Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So, during one of those little flashbacks I have at the drop of a hat nowadays, I started thinking back. Not way way back but more of back in the day. You know, The Eighties!

I know, me and the eighties, what can I say? Me and the eighties are intertwined. But again as usual, i digress. So I heard a clever play on words. Do not ask me what that play on words was, because my mind jumped that thought process so fast I scarcely had time to realize I even had a thought. And it jumped right to the movie, "Back to the Future". You know, the first one, where it all began.

Remember the fun they had in that movie? When Marty is thought to be Calvin Klein because it is written on his underwear? Yes, that is the movie. But my favorite scene is the one in the drugstore. Let's get in the way back machine and visit, shall we?

Okay, this is when Marty(Michael J. Fox) is sitting in the diner in his sleeveless jacket(mistaken for a sailor on leave) and is asked what he wants to drink. The following is as close as I remember it:

So you gonna order something or what??

Can I get a tab?

How can I give you tab if you ain't gonna order something?

How about a Pepsi free?

Kid, If you want a Pepsi, you are gonna have to pay for it.

No, you know, a diet soda.
(weird look)
How about something without sugar in it.
(gives him cup of coffee)
Do you have any sweet N low?

Sweet and what?

Why does this make me smile so much? Probably because my brain never fully formed. (you know, from all the lead in everything................ 'back in the day')

So what kind of things make you smile? Do you enjoy a good play on words?

Have a great day stalkers!


RhondaLue said...

Dude or dudette..ur funny! I have no idea how you remember scenes like that but good for you. My brain must be jello. I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday! but it did probably include a diet soda! Pepsi free even! or as it's called now, Pepsi One!

Ronda's Rants said...

"That was a pretty good day!"
Ground Hog's Day...Bill Murray
we quote that line all the time!
Anytime we don't like what we are doing!

Summer said...

"MMMMMmmmmmm, this is SOOOOOOO good." Bill Murray's What About Bob. My parents haven't seen it, I guess, because my dad would do a perfect unwitting Bob impression every time we ate over, and we couldn't help but laugh under our glances at each other.

I love a good toddler play on words. Especially when it involves an accidental expletive.

And today I realized that if I do the celebrity couple name mesh with my twins, I get "ornery." Ther names are Anya and Bree. Anree. I don't have to refer to them as "the twins" anymore, I have a much more applicable and appropriate name for them now. "Hey- hon, it's time to put Anree to bed." ;D

Rhonda said...

I'm such a follower, I can only remember what others think to put in my wee brain. lol!!!

Mike said...

Do I like a good play on words? Like the farmer said to the mama goat giving birth, "are you kidding."

Tulsi said...

I would love play on words if something I said didn't get involved all of the time. How do people think that fast? I'm so innocent and my words get played with all of the time. And, in my non fastness, I can't think of anything. With Kass on his mission, I will not have so many games on me.

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