Friday, January 9, 2009

from each according to their ability.....

In my last post I pondered about the hope of a new year. But how can I even suppose that there is any real hope left? Don't get me wrong, I am not a wack job declaring that the end is near. I do however feel as though the weight of the worlds problems are too much to bear. Too much to be borne by those who are being asked to bear it.

How often I have heard that the bailouts in The Great United States of America are what is good for the good of the country? Whose good are they referring and at what cost? I started this blog as way to be light and creative without any political pretenses or really anything that would paint a picture of who I was or what I stood for. As I struggle with the insanity of what is happening in the world today I find that it is too much a part of who I am and what I believe. What am I without the moral premises that I live my life by? Am I coming out of the shadows and revealing who I am? No, that is not what is going on in THIS post. But what is insane is what is being called sane in today's world.

In the cold war the United States was battling the real threat of communism it was clearly defined. Those who called themselves communists or its similar cousins(socialism, collectivism etc.) clearly stated their goals and designs for even the great United States. Most Americans stood up against this way of thinking. The USA was founded upon the most moral of all premises. That one is entitled to make his or her own way by his or her own effort. That if by the hard work, determination, sacrifice and risk one puts towards an end results in success that they have the right to enjoy that success. And to bask in the glow of that success without guilt or accusations of greed for wanting to succeed and then doing all within their power to do just that.

I have not posted much lately because of the lack of time able to do so but also because of the inability to become more lighthearted than I really and truly feel so deep down inside. During this time I actually lost followers. Is this important? I guess not but what does it take to actually take yourself off of someones followers list? More energy and effort than to just leave yourself there. I think that I will continue to lose followers because I will now on occasion bare a little of my soul so that I may at least create the illusion of peace within myself. Not because I will change someones mind or beliefs but because I will have cleared the worry and placed in somewhere that can give me room to deal with the day to day trials that I still have to face and conquer each and every day.

I DO have very opinionated views and did during the elections but chose not to comment either way. I do value all of the opinions of those that I stalk and all of those who stalk me. I value the fact that we all have different ideas and party affiliations and priorities we want our politicians to address. Some of you ignor politics completely, or at least think you do. We don't all live in the same country even. Anyway, there is a saying, "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need". What does it mean? It means that if you have an ability, any ability, you have an obligation to use that ability for the benefit of those who need it. This is not a new idea. Karl Marx stated this phrase as he outlined his vision of a perfect society in The Communist Manifesto way back in 1848. The social elite now preach that this is an enlightened approach to solving the country's and the world's problems. I am not attacking any political party. The political system in this country is infected by this thinking in every party and in every level. What are we doing that we are willing to take from those who produce and give to those who do not? Is it because I am heartless and unfeeling? I say that it is not. I am extremely sensitive and worry about those who suffer. But this country, yes I will claim the United States as my Country, was founded and fought and bled for by the spirit of hard work and that one has the right to earn his or her own way.

But what of those who are not as well off as us? This is where they GUILT us into voting away our wealth and the wealth of our Nation. It does sound good but it cannot work and we see the evidence all around us the more they force this principle upon us. They tell us that it is always the fault of the rich. They are evil, making their money on the back of all of us. Do I want to be rich? A resounding and emphatic Yes! DO I think that I should be given some of the money someone else earned just because they made more of it than I? No, it is not moral or just. But this is what they are selling, and have been selling for some time now.

The governments of the world including in the United States of America are taking all of the powers and rights of the free man. And these are rights not to be given by any government but rights that we are born with, given by our creator. The men who founded the United States Understood. We have forgotten. We have more people dependant on the Government every day. Why is it? Because we will provide. I say we because what people do not seem to understand is that the Government does not create money. It may print it but it does not create wealth. In order to give to some it must take from others. If the harder you work the more you are punished, why do you work harder? For most, it means you do not work harder.

In this system of from everyone according to their ability to everyone according to their need, everybody takes an equal share of treasure. But those who can produce Must produce in order to take care of those who have greater need. There is no increased benefit to those who have ability. In this system without benefit to the hard working, many drop out. What the federal government does is try to find that magic number that is one dollar less than the amount that will cause that producer to quit and exact that amount from them. But we are made to feel guilty if ever one person suffers. We are always so worried about what is fair. So what is Fair? Is it fair to work hard and take risks with all that you have and by the blood and sweat of your own hard work find success only to be made to support those who cannot or those who will not. If you look at those throughout history who have supported their fellow man the most it was the leaders of industry. The most charitable of all people are those who know what the value of a dollar is. Those who have earned it. And who is demanding those dollars and coming up with programs to take your dollar and decide who to help with that dollar? I will let you decide that. But I do know that if it is my dollar I want to decide where it gets spent. There are too many who are making a living on deciding where to spend my money. And it is all done for the good of the people. What people? Why is it never for the good of those who work and produce. Those who create jobs.

I am not one who has created a single job, but I am one who depends on those who do. There is talk of tax cuts. What really needs to gain momentum is the 'tax holiday'. This is a bill going through congress that would give every working American a break from any and all taxes for a quarter of this year. It would be a start. It would also be a tax holiday for corporate taxes. Talk about bailouts. This would be a real stimulus, letting people keep ALL of their money. But I do not think it will ever even make the floor for a vote. Why not? Because then the eyes of all of America would be open to just how much they are being squeezed. They would see the effect on the small businesses as well as the corporations who would not only save in their corporate taxes but on their matching payroll amounts. Once the eyes are opened then there would have to be an accounting and more than likely the IRS would be torn apart and we would move closer to a flat tax system. And the people, of whom the Government is supposedly of, by and for would no longer tolerate all the waste because they would see just what it was costing them. It would be like taking off the sunglasses you had been wearing in a dimly lit room and seeing things for the first time.

