Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yearbook time!

I was just thinking about how we signed each others yearbooks in High School. We said the cheesiest of things. I remember the first time someone wrote KIT and their number in my book I was confused. A friend said that it meant Keep In Touch. Who started that?

Another yearbook favorite is 'stay sweet'. I know May is a few months away but as I may or may not have stated before, I may not always able to stay on track and so decided that I might as well post this while I was thinking about it. Did you know I used the word may four times in that last sentence? Did you just check? You guys crack me up!

So I wanted to know what cheesy things did you write in other people's yearbooks?

What about the cheesiest thing someone wrote in yours?

Do you ever look back in your old yearbooks?

Do you see yourself as blossomed out of your awkward years or do you yearn for the 'good ole days'?


Rhonda said...

First off, I'm glad for all I know now, and for the person I've become. I was horribly shy and incredibly stupid in junior high and high school. However, I would love to look like that again!!! lol I wish I could have appreciated it when I had it!

Second, yes I did check. I even took the time to think that you could have made it five if you had said "I MAY as well post this" as opposed to "I MIGHT as well post this". I'm such a loser! But thanks for the laugh! lol

Here's a few from my JH yearbook:

Life is like a roll of toile paper
Long and useful.

Kids in cars make accidents
Accidents in cars make kids!

Two little hugs
Two little kisses
Two weeks later
Mr. and Mrs.

Remember Helen
Remember Lee
The hell with them,
Remember me!

Plus the usual perverse ones that are forever documented in my yearbook! Some are seriously gross!

Yup. We're losers! lol

Melissa B. said...

Because I'm a high school yearbook adviser, the damn things are my life! So, I don't dwell too much on the paste, because my life is one big block o' cheese! You made 3rd period so much fun! comes to mind, though. BTW, 2 things: Don't forget today's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. AND, please come over to my place to vote for the Hubz, Mr. Fairway. Thanks!

Ronda's Rants said...

Okay...I have spent half and hour looking for the dumb year book...I wasn't organized then either!
While looking at what others wrote, I am a little concerned at what I might(may) have written!
I think I have blossomed...My Hubby who knew me then concurs! I was a little standoff(ish)...I had just moved back to the states from England and I didn't understand what was going was a huge culture shock for me!

Mike said...

We have yearly football team get togethers, a yearly golf tournament and I still get together once a month with a group of people from grade school. (grade school was 50 years ago) But you start doing things like that when you get old.

Tulsi said...

"Stay Sweet" is in there a lot.

"Call me" - which was harder then since the phone was attached to the wall with a cord. "Don't change".

I don't remember writing generic things in Year Books. Our HS was 7-12 and I even personalized the 7th graders since it was brave to ask a Senior to sign your book.

My husband's YB's have a lot of "call me's". "Stay Cool", "Stay Cute". "Keep in Touch."

Mother Goose said...

BFF, call me this summer and then left my digits!
Always stay cool
Don't do anything I wouldn't do

class of 88 is great.

RhondaLue said...

I don't like to look back to the past. I'll stick with my current life because even though it's a challenge anything beats high school!

Shea said...

I was never one to make bad rhyming jokes in yearbooks, although I'm sure I said my fair share of KIT's and BFF's...

... but i HATED the people who would write vertically against the crease of the yearbook... "I was the first one to write in your crack!"

Then. Now. Never funny.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

If it weren't for your post, I wouldn't have focused on those 4 years of awkward intelligence and experimentation. But now that I'm there, 2 things stand out. Getting a scholarship to college and being the class treasurer which definitely spilled over into my adult years. Sorry, don't have my yearbook to refer to, Blogstalker!

Ronnica said...

It's amazing how important that ritual seems at the time. It's like we want to cling to all that we've ever known, but once we graduate, we realize that there is so much more than high school!

I've only looked back at an old yearbook once, to find out who someone was who found me on facebook. Perhaps it's something I'll look back with in nostalgia at some point in the future, but it's not a big deal to me now, 8 years out.

Jess said...

I actually got one of my yearbook's out for this one!

Many of the entries are "you're a great friend, hope we always stay that way". When I reflect on this I can truly say I've stayed friends with a handful of girls from h.s.

lots of KIT and lots of phone numbers, too.

Ruthykins said...

my friend in middle school wrote right in the crack of the pages and it said "i signed your crack"-nick. nice one buddy.

MissKris said...

I went to three different high schools and hated them all, ha! My teen years were very hard on all fronts. The only good thing that stayed with me forever has been my best friend Lizzee but she doesn't really count because I met her in junior high. I went to three of those as well...I met her at the second one and how we remained friends with all my moving around, I don't know. But I'm glad we did. That was 42 years ago this month.

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