Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me Worry?

Okay stalkers, I think I feel a confession coming on. Yes, it is definitely coming out. I do not know exactly how to let it out but will do my best. I have a feeling most of you already know but I need to type it to convince myself. So here it goes: I am getting so old! Well, relatively speaking of course.

So why do I feel the weight of all my 234 years pulling me down to towards the earths core? Well, that question is not so easily answered. But seeing how I only have limited space to write(the Internet IS limited, right?) I will try to briefly let you into my head.

You see, when I was younger, I did not fear anything. At least I cannot remember fearing anything. I probably was a scared little kid at one time, but I am remembering that young teenager who saw the world orbiting around him/herself. I did things that I would never dream of doing at my ripened age. I took risks with my personal safety and more than likely those around me without really thinking of the possible consequences.

While I was not that impolite teenager or the teenager that broke EVERY rule I did step out of the box my parents tried to package me in. And now HERE IS THE KICKER.

Now I have to deal with the kids who are not scared of anything! I find myself worried to death about everything they do and what 'could' happen to them. Now don't get me wrong, I let my kids make their own mistakes. I even let them do things I know they are not going to like the consequences of. MY problem is that too often I expect or imagine the worst. And boy do I have an active imagination.

My older kids are really good kids. I honestly think they are way better kids than I ever was. But then again my parents thought I was such a great kid. AND THAT IS WHAT SCARES ME THE MOST. What don't I know about them? Me and my spouse have prided ourselves on the fact that we talk to our children about 'everything' openly and honestly. We may 'over react' at times, but really do tend to really hear them out and take their concerns to heart. I do wonder who they are when we are not around and it's just them and their friends. To be a fly on the wall.(or a little electronic transmitter. lol)

So, I am rambling again. Child #1 just got home from late night(morning) out. Everything went well and I can stop worrying.(for now)

So I do have a new question for all you stalkers who hung out through this boring post.

What do you worry about? or do you worry at all? If you do, what do you do to help you cope? For those of you with completely grown kids, do you ever stop worrying? and for those of you with all young'ns(no teenagers yet) GOOD LUCK!

Put your brave face on and leave a comment!
Have a great day!


Dina said...

i do worry my kid will be like me..even as a 3 year old we are so alike its scary and we don't get along sometimes. But he is a boy so has the tendency to be a little physical on top of the sarcasm I have...that worries me. It worries me that he may be a bit like my father!!

RhondaLue said...

I worry about it all! I have 3 teens and 3 youngens. I worry that they will make bad choices. i worry that I'm not a good enough parent. I worry that even if they make good choices that something bad will happen to them. I'm a stressball internally at times.

I don't think once they're gone away to college I'll stop worrying. I'll worry more. WHen they get married, I'll worry about their finances, the grandchildren. Such a waste to worry! But I do try to keep myself in check. If I have no power to change the outcome I try to let go a little and realize I'm powerless and can only pray for a good outcome.

This parenting gig ain't for sissies!

Messy Jess said...

No matter how hard you try to NOT worry - it's a natural feeling. Yours seem to be within the norm but some people worry to much in excess. So ask yourself to what extent you should endulge in worry and when to cut it off if it becomes unrealistic.
Weigh the pro's and con's.

But, you are a very emotionally intellect person and you will find a balance.

Have fun with it.

Veggie Mom said...

My kids are good kids, too. I just worry about the other people in the world. But not incessantly. If all I did was worry, then where would I be?

Tulsi said...

Funny thing, I used to worry about getting a telephone call from the police when Kass went out during his Jr. year of high school. With good reason. He has no fear - and his dad was in another country. I didn't get that phone call. Kass told me by himself before we went to the Sheriff's office. He wasn't bad, but sluffed school and was fearless. He learned his lesson. And decided to switch high schools so he wouldn't be tempted to sluff with these kids.

Now I worry about people hurting Miki's feelings. I hate high school drama. Her cousin is the worst because she thinks Mik will still be her friend no matter what. Mik did tell her one time. "I have to be your family. I don't have to be your friend." It was a wake up call. Cell phones are a great bullying tool. And to think we had to put up with that face to face. Or in a round about way.

Melissa B. said...

Yes, there are scary people/things out there, but I think our kids are a heck of a lot smarter than we ever were! BTW, don't forget Sx3 today. Please stop by if you have a minute!

Mike said...

PBS Frontline program - Inside the teenage brain.

EmmaP said...

my oldest is 14... when I think about the things I did at 14 - whoa!!! that scares me! I definitely think he is better than I was at that age. But his school studies are going down the toilet! and that scares me - and it seems nothing I do to help works. He is very intelligent and smart as a whip. But he doesn't do the work to prove it. I am scared at what sort of "punishment/discipline" tatios I use...i mean, am I ruining him for life? setting him up for failure? I am sure more worry is on the way, as my other two aren't too far behind (8 yrs & 10 yrs now).

Amy said...

My kids are TWEENS. And I am SCARED, because they are GIRLS!! I don't care what I did or did not do at that age, the world today is way worse than when I was there. I just try and teach them right from wrong and pray they make the right decisions. They know they can talk to me about anything, so hopefully that will make a difference.

Rhonda said...

My 14 year old daughter has a killer body and a rebellious attitude. That combination terrifies me. The other day at the gym three older guys approached her. She even told the last one she was only 14 to his 25 and he STILL handed over his phone number.

Next to that, the only other thing I fear is the prison term I will be handed for castrating the above mentioned pedophile.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Have to say I don't worry! It took me a long time to get to this point. I live in the now, no past except for reminiscing, and no future, it's not here yet. Worry is a waste of emotion and time. If I can honestly say, I did my best, I have no worries.
I think it's a good lesson to teach children of all ages.
Good luck, Blogstalker!

Anonymous said...

I worry about my kids. Mine are spread out in ages. I have a teen almost adult. Since he has gotten into so much trouble this past couple years. I so worry about my youngest, she has many years to go before hitting the teens but she is so much like her oldest brother. I worry about the middle one who is just shy of teenhood and he is the moodiest already. I worry about myself, how I am going to survive their upbringing.

MissKris said...

As the mom of two children who are now grown adults aged 30 and 32 I can say you never do quit worrying - or at least being concerned - for their welfare. Boo boos that could be healed by a kiss are now helping them cope with adult-level problems that come up. We never quit 'worrying' no matter how old they grow because, like I told my son recently, I am still his mom.

Summer said...

I worry I'll never find out the true identity of a certain stalker.

And that my jowels are noticeable...

Blog Stalker said...

way too funny summer!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

OMG I'm like so paranoid now! I use to never be that way, and my parent's use to say... they were the paranoid ones, but I feel I'm so much worse.. ERRRRR fear sucks and getting old sucks

Trina said...

I have a 9 yr old daughter and a 14 yr old son...the worry contiues! lol!! My son has raced motocross since he was four yrs old..and I think thats when I'm the proudest and the most scared at the same time! I worry every second he's on the track...but I love to watch him and I LOVE to see his face when he comes off and has done well!
I also wonder how they act when I'm not there...I've been told I have great kids, then I ask "are you sure the right ones were at your house!?" lol!!

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