Well, I do feel better. Did I get things out of my clouded and crowded head? Most definitely. Did I drive even more away from me? Probably, but I hope not. I hope there is room for the occasional unloading and exchanging of ideas and philosophy. Will I ever post another humorous post? Heck yes!

Well, now that I have at least convinced myself that I have lifted a burden off of my back I think I will take a spin around the web. It has been so long. I wonder what you have all been up to.


Ronda's Rants said...

First...I have missed you! We are people of faith and by that I mean you and we know where our strength comes from and it is not the government! I am a person who provides jobs, or at least I was...I have laid almost everyone off and it was God awful and I had to watched my husband cry over it. But...there are people who through no-fault of theirs can't feed themselves right now and they are having trouble putting one foot in front of the other...they would produce if only they could find a job! I do not believe in trickle down economics...and can not wait until someone tries to explain it to Jesus!
I was not for the war in Iraq and I am not for the bail outs...I think we should fix up our country's infrastructure...but I do believe if this econony doesn't start moving again somehow...everyone will start to feel it...even those "with abilities" meaning cash!
I promise you we will be okay...our country still has so much more than any other Nation and it is great to be an American!
You vent away...anytime and I will listen and never stop following you...I may not always agree but I will always listen. God Bless you!

fiona said...

I've missed you too! Have yo say I find it quite refreshing and extremely interesting to read a post of a different ilk. Thank you for your thoughts, gave me food for thought. I'm afraid your stuck with me :-)

EmmaP said...

i too started my blog as a way to have a creative outlet. to keep things light and funny. i also have very opinionated political views, and probably not what many would suspect of me. but i don't like debating just for the cause of debating. and i am not good at dealing with controversy. this is why I chose to keep my political opinions off my blog. however - i don't always write about the "fun stuff". a truly good writer (even if it is just a journal or a blog) is honest with themselves and those they write for. you can be true to yourself here in this forum and yet, not disclose your identity. in fact, being passionate about something - anything - being passionate about what you believe and taking a stand is what makes your blog so great to read. it's refreshing. and sometimes it just plain needs to be said.

so - thanks for sharing. and glad to have you back. i admit as one comment-whore to another, there are certain bloggy fans whose comments i love reading, and your is one of them.

Rhonda said...

First off, your blog/your way. I find, personally, that I get far more people enjoying me being real than me trying to be light and flighty.

Second, no taxes for a quarter? Seriously? Wow. When we're in trouble here, and even when we're not, they are hiking our taxes. I don't know how they expect us to live. Alberta is one of the highest taxed provinces. Apparently we're the rich province. I think perhaps the government is, but we're definitely getting screwed.

And third, I may get in trouble for saying, but I hope not. I'm Canadian, as you know. And I can't figure out how what happens in the U.S. affects the ENTIRE rest of the country. When Canada economy sucks, it just sucks and it's our problem. Everyone else tends to benefit from that. But when the U.S. economy goes to the crapper, we end up sucking it up again. Same goes with the other countries. I just don't get it.

Anyway, keep being real. And you might as well use your blog as therapy. That's what the rest of us do! lol

RhondaLue said...

You are so right--or perhaps the politically correct response should be, "I agree."

I *do* believe in trickle down. We can already see what happens when the higher ups struggle (due to economy, taxes or a combination of both)...the lower downs get laid off.... It's ugly out there right now. It can consume us with worry at times. But for me, all I can do is prepare and hope for the best (and maybe go back to school for something that will remain strong no matter what--like in the medical field!)

Bottom line: EVERYONE deserves to be compensated for their work, effort, luck, whatever.... and if they cannot work or perform enough to earn an income there will always be programs available. And we should be taking care of eachother rather than expecting the government to do it. Sort of like being our brothers keeper. And I don't want or need BIG BROTHER in the mix!

Mike said...

This was just toooo depressing. I've decided not to post a comment on this one........ damn!

Melissa B. said...

Wow...the Blogstalker Manifesto! I certainly understand your concerns, and I share several of them. But I'm a tad more optimistic about the Obama administration. says it's "A New Day." I happen to agree with him. Perhaps to lighten your mood you should stop by my place? I've got a pretty comical snap posted today, and tomorrow's Sx3 is a 3-parter!

Tulsi said...

I have to say that I removed myself from all of the blogs that I said I followed because I never checked whatever was on my blog. I just stop by instead. I'm still a daily checker of your blog. I don't remember if I removed me from yours but think I took me off of all of them. I agree with very much of what you have written. But I am one who usually writes what I want in whatever mood I am in. I had a psycho disagree with me and used me as fodder for a while, but I think she gave up because I didn't have anything to do with her and I write on my blog whatever I wish. So far, that is permitted in this country. And if someone doesn't agree, there is always the back button. Sometimes writing what is bothering you helps you think. And sometimes it is what someone else is thinking but not writing. I know lots of people who don't stop by my place because I'm just me.

MissKris said...

I think it's the oppressiveness of winter weather and lack of sunlight that's getting us all a little over the edge. As for me, I just am who I am who I am. I wish I could eliminate that Follower thing completely off my blog. I don't think I've ever followed any one yet. And when I think of 'followers' I think of cults, hahaha! I am NOT a cult figure. Just a middle aged stumbling bumbler of a silver haired Grandma muddling my way thru each day. And, most of the time, enjoying each one for what it is. I'll never be able to solve the world's problems so I concentrate on making the one I create here each day in my home for my grandbabies as secure and loving as I can. That's my contribution to the world.

Armed US Citizen said...

Who is John Galt?

To find the answer read Ayn Rands "Atlas Shrugged"

A very good read showing the consequences of continuing down the road America started down During FDR!

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