I don't think I will stop listening to music or not wanting music I like but I think it causes me to just step back and make sure I don't let myself get carried away with it. Anymore than I already have anyway. haha

So what are your passions/obsessions? Can you recognize the difference? And are they healthy and under control or do they control you? Just something to think about.

Friday, January 9, 2009

from each according to their ability.....

In my last post I pondered about the hope of a new year. But how can I even suppose that there is any real hope left? Don't get me wrong, I am not a wack job declaring that the end is near. I do however feel as though the weight of the worlds problems are too much to bear. Too much to be borne by those who are being asked to bear it.

How often I have heard that the bailouts in The Great United States of America are what is good for the good of the country? Whose good are they referring and at what cost? I started this blog as way to be light and creative without any political pretenses or really anything that would paint a picture of who I was or what I stood for. As I struggle with the insanity of what is happening in the world today I find that it is too much a part of who I am and what I believe. What am I without the moral premises that I live my life by? Am I coming out of the shadows and revealing who I am? No, that is not what is going on in THIS post. But what is insane is what is being called sane in today's world.

In the cold war the United States was battling the real threat of communism it was clearly defined. Those who called themselves communists or its similar cousins(socialism, collectivism etc.) clearly stated their goals and designs for even the great United States. Most Americans stood up against this way of thinking. The USA was founded upon the most moral of all premises. That one is entitled to make his or her own way by his or her own effort. That if by the hard work, determination, sacrifice and risk one puts towards an end results in success that they have the right to enjoy that success. And to bask in the glow of that success without guilt or accusations of greed for wanting to succeed and then doing all within their power to do just that.

I have not posted much lately because of the lack of time able to do so but also because of the inability to become more lighthearted than I really and truly feel so deep down inside. During this time I actually lost followers. Is this important? I guess not but what does it take to actually take yourself off of someones followers list? More energy and effort than to just leave yourself there. I think that I will continue to lose followers because I will now on occasion bare a little of my soul so that I may at least create the illusion of peace within myself. Not because I will change someones mind or beliefs but because I will have cleared the worry and placed in somewhere that can give me room to deal with the day to day trials that I still have to face and conquer each and every day.

I DO have very opinionated views and did during the elections but chose not to comment either way. I do value all of the opinions of those that I stalk and all of those who stalk me. I value the fact that we all have different ideas and party affiliations and priorities we want our politicians to address. Some of you ignor politics completely, or at least think you do. We don't all live in the same country even. Anyway, there is a saying, "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need". What does it mean? It means that if you have an ability, any ability, you have an obligation to use that ability for the benefit of those who need it. This is not a new idea. Karl Marx stated this phrase as he outlined his vision of a perfect society in The Communist Manifesto way back in 1848. The social elite now preach that this is an enlightened approach to solving the country's and the world's problems. I am not attacking any political party. The political system in this country is infected by this thinking in every party and in every level. What are we doing that we are willing to take from those who produce and give to those who do not? Is it because I am heartless and unfeeling? I say that it is not. I am extremely sensitive and worry about those who suffer. But this country, yes I will claim the United States as my Country, was founded and fought and bled for by the spirit of hard work and that one has the right to earn his or her own way.

But what of those who are not as well off as us? This is where they GUILT us into voting away our wealth and the wealth of our Nation. It does sound good but it cannot work and we see the evidence all around us the more they force this principle upon us. They tell us that it is always the fault of the rich. They are evil, making their money on the back of all of us. Do I want to be rich? A resounding and emphatic Yes! DO I think that I should be given some of the money someone else earned just because they made more of it than I? No, it is not moral or just. But this is what they are selling, and have been selling for some time now.

The governments of the world including in the United States of America are taking all of the powers and rights of the free man. And these are rights not to be given by any government but rights that we are born with, given by our creator. The men who founded the United States Understood. We have forgotten. We have more people dependant on the Government every day. Why is it? Because we will provide. I say we because what people do not seem to understand is that the Government does not create money. It may print it but it does not create wealth. In order to give to some it must take from others. If the harder you work the more you are punished, why do you work harder? For most, it means you do not work harder.

In this system of from everyone according to their ability to everyone according to their need, everybody takes an equal share of treasure. But those who can produce Must produce in order to take care of those who have greater need. There is no increased benefit to those who have ability. In this system without benefit to the hard working, many drop out. What the federal government does is try to find that magic number that is one dollar less than the amount that will cause that producer to quit and exact that amount from them. But we are made to feel guilty if ever one person suffers. We are always so worried about what is fair. So what is Fair? Is it fair to work hard and take risks with all that you have and by the blood and sweat of your own hard work find success only to be made to support those who cannot or those who will not. If you look at those throughout history who have supported their fellow man the most it was the leaders of industry. The most charitable of all people are those who know what the value of a dollar is. Those who have earned it. And who is demanding those dollars and coming up with programs to take your dollar and decide who to help with that dollar? I will let you decide that. But I do know that if it is my dollar I want to decide where it gets spent. There are too many who are making a living on deciding where to spend my money. And it is all done for the good of the people. What people? Why is it never for the good of those who work and produce. Those who create jobs.

I am not one who has created a single job, but I am one who depends on those who do. There is talk of tax cuts. What really needs to gain momentum is the 'tax holiday'. This is a bill going through congress that would give every working American a break from any and all taxes for a quarter of this year. It would be a start. It would also be a tax holiday for corporate taxes. Talk about bailouts. This would be a real stimulus, letting people keep ALL of their money. But I do not think it will ever even make the floor for a vote. Why not? Because then the eyes of all of America would be open to just how much they are being squeezed. They would see the effect on the small businesses as well as the corporations who would not only save in their corporate taxes but on their matching payroll amounts. Once the eyes are opened then there would have to be an accounting and more than likely the IRS would be torn apart and we would move closer to a flat tax system. And the people, of whom the Government is supposedly of, by and for would no longer tolerate all the waste because they would see just what it was costing them. It would be like taking off the sunglasses you had been wearing in a dimly lit room and seeing things for the first time.

Well, I do feel better. Did I get things out of my clouded and crowded head? Most definitely. Did I drive even more away from me? Probably, but I hope not. I hope there is room for the occasional unloading and exchanging of ideas and philosophy. Will I ever post another humorous post? Heck yes!

Well, now that I have at least convinced myself that I have lifted a burden off of my back I think I will take a spin around the web. It has been so long. I wonder what you have all been up to.

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