Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with the old!

. Well, Happy New Year to all you blog stalkers out there. I have been well wished that 2010 will be a much better year for me and my family, and I sure hope they are right.

But looking back at the year that was 2009 I need to recognize that I had many blessings as well as the struggles and heartache. The majority of all our woes has been monetary. Not to discount the importance of money in our life, but I have been learning a lot about who we really are and what is truly important.

For instance, I didn't think twice before about how many unnecessary expenses I was incurring because I thought I needed something. Even if/when finances get better I think I have learned that there are some things that we can go without if it means being more financially sound.

The biggest thing that I have been reflecting on is credit and how easy everyone throws it around for us. Some things are okay for taking out a line of credit but we(I) have had to learn the hard way that if you do not have the money for something, then you don't get it. I for one had totally been caught up in the "got to have it now" mentality. The hardest lesson was losing our new vehicle when we could not make the payments any longer. I cannot see ever buying a vehicle again, that I do not pay for completely up front.

I also have been confronted point blank with the fact that God loves me and my family. I had never doubted this but have had some tearful reminders of his tender mercies this past year. We have had our share of troubles and I do not make light of them, but through this I have been humbled and know even better what is really important. I have had the opportunity to have my testimony of the Savior grow through having to suck in my pride and allow others to help us. That was/is not easy. I don't even know if those who have helped us even realize how much they have done for us.

A few days before Christmas a package was left on our front porch. It was addressed to our family and each one of us personally had a gift in this package that said from Santa. The gifts were very personal and bring a tear to my eye even as I write this. Not because of what they gave us, which was very nice, but because of what they did. Whomever did this for our family cannot know how much this act made us feel loved and appreciated. I have tried to think of who did this for us and might even be giving away who blogstalker is because they might be reading this, but it has been acts of kindness like this that have been carrying us through these hard times. We have truly had angels here on earth watching out for us and just hope those who have done these things for us know just how much they have done for us, and not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.

So as we discard the year known as 2009 and embrace all that lies ahead in 2010, I hold my head high and that the lord for all that I have and even for all that I have lost. Without sorrow we may never truly know some of the greatest joy. I wish all you blog stalkers out there the very best of new years.

Do not put off til tomorrow what can be done today!

Have a great YEAR!


EmmaP said...

we too had some secret santas. in fact, my children would not have had anything under our tree otherwise. I look back at 2009. prior to that I **HAD** to watch "the office" among other shows. I meanm what else would my coworkers and I talk about? Bt back at the end of April I said "Good Bye Dish." I thought, it'll be ok. I will just watch everything via HULU. Well - I have only done that on few occassions. I watch or rewatch DVDs I have **if** i am ever bored enough to want to do that. But te economy has forced me to revisit the thought of going back to school in 2009. Whoduvthunk I'd finally get to go back and realize that dream! Perhaps I wouldn't have if $$ weren't tight. But I am happy and feel good about being in school again. Love. A Love in my life is the one thing I am missing. It's on-again, off-again. Maybe -- **hopefully** 2010 will bring me a little more peace in that regard.

Best 2010!!!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

What a wonderful gift we get each year. 2009 was the end of my 17 year marriage..and instead of looking back as the worst year of my adult life, I look at it as the most empowering.

Here's to more of THAT in 2010!!

Betty said...

Emma, Happy New year to you and yours and may all your dreams and wishes become a reality in 2010!

Annie said...

Despite the rain, God is always there...hope 2010 continues to bring His peace and His love.

Tulsi said...

We look forward to new things this year, also. The worst thing for me is watching my brother and the things he has had to go through, knowing he wouldn't let us help. And knowing that we couldn't help that much. I don't even know if he had a place to go to for Christmas dinner. I haven't asked for fear it would break my heart. Things can only go up, right?

MissKris said...

And a very Happy and blessed New Year to you too, Blogstalker! Oh, how I could so very well relate to this post, having been thru something so similar back when our second son was born. It took a long time to dig out of the hole but we paid every creditor every penny owed to them. As with you, it was such a learning experience and God was so close to us, too, at that time. Take care, and here's wishing you only the BEST in the new year! (((HUG)))

Rhonda said...

Happy New Year BS! I hope it's a truly wonderful year for you and your family!

Vodka Logic said...

What wonderful friends you have to think of you like that

I hope the new year brings better luck and more of the same,

Night Owl Mama said...

HEllo my friend. WOW that is ever so chilling. So nice to know that there are still good people out there. The kind who give and not take take take. Happy New yr to you and your family. BLessings in the new year

Ronnica said...

What a blessing! A reminder to me that I need to open my eyes more to see the needs of else can I meet them?

Mike said...

2010 has to be better. How could it be wor..... wait, I didn't say that.

CailinMarie said...

mmm I like the time you took with this ;-)
and I feel priviledged to read it.
Happy New YEar to you, may the blessings continue!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Blessings to you and your loved ones and wishing you the best of everything, always! Happy New Year! :))

Arielle Lee Bair said...

What a lovely story. :) I hope you have a wonderful 2010!

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