Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's get to know eachother better

So, why is it that as I go throughout a normal day I will have those moments. You know what moments I am talking about. Those moments where you are either in shock or awe or are just plain laughing out loud. And then you say to yourself, 'self, I am gonna totally blog about that!'

But guess what? I might have as many as 10 of these moments a day. But when I get even the tinniest amount of time where I could post I just freeze up. It can be so frustrating. I think if I didn't have this pesky job thing to worry about I could put a better quality of post up. But alas, kinda like the roof over my head and you know, we alls got to eat.

So, where was I? Who has any flippin idea! I am like this in real life as a matter of fact. So I have more fun when I am talking about things we may or may not have in common. Because no two people are exactly alike, nobody comes away from any experience with exactly the same take on that same experience. For example, some of us were around during the 80's. The 1980's to be exact, just so there is no confusion.(haha) Some of us liked this particular decade while others try and blot the whole era from their memory. (just because you burn the pictures does not mean I still don't have them. ) But seriously folks, nobody thought they were silly wearing legwarmers and parachute pants. Not at the time anyway.

So my question(s) are simple. Do not take much time coming up with the coolest answer. It is the answers that pop into your head first that are interesting. so answer if you dare.

1. Your favorite color(starting off easy)

2. Your favorite action movie

3. Favorite Actor/actress born in the 70's or earlier.

4. top two TV shows not currently putting out new episodes

5. Favorite band/artist from the 70's. the 80's. the 90's

6. Simpson's or family guy

7. Rambo or dirty hairy

8. Bon Jovi or John Mellancamp

9. Little rascals or 3 stooges

last and maybe least..............

10. Cardianls or Steelers

I will post my own answers if and when I get enough responses from the rest of you. So when you get a free sec come back and let us know. Also, you can give me some ideas for future questions.

As always, have a great day stalkers!


EmmaP said...

1) Black
2) Bourne Movies
3) Matt Damon
4) Seinfeld, Corner Gas
5) 70's - America. 80's - James Taylor. 90's - Lisa Loeb
6) Simpsons.
7) Dirty Hairy
8) Mellancamp
9) Little Rascals
10) had to ask that. Well, the Steelers. They are only one of like 3 teams to win the Superbowl like 5 times.

future questions/blogtopics:

What food just makes you go ga-ga; like that you are totally in love with?

Think of your childhood home. What was your favorite room/spot in the house? Why?

What was the craziest thing you *ever* did in your entire life thus far (and you can't say "become a blogtalker")

What job in your whole life did you have which you hated most?

Weirdest Sleep Dream you ever had?

Best vacation ever?

Earliest memory you have?

First movie you ever remember watching int he theater? Did you like it? What do you remember about it?

Favorite Superhero?

If your life were a soap opera, what would it be called?

that's all I got for now.

Mike said...

1. blue
2. Last one I saw.
3. don't have one
4. nothing in particular
5. Boston
6. Simpson's
7. You mean dirty AND hairy?
8. Bon
9. both
10. Cardinals (curt)

Ronda's Rants said...

Here we go!
1. Red
2. Bourne Series...totally the best ever!
3. James Garner (loved him since I was 3 yeras old)
4. West Wing
5. Pink Floyd
Billy Joel and the 90's are a I am going with Madonna!
6. Family Guy
7. Neither---yuk!
8. Bon Jovi
9. 3 Stooges
10. Cardinals...because my brand new SIL is a Cardinals' Man so of course like any suck up MIL...I am going with his team!

fiona said...

1. Blue
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Audrey Hepburn
4. Deadwood, Carnival
5. Van Morrison
6. Family Guy
7. Dirty Harry
8. Bon Jovi
9. 3 Stooges
10. ?

Ronnica said...

1. Periwinkle
2. Bourne Ultimatum
3. George Clooney
4. Gilmore Girls and Friends
5. Queen, ? (though I do enjoy 80s music), Barenaked Ladies
6. Simpsons
7. Sorry, too young (or sheltered)
8. Couldn't name a single song from either
9. Little Rascals, but they're both annoying
10. Cardinals...everyone loves an underdog

Mike said...

@ Rhonda - you got 7 wrong. It's actually "YUK! YUK! YUK! WOO WOO WOOOOOO!"

Tulsi said...

1. RED

2. Unsure

3. John Travolta

4. Fantasy Island and Love Boat (I can't think) Oh, Magnum PI

5. 80's anything pretty much. GOOD TIMES! I used to love Bryan Adams. A guy I dated liked Country so had a Bryan Adams tape in his truck and I had an Alabama one in my car.

6. family guy

7. dirty hairy, but I prefer Clint Eastwood now rather than then.

8. Bon Jovi

9. Neither

10. Cardinals. I wouldn't know what all that was if I hadn't been in a restraunt while Steve and Kass were talking about it.

Jed said...

Red, no black. okay both!

The Bourne ultimatum

John Wayne

Kung Fu, Tour of Duty

Queen, All 80's music, Alice in Chains


Dirty Hairy because Rambo went dark

Bon Jovi

Little Rascals

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