Thursday, December 11, 2008

If mice could talk?

Well, Mama Kat gave an assignment and I actually decided to take it to task. So first up, what would I do if a mouse spoke to me?

Well, first off I would ask it for a great meal. Hey, I saw the movie. I know those things can really cook. And after my scrumptious meal I would start scheming. What?! Have you seen the places where a mouse can fit into? I have not got it all figured out yet, but I am sure we would make quite the team.

If I needed to know how someone really felt about me or what was "really" being said behind closed doors my new little friend could really help out. Of course I am only assuming that this mouse would be intelligent and not just some dumb field mouse who by some sheer coincidence has the gift of human speech.

And what could I offer that mouse? Protection for one. Do you know how many different ways humans have perfected in exterminating mice? A lot I think! Anyway, on top of that, I think a mountain of cheese would go a long way in making the little bugger my ally.

Of course, It would be a one mouse deal. No parties, no friends. Soon as there is more than one, DEALS OFF! I still have nightmares about the movie BEN. Anyone remember that one? With all the rats? Yep, as soon as the friends start hanging out its all over but the clean up. lol

The second part of my accepted assignment was about new roads I have taken ion life. Well, lets see here...........getting married, that was a new road.......bumpy at times but the best road I ever started down for sure. A little info on blogstalker......was very young when I got married. Especially young by the worlds standards. Even some of my family could be whispering that our marriage could not last a year. HA! jokes on them, going on two decades now!

Anyway, many different roads I have turned down on this here journey. Looking back there were some roads that forked. The sure thing is that you can only go down one of the forks or you can just sit still, never quite deciding which direction to go. One thing I cannot be accused of is sitting still. A slew of kids, some different career/job directions and a whole host of other 'activities'.(lol, maybe an inside joke)

So now I turn it around and ask my fellow stalkers what roads have you chosen? Were they the right roads? Also wondering about backing up and going down a different road when you realize you are not on the road you thought you were taking. Anyone done that? Anyone wanted to do that? Whats stopping you?

Okay stalkers, you know what to do....or do you?


RhondaLue said...

Cool, I'm first!

First of all thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I'll take the compliment and run with it!!

I've had many different roads. I always worry about which way to go, especially when it involves a decision about our kids but in the end I wouldn't change any of my decisions...

It's hard being faced with a dilemna...I just think it through, pray, think some more, pray, make a decision in my mind and see how it feels, pray some more and then change my mind or not. It's a process. ;)

Messy Jess said...

Ha! You can't get rid of me so easily! I'm not going anywhere... a blog friend, whose name is Jess, made a comment, which you thought was me making a comment on my own blog... but nope. Not me. I'm still here and loving your blog!

I've been done the wrong road but came back and the lessons I've learned has helped me to stay on the path I've's been hard but the golden moments are worth it. The hardest point was making that decision to leave and not look back. I just have to remind myself that when times seem tough...I am a better person today than I was yesterday.

Blog Stalker said...

Rhondalue, praying sounds good. Listening to the answer is the part I struggle with sometimes

Funny Jess. and hear hear for being better people than we were yesterday!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Great Post! And I think everyone has those forks in the road and struggles with making the right turns. You know though that prayer has help me, and the big one FORGIVENESS... really I used to have such a dark places in my heart for not letting things go, but since I've learned to let the things that hurt me go, Life seems easier, less stressful and I find myself going down the right path.

OK Sorry that I went out in left field, but heck it's a blog comment ...Right?? LOL

Rhonda said...

Oh, BS, if you liked that one vacation story that you read, you will most definitely like this one!!

It is what true vacation memories are made of!

fiona said...

I've made a couple of pretty darned fast U-Turns!
But tend not to look back with any regrets at the lower maintained roads I've travelled.
I agree, that these journeys made us who we are today.

Ronda's Rants said...

I married 19! It has been a crazy bumpy road but I wouldn't have missed it for anything! I struggle with faith not in God but myself...there have been many roads not taken for me! I am sure I missed out...but maybe there is still time for me yet?

Tulsi said...

Walking down one road to marry Steve was the best walk. I was young, too, and made sure I didn't marry someone like my dad. That may sound harsh. He is a great grandpa, had a harder time with being a dad. There may be reasons for that, but my mom would say no. But I didn't want my kids growing up like I did so was careful about that. Each child is a different road, as they are all different and react to different things. The only time I really questioned my self was when Steve was deployed and I had 2 kids at home and Kass thought he had to be the man of the house at age 16. That is a lot of work. He took it so seriously that he forgot to be a kid. Then when he was a "kid", he totally didn't think. Hence, we know a Sheriff's deputy. We don't like him and he was a jerk. I should have filed a complaint , but I didn't want there to be problems with the SO and UHP so I didn't. In hind sight, I should have and would next time. (He is sugar sweet to Steve now that he knows who he is) I had to walk a fine line sometimes. But it all worked out. I guess I was just strict enough without being overly so. At that time he wanted to quit school and was not thinking of a mission. I think the only reason he didn't quit was because he was set to join the military and you have to be a HS graduate. He was near the bottom in his HS graduation because he didn't care. And graduated 2nd in his Military class because he did care. (His HS teachers can't believe it) And now his mission papers are in and we are just waiting. Brie is ok, and we are so far so good with Miki. I can't see my self backpedaling and going down a different path. Although, I would not move to a couple of towns knowing what I know now.

Mike said...

"Do you know how many different ways humans have perfected in exterminating mice?"

You forgot the piece of cardboard with the sticky glue on it.

Melissa B. said...

When I come to a fork in the road, I always turn left. And, I'm deathly afraid of mice!

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