Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Experiment and an Award

Well, I have to start by apologizing to my most regular commenters. Even though I am pretty spotty on posting and commenting already I decided to try an experiment. My hypothesis was that if I stopped commenting completely on all blogs I would stop getting comments even from those who regularly 'put on their brave faces' and leave me those precious comments.

I knew that since my time became so restrictive, it was easier to just read a blog and move on. The posts I commented on tended to be in response to those who commented on my own. I did however try and leave comments if a post was especially poignant to me. I, as I am sure most of you are, am too busy to be able to leave comments on every post I read or even visit every blog as regularly as I would like.

While in the past I have been upset at the lack of time, with the threat of layoffs I know hope my time issues are not resolved any time soon.

So anyway, I continued to receive comments from several of my favorite blog-stalkers!

Turns out there are some out there who are just plain and simple "Loyal Commenters"

So how does one recognize his/her(lol) loyal commenters? How about an award?

I got this one from Holly's Corner Blog and it is perfect.

So, would the following bloggers Please stand up and take a bow:


So all you have to do is:


1. Take the award and run. Link it back to me if you would like.


2. If you feel the compulsion to pay it forward then please do.


3. And as always, Have a Great day!


By the way, I am going to try and make a better than average showing in the comment department in the future. Know that I really like all of your blogs. You guys absolutely Rawk! And to all those new to BlogStalker's blog, Welcome. I like to ask questions and maybe cause you to ask a few of me.

By the way stalkers, How many would admit to being a comment-whore? We all like comments, but do you comment on others posts just for their comments? Just something to think about.

Again, Have a Great Day!


Rhonda said...

Why thank you for the award BS! I always try to comment on my regular reads, and would love to check out some new ones, but alas, there is just not enough time in the day. Those that are linked on my blog itself will always see me visit, however, those that I follow on my "dashboard" won't see me as regularly because their new posts aren't as in my face. As for being a comment whore, ABSOLUTELY! It's nice to see that people are paying attention to what you're putting out there and it's not all for naught.

jenjen said...

Congratulations on your award! And, I have another one for you over on my blog!

Have a great night!


Nightowl Mama said...

Droppin in to see what was going on and I see that you won a award. Congrats to you. Although new to blogging I too hope to get an award one day. Off to read another post and a few more blogs before lights out

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Congratulations on the award, Blogstalker! I know exactly what you mean by this post. I too have a hard time to post and comment. Either one or the other seems to suffer when there just isn't enough time!

caron said...

so I didn't get an award (and I definitely don't deserve one!) but just wanted to say that I completely understand your lack of time to comment...I barely have timme to post...I'm impressed by people who find time to blog and comment on a bunch of other blogs!

Juliana said...

Hello new stalker friend! Thanks for coming to my blog. At first your name freaked me out a bit and then my husband and I got into a long dicussion about blogging and how wonderful it is, but it's a politically correct way to meet people and well, stalk their lives a bit lol.

Anyhoo--I am one of those who comments when I feel that I should and not just for the sake of commenting...

I'm sorry that I gave you something to worry about with Jon and Kate. I was worried to. I flipped out a bit. Then I started to wonder...maybe we stalk reality shows as well. We get so into their lives that we come to know them and feel emotionally attached to them....

fiona said...

Congrats on the award!
You totally deserve it!

EmmaP said...

An award? Oh me, oh my, I feel like crying. Yes, I am a comment whore in the sense that I love comments. However I won't leave a comment just to get one. I have my daily reads and then my regular reads. I always leave comments on certain blogs. But I just don't have time to always comment in depth. If I see that 80 billion people have already commented, I don't always feel I need to. But if it's a "shy" blogger, I try to at least leave something so they know I've stopped by. Work has been so crazy lately, which a good, but leaves little time to read blogs. But I love all things blog, so I catch up when I can. Thanks again! :) oh... And I am glad you can now spell clique! Lol.

Mike said...

I comment to keep people posting. If bloggers don't get comments they tend to fade away. I've seen it happen a couple of times.

Ronnica said...

Aww, now I look like a fair weather-commenter! I know I haven't commented in a while here (or hardly anywhere!), but it just happened to coincide with your little experiment. Why'd you pick tax season to do it? ;)

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I'm with you on the comments..I find that if I really don't connect with what I've read...I don't just leave random meaningless comments...Unless I really really want that blogger to know I was there. And I really try to get to everyone that comments on me...cause I should be able to manage the 4 or 5 commenters...I kid...not really.

Now, thanks to you...have more to check out...ugh...I need to quit my ft job and blogstalk more often...

Jed said...

Sorry I have not left many comments lately. But I hardly ever even post let alone comment or get to read someones posts. I do try and leave comments when I have something to say or just to let them know I was there.

Cool Beans on giving out awards though. I need to do that again myself!

Tulsi said...

I can't say I'm a comment whore. Thanks!!! I love to be loyal. I don't crave comments but I do like to get them. Sometimes, depending on the day, it is like Christmas to see something in the "in box". I guess it is good that I don't expect to have many because I comment on them and don't have to many comments. Of course, I do change my direction a lot and some people can't keep up with me. They come one second and the next there is another subject. I just talk alot.

Jackie said...

I have found that same problem. I have generally tried to leave comments on all my favorite blog posts, but it because VERY difficult!

Good for you!

Kitty said...

Hi there Ms Stalker. I found your blog after you appeared on my page as 'brave enough to be identified as a reader' ... thank you for that!

I clicked over here and found 'Delilah' by the Plain White Ts - such a great track, so you've already made a great impression on me.

Thanks for reading my blog - I've added yours to my Reader. Take care :-)

Ronda's Rants said...

I read this last night and tried leaving a comment and had trouble doing so...Is it me or blogger?
You are one of my favs...thanks for the award!
I am curious...If you win the iPod nano...will blogstalker come out of the shadows? I can sign a confidentiality agreement!!

RhondaLue said...

I'm so honored! Thanks for the award BS. I do try to comment on my regular blogs that I read daily but If I disagree with something they say sometimes I just remain quiet. I'm not here to convert anyone to my way of thinking but I also won't encourage something I disagree with. Also if I'm short on time or the blogger has word verification I don't always comment but occasionally still will.

And I don't give comments to get them but of course do like it when I do get them. make any sense? ;)

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