Friday, December 4, 2009

Running Away!

From those extra pounds I gained Thanksgiving day weekend that is! I am putting this out there for all to see so that I will stay motivated. I have exercised every day this week so far and while I may have only lost what I gained that blessed turkey day, so far I FEEL GREAT!

Anyway, I recently alluded to the fact that there might be a bit of an announcement from me. Unfortunately for some of you, I am not revealing who I am in real life(mmmmwahhahahaha)....where was I, oh yeah, I am starting in on something that I hope will be a real good thing for me and my family.

For some of you newbies out there, back in March our family found itself with ZERO income coming in and no jobs. We are a fairly large family and it was devastating. Spouse and I are doing everything we can and have cut everything we could. (including spell check it would seem at times, dang wireless keyboards with low batteries!)
We are working at jobs that pay nothing close to what we were used to. BUT WE ARE WORKING! And right now feel very fortunate for our family and for the lessons to be learned from how little one can survive on.

Don't get me wrong, we have an income at 60% of what it was last year. We have had to give up the "nice" vehicles and kids make lunches I think sometime they are ashamed of. Anywho....not where I was going with this...........

New life! I, like some of my stalkers, have decided to go back to school. I was accepted into the school program I wanted and was put on a waiting list in April but since two semesters have come and gone without being "called up", well I am taking a change of direction.

I figured I would do what I have always wanted to do. Turns out I have all my credits needed to apply for the program next fall. I can take some class this spring for some additional certifications which will help me in my possible new career. I just hope I can get financial aid and scholarships, because without that, this dream is dead.

I initially only qualify for a very piddly amount of aid because it is based on our family income last year........WHATEVER!

So, AM I SCARED? You betcha, and excited and nervous but anxious etc, etc, etc.

I asked in a post early in the year whether you could teach an old dog new tricks. Lets hope so!

What do you think stalkers?

Who else is taking new directions in their life?

Have a great day!


MissKris said...

Oh my...Life is a never-ending learning process! I'm sure you'll do just fine! You go, Stalker-Person!!

One thing about your new blog look, the colors are beautiful but for any of us more 'Senior' readers it's very difficult for older eyes to read the orange-on-black background. I used to have white-on-black and got gently 'chastised' by a blogger who heads a blogroll of us older writers...she wouldn't put mine on her list until I made my colors more user-friendly! Well, I'm not THAT picky but with very tired eyes when I do my blog visiting, it takes me a while to read. Hope you don't mind me bringing this to your attention!

EmmaP said...

um... I'm sorry, did you say you were looking for those extra pounds you lost? I think I found them... you can have them back, seriously!

so - waiting list, eh? sounds like something in the med-nursing field... interesting.

and YAY for school! maybe we'll "see" each other in the library more often now! lol!

by the way... i knew a kid that packed a can of sardines and a piece of bread for lunch...

Vodka Logic said...

Sorry about you families struggles I think going back to school is a great idea. And adaptions and changes are always necessary along the way.Hurray for and good luck

Rhonda said...

Way to go!! I look forward to finding myself educated vicariously through you, because I'm too terrified to do it myself!! lol

Jenny said...

First I have to let you know that I use to have a blog called simplyafamily.... but now I have move it to here please come stalk me here again.

Anywho....I think that it is great that your going back to school. I do believe you can teach old dogs new tricks. We just might be a bit slower, our maturity gives us the upper hand. Just my opinion.

I am going to go back to school soon my self to finish my degree in design. Just figuring out all the details,plus the money is taking time.

RhondaLue said...

well, I hope so but we'll see. I'm going back to school too but I don't know if I'm smart enough to compete with the young brains out there. We'll see. Good luck to you!

kys said...

Congrats on going back to school! It sounds like a great change for you and your family.

Tulsi said...

That's great you are going back to school. I should check what credits I have. I'm sort of fearful when I think about going back. I've thought about it thought. Good luck with all of that!

Nicolasa said...

Congrats on getting into school! Good luck with everything!

caron said...

So, I think you may have alluded to the type of program you were applying to a while ago (on my blog) I hope it works out! It's hard...but I hear it's worth it!

caron said...

So, I think you may have alluded to the type of program you were applying to a while ago (on my blog) I hope it works out! It's hard...but I hear it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

KudOs :) Stepping out of a comfort zone is always a positive. Who are ya' anyway really?? I'm curious lol.

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