Thursday, January 22, 2009

What did you do today? and roll call

No trick questions here, just want to know what you did today.

Maybe it is so I can live through your exciting days events and dream big.

Maybe it's because I want to feel like I am not the only person who has ho-hum drag on boring days.

Maybe I didn't have anything else to post about.

Maybe I spent too much time creating a new music play list to put together a coherent thought.

Maybe it is all of the above.

So, do me a favor. Take 90 seconds(more or less) and click the little comment button and tell me at least one thing you did or are going to do today. It does not matter when you read this. The day you read this is the day you tell us about. Easy enough? Well, we shall soon see ............................................................................................................................ at least take 15 seconds for the roll call and let me know you stopped by.

Plus you know you want to hand out a little bit and listen to the cool new music. (probably just me)


Liz said...

Yesterday was really cool: I discovered I could iron my blouse with my hair straighteners.

Today I plan an early dog walk in the rain followed by writing.

MissKris said...

Kris from Portland, OR, here. It's only 4:30 am where I'm at as I'm reading this so, outside of my customary bagel and coffee breakfast, I've done nothing but wipe the sleep from my eyes and I'm trying to clear out the cobwebs. I did take a wonderful walk with my 2-yr-old grandson yesterday in the brisk was WONDERFUL! We've been housebound so much of the past couple of months, any time outside is worth celebrating!

Ronda's Rants said...

I wished I could say Iw as doing something fancy or interesting but No...I am getting the end-of-year reports ready! Y'know the black and white paperwork that prove we really didn't make any money last year further proving that there is a God who despite my inability to provide for myself did in deed still provide for me...that paperwork! ( was the the world's longest run on sentence or what?)
Have a great day!

fiona said...

Still trying to decide. I had planned to go work my horses but it's raining hard so I need a plan B any suggestions?

RhondaLue said...

Wow. ho-hum boring eh? Bragger!

I have:
*done 5 thousand hand dishes (because my dishwasher stopped draining water and it sucks to hand bail the water out with a cup before it goes stinky)

*baked 4 loaves of bread, took lunch to my teen who couldn't make a sandwich this a.m. because I hadn't baked the bread yet

*had a child dev. student come work with my speech preschooler as part of a study they are doing. And I'll do this for 15 days for 4 measley movie tickets (but it's in the name of research so I'm a sucker)


*cleaned a bathroom

*called school personnel to discuss my adhd kid and some issues he's having in class-waiting for call back

*put a load of clothes in the washer because teen needs black pants for work right after school and forgot to wash them last night

*took 3 kids to school and made sure driving teen was up at 5 to shower and be out the door on time

*about to put one on the bus

*got 3 younger kids dressed, changed 4 diapers (viral bug, ugh)

You get the hint. Bored is something I never am. TIRED is what I am!

Ronnica said...

I'm going to my first ever book club meeting tonight at a local library...I'm a little nervous! I decided to put myself out there, and it's not something I'm particularly comfortable with. It doesn't help that I spilt Diet Dr. Pepper on my shirt this morning...

Mike said...

Got up and am now checking blogs.

Amy said...

cook (on my lunch break, no less)
read blogs

Rhonda said...

I went to around 50 businesses to drop off requests for donations for a school fundraiser. It was a very cold day. It sucked. And it is seriously NOT the way I wanted to spend my day off! lol!

Then, of course there was soccer for my middle child and cheerleading for the oldest. The young one had swimming this morning.

On top of all of this, my mother-in-law got a colonoscopy done this morning and ended up with a perforated bowel and was rushed back to the hospital via ambulance for emergency surgery.

There is never a dull moment in our lives.

Tulsi said...

It was Mikele's birthday so life revolved around her.

3 Magpies said...

Hmmmm... Thursday... Oh, I was in Louisville attending an Infinite Campus Interchange. I learned more interesting and helpful information about Kentucky's mandated student information system. WooHoo!

Melissa B. said...

Well, it's already Sunday here, but I'll tell you about my day. It's the end of the quarter. I've graded 74 journalism student portfolios, with 48 more to go. And I'm now taking a break by visiting some of my bloggy friends, like you! BTW, don't forget Sx3 today...we could use your singular sense of style!

Melissa B. said...

And just to vent a little here. We were forced to come in to school in the middle of a snow/ice storm, and are now being told to go home for the day. Educators!

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