Friday, January 22, 2010

Take your seats

So, as you know, I began the adventure of redefining myself by going back to school. This week has been the first week. AND IT CAN BE A LITTLE OVERWHELMING! lol

All in all after finishing and turning in(it is all turned in on-line) the last of this weeks assignments, I know I can do this.

I know it will not be easy. But if the kid who looks like they just stopped using training wheels on their bike can handle this, so can I gosh darnit!

Taking a full load and working as full time as possible, coupled with the demands of having a large family and being involved with our church, seems absolutely crazy. In fact there are many who know me who may say now they always knew I was. Good thing I am anonymous so nobody can know for sure. lol

So, I contemplated closing this blog this week. It was during one of those moments when I saw everything that had to be done and felt like I had half the time required to actually complete everything. But after finishing this week I want to talk about it.

As a people watcher, campus can be entertaining. Did I ever look that young? I think not. I find the instructors fun to try and decipher as well. Two of them are very enthusiastic and exciting and well, the jury is out on the other two.

So, I am going to try and actually blog more frequently. With the amount of time I have been spending on the laptop, I am going to discipline myself with "blog breaks" to just let off some steam, talk about something weird or funky I've seen or just plain ramble.(kinda like now)

My fellow blogstalkers, what have you started or began recently?

Is it exciting/scary?

What did it take to get to the point of actually starting?

Have a great day Stalkers.


Jenny said...

So glad your not giving up on blogging. I love your blog!

The start of the New Year has left me a bit frazzled. Since my extended family reads my blog, I have not been able to really write about what has been "really" going on. Today I decided that I was going to take a leap and blog about it over the weekend.

I think it is awesome that your going back to school. I want to but have not figured out what I am doing yet.

I gotta run to work now....Have a great day. I am glad I min to catch up with you.

Juliana said...

So glad to see a post from you! I really hope that things are going well for you!! How exciting to be back at school! I recently started getting paid to blog and doing cool giveaways and winning them. I am VERY happy--this is what I have wanted to do for a very long time! oxox

Tulsi said...

I've contemplated getting a job. I haven't had outside employment for 23 years. It's kind of scary. But then, there are so many people looking for jobs that I'm not sure that is possible. I only had one year of college and that was back in
the day of real 'shorthand' in the secretarial field. And typewriter. But, I have decided to throw myself into making my aprons for my Etsy. And to be serious about it. To treat it like a job. Like people need aprons in this economy. But I have a good fabric stash and I've ordered some really great pieces off of Ebay. I have set 4 hours aside while Steve is at work and am trying to act like it is a business instead of just something I am doing. Taxes will be back soon and we should be back above water. I'm to afraid of going back to school even though we live in the same city I went to the University in. Steve, too. That's where we met. I'd like to take a class in photography but don't think I will. Life can be scary when you get older.

EmmaP said...

YES!!! Blog Breaks! people think i am always bloging... au contraire, mademoiselle! i blog in bits and pieces during bloggy breaks! i will be studying in the (nice, quiet and FREE library) and see something and it strikes a topic. I flip over to blogger and sometimes only type in a title and hit "save". Then i add as I go. i blog in bitsand pieces and if i have the time to do more, i do. But with school, if i "run out" of pre-scheduled posts, i no longer worry. i just skip a day or two. anyway -- PLEASE DO NOT SHUT THIS BLOG DOWN. For real... For me, it is nice to be able to stop by and read and know that somewhere out there (music starts) is someone else sort of taking that back-to-school plunge, raising kids, serving at church, being called cuckoo-cachoo all in the face of the strugglin economy, all with the help of God, and all with the sanity of a snow pea (somedays) besides me! ;)


p.s. my instructors are harder this semester... bleh!

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Good for you!!

Recently, I started to organize an Eating Disorder Recovery Celebration and Vigil. It's an event. I am doing this (or should I say, have decided to do this) because I am an ANAD Eating Disorder Support Group leader in my area (and a recovered anorexic).

It's really exciting, but it's also a little scary, because I've never planned an event before. This is on the scale of a cancer walk or a really big public fundraiser. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing, but I'm giving myself a fair amount of time and I'm passionate about it, so I think it'll work out fine. :) I'm only 25 and I'm a Caseworker, so I don't exactly have experience with this sort of thing under my belt.

Rhonda said...

I have basically neglected my blog without actually coming out and saying "I Quit!!". I may still go back and I will still use my list on there to check up on my faves. But, alas, you won't be seeing anything from me for a while either. I'm just too busy, and real life has to take priority right now over my cyber life. Sigh...

However, I will continue to read if you continue to post. Good luck to you with your course!

Dee said...

What an interesting fun blog you have! I am a bit of a stalker myself at times due to a disability that has me stop to rest often. This world is full of fascinating people I probably would not notice if I was not stopping to rest. In my life I recently joined an art guild to take my doodles from a journal into the art world...scary. I also am dedicating more time to my desire to learn photography...exciting.

Lola Takes Pictures said...

I graduated from college at the age of 40--2 years ago, also while working two part-time jobs and taking care of 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband and preparing for a cross-country move. I empathize! And while it wasn't easy--especially that last semester--boy am I glad I went back and finished it! All my years of life experience came in handy, especially in that required management course I saved for last. Ugh! But I found I had an edge over all the 20-somethings who were there to socialize. I at least ruined the test curves for them. ;)

It's been about reinventing myself ever since cause we moved and I lost all career prospects (including a sweet radio deal). But life is always going to throw you curve balls and the better you are at accepting change and running with it the happier you'll be.

Good luck with the school thing. It will take some adjustments but once you get into a routine, you'll do very well. I'm sure of it.

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