Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm a people watcher!

No twelve step program needed. One thing I have always been drawn to is people. We all live our lives within the circles we interact with. But there are so many we go past every day who have their own stories and lives.....interacting within their own circles, and so on, and so on.

I have always been (sometimes overly) observant of those around me. I "see" all the drivers around me when I drive. I study the people who wait in lines with me. Just about anywhere you find people gathered, you find this people watcher.(me) Probably why I love Blog stalking, we all have unique and different lives and it is fascinating to me to read just how different they are and where they are similar.

The crazy part is I am not a overly social person myself. If I have reason to interact, I learn the names of who I am taking to(whether it is the attendant or waiter), and I speak directly and can carry on a conversation. But that having been said, if there is no reason to speak to someone, I don't! I do not feel awkward with silence. Sometimes I actually like to see the reactions of those who are obviously bothered by silence, such as when waiting for a bus with someone.

So anyway, I found myself on the university campus this week. Trying to get everything in order for this coming semester. It was quite exciting to walk around this campus, getting lost in the large crowds that were taking breaks from or studying for finals. As I walked through the crowded student body, the people watcher in me took it all in.

Some things I noticed were that while there were definitely VERY young people everywhere, I was not as out of place as I would have thought. There were people about my age and even "many" who were older. :-) While I was very deliberate with what I needed to accomplish, I noticed at least a dozen oddities that piqued my interest.

First off, what is this crazy new fad with making huge holes in our ear lobes with buttons, coins etc? It is more prevalent than I thought.

I also noticed the "air heads" sound the same as they did when I was their age! This made me smile at how self important they tend to carry themselves.

I saw people together that made no sense and made me wonder how a couple so different could get together.

Just like in high school and when I was first in college, the cliques are still present:

The all Asian club had some kind of party going on in one section of the quad.
In another section there were the jocks, or at least those who thought they were jocks. They dressed like athletes and tossed a ball back and forth at least.

There were two or three a lack of a better word, sitting around their lap tops discussing quantum physics or something equally mind numbing.

Bikes, bikes, and more bikes. And every kind of bike you could imagine. I saw bikes that probably cost several hundred dollars if not more. I also saw bikes that looked like they should be taken behind the barn and shot.

Beards! Does every young college guy who can grow facial hair think that it is his duty to grow out fuzz? And while I have nothing against beards.........cmon!

And I think skateboards are back. But they have grown an extra foot long and resemble a small surf board now

I will never have to worry about fitting into any particular fashion sense. In fact many people wore what made no sense at all. I counted at least 10 "Fats Domino" style hats and even a tie over a t-shirt.

Well, I could go on. It is not quite as entertaining as people watching at Walmart. Emma, that musing banterer, has shared numerous walmart sitings. And if you do make a siting, report it immediately.

Number one thing I brought back from my outing(other than I am done and only waiting on University) "This school brings in a lot of money based on how much it is going to cost me per semester multiplied by the number I just happened to see while I was there. Talk about mind boggling.

Well, I have typed aimlessly. What is going on with all of you? Trying anything new?

Done any good people watching?

Have a great day!


Juliana said...

I love people watching!!! Love our blogs stalking too!

911 and the Randomness.. said...

Good luck going back to school.
All that's new here is finding you! I really like your writing style. And i'm glad there are other blog stalkers out there! :)

RhondaLue said...

it always is interesting to see different groups and their behaviors. I'm with you though on the stuff people are wearing in their earlobes. It's weird, and not attractive. Kids at my daughters high school wear them. yuk. They will look awfully silly when they grow up and take them out and have enormous holes in their lobes. lol

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

You have the artist's need to observe, Blogstallker! It can be fun, and often wonder what others think of me!

Wanted to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, Blogstalker! Petra :))

Tulsi said...

I people watch, too. I'm usually on the sidelines so I can go and breath easier. It's odd that the same people set and talk to the same people regularly. I told Steve that at his next company party we should do place cards and mix it all up a bit. It's interesting to see different people in "there" own environment.

Tulsi said...

I noticed All Things Thrifty on here. It's funny because one lives by me and the other one did.

EmmaP said...

Touché! hahaha! This is one area definitely EXCEL in! people-watching. I tried to put that on my college app for "sports/clubs"... but apparently, it has to be an "official" sport! One thing I also noticed going back to school was how SKINNY all of these 19 year old girls are! holy cow~!

Blog Buddy said...

I'm watching people at work and it's pretty interesting-"pretending" to be cleaning and organizing the store...when I'm really watching for shoplifters. I'm suppose to act casual-but seriously I'm hoping that I don't have to act on Plan B (call the boss). Crazy shoppers!

mimi said...

I love people watching. I also like smiling at complete strangers and seeing their reaction....some probably think I'm crazy, but others smile back.

You are very funny, love your blog.

Anonymous said...


annie said...

Just stopping by to wish you a blessed New Year. I believe 2010 will be better for you and your family.

Night Owl Mama said...

i truely love to do people watching!! I love looking in windows too as we drive down the block. No not peeping tom more like window shopping. Seeing what colors are on the walls how pictures are hung and so on

Jenny said...

use to sit at the mall with a slushy watching people. I get to watch children everyday of the week as I work in a school. I manage the lunch room, not making the food. I mean manage the children as they are dropped off to eat. They are quite funny to listen to and watch.

Anonymous said...

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