Sunday, January 24, 2010

<<<<<>>>>Blurry Vision>>>><<<<>>

Well, this past week of classes has my head spinning. Wondering if working full time, going to school full time, trying to raise an army of kids, volunteering in the community and serving in church is all such a good idea.


I hope not. I have a goal and I am working toward that goal. But man oh man, the ammount of reading that has to be done just to be able to become involved in the discussions and pass the quizzes is overwhelming. And this is from someone who LOVES to read!

I am finding myself slowly getting better organized and I am setting mini goals and pacing my reading so I do not overload. All in all it is still exciting, but if I said my heart did not skip a beat every now and again because of the load.....I would be lying.

As I write this it is the wee hours of the morning. I am definitely a stranger to my bed and I think I will soon develop permanent bags under my eyes. I may have to start popping caffeine pills to stay awake! lol

no, seriously, I do need drugs........(don't judge me) But not for staying awake. I am going to see my doctor and see what he says. Just need something to help my ADD. I have coping mechanisms but I have way too much on my plate and need to be able to sort and prioritize. Wish me luck.


Have a great day my fellow blogstalkers!


Natasha said...

I hope that things will settle down for you soon-it will all be worth it in the end! Best wishes for a fabulous week and hang in there.

Vodka Logic said...

Good thing you are getting organized sounds like you'll need it.

Good luck.

Summer said...

Best of luck in every catergory!! You're doing great making mini-goals- what a great idea. :)

RhondaLue said...

drugs have to be a good idea. lol Good luck Blog stalker!

EmmaP said...

Just DO drug! lol! My first week of clases last semester was my first week back to school in over 15 years! I read EVERYTHING and took copious notes. However -- after the first week, I started to relax a little. I quickly learned there was a class in which if I just paid attention to th discussions, and reveiwed the "terminology" for the chapter, I could pass. so, I skimmed chapters instead of reading them. I hope you catch a break soon! and yes -- it will ALL be worth it. (btw, this semester I am not so lucky... instense reading! bleh!)

Tulsi said...

They have doctors for a reason. I've been thinking hard about taking a class involving Excell. It scares me. And then, If I do spend the money it takes, then I ought to do something with it. Not just take the class and that be it.

Jenny said...

Drink Coke!!! That is my best solution. Although that really messed up my stomach so Don't drink Coke!

Getting focused can be hard to do with ADD. So I hope your Dr has something to help. I know this from watching my sons who have are ADD, I think that I might be.

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