Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Team Blogstalker

Okay everyone, I know that everybody has picked one side or the other in the Twilight movie series. I guess I can understand it a little. It is the struggle we all either went through, wished we went through or hope to go through. And that is two people fighting over the chance to be with you forever. Ahhhh, who wouldn't love that scenario?

Well, I just don't get how out of control it has all gotten. I did go see "New Moon" and liked it. Now, I am one who read the books and liked them. You true blue die hard fans don't be upset but they were not fantastic. They were written for the teen girl audience and so they were drawn out, slow and super sappy. But that does not mean they were not full of interesting plot lines and fantastic spins on the vampire genre.

So, the movie was about what I would have expected. There were no surprises and I thought it was actually better than the first one in production quality and action. There is a scene...sorry this is spoiler.....I mean really, Jacob tore his shirt off and flexes a little too show offy. But the reaction from some older mom in the audience made it all worthwhile. (I think she required fans to cool off).

What I don't understand is the absolute anti-twilight attitude most teenage boys seem to have. I mean, It IS a vampire movie and there is blood and death(a little) and come on, the Voltaire, awesome! I just don't get it! It is as if teenage boys have to judge their manhood by how bad they trash the books and the movies relating to the twilight series..........whatever! I had to laugh as the movie ended and a young teenage boy runs out of the theater screaming about how awful it was to sit through with his family. Now that did not cause us all to notice that he was there. DUH! And the older teenage boys with their dates who said they needed to go watch some football to reclaim their manliness.....okay, now this was at lest funny and clever....and who wouldn't want to watch a little football?

All in all, when weighing in on the whole team Jacob and team Edward, I choose neither. I am happy with me and who I am and do not need to pick either one. And anyway, haven't all these kids read the books, we all know who wins! hehe

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Have a great day!


Rhonda said...

I am on team "Oh my God, are you SERIOUSLY going to pay money to see that piece of crap in the full price theatres you crazy fools?". True story.

kys said...

I'm with you on the books. They were entertaining but not the best works of "literature" I ever read.

EmmaP said...

i haven't read the books yet and i haven't seen the movies either. but i just might buy a shirt from ya! lol!

RhondaLue said...

I just would like to see ONE good movie where the girl gets BOTH of the amazing and handsome guys! Is that so wrong?

caron said...

I've been debating whether I should read the books....I still haven't decided...I'm pretty sure my husband would think I was pretty silly if I did!

Lola Takes Pictures said...

I saw the movie too. Read the books awhile back and feel the same way you do--good reads for teen girls. But I've met sooo many moms who actually argue with me about which guy is better. I think neither--and both--are. Thankfully, I too know how it's gonna end but wouldn't it be fun if she chose the other guy in the movies just to switch it up a bit?

Tulsi said...

I really don't like the girl who plays Bella. She sounds out of breath all of the time. She is whiny, she acts like she doesn't want to be there. Even if she is having an off screen love affair with a cast member. She kinda kills it for me. I don't like how the last book ends. Creepy weird. That said, if I were a teen girl I'd soooo be trying to get Jacob to notice me.

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