Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whats on your mind?

So tell me what concerns my fellow bloggers right now. Around the world everyone may rank the problems of the day in a different order, so put a topic out there and lets see what everyone thinks. I do not want to get too political, even though it may come out on its own. Why dont we start with the Olympics that are going on right now.

is anyone watching them?

Is Phelps and his record ever going to be beat? and are you shocked at how dominant he has been?

Is your country representing themselves there. Is there any national pride where you live?

Questions to ask and things to ponder.

Leave a note and let me know what you think



Pila!s said...

Hello! thank you for your comment in my blog. You can take what you want... my english sucks! more if i write... jajaja
welcome to sudamerica!
peace, love and respect... that´s whats on my mind, soul & heart.


Jed said...

I like your blog! You can link to me at ArmedandUnited.blogspot.com. I talk mostly USA Politics but World Issues are important in the political realm. This blog is a good way for many different ideas to be expressed on a number of topics.

I'll check in often!

BLANCA said...

Hiya, Blogstalker! Thanks for your comment in my blog. Because I am Japanese, I'm not good at English. However, I'm trying to write my another blog in English. Could you please visit my another blog as well as the blog that you have visited.

Laura said...

Hey! I just wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog! :D


Dawn said...

It bothers me that people start to suggest that others are cheating if their country wins a lot. And I sincerely hope nobody is cheating! How would that make you feel proud if you won that way?

Anna said...

Thanks for not Judging! :)

Blog Stalker said...

Dawn, makes you laugh how adults can be such poor sports huh!

cikelm said...

I see a really cool picture here... seems the weather is 'cool' :-)

cikelm said...

Here is on my mind:

I wonder about the name 'ablogstalker' since it about stalking not seeing nor watching... so it's about continuous act of keeping eye on particular object, sounds creepy and keep reminds me on The Police song Every Breath. maybe you're intend to make blogstalker.blogspot.com but it has already taken and set as private and I dunno who owns it :P

Tulsi said...

Thanks for the comment. The name is very protective. From a comment on here, I was not the only one who first thought it was creepy. A very interesting blog you have. Really Switzerland? Question? Do you just randomly put subjects in that you find interesting? I can't even find friends of mine that I know most of the time. They usually find me.

And for a blog answer, the only Olympic event I even care about this year is swimming. And then I'm find hearing who won on the news. We cheered for Michael Phelps. I sure hope we don't find negative info later. My husband helped with the 2002 Olympics with the Law Enforcement since it was held in Utah. Just a side note. The rest of us did get to see ice hockey. The Olympics is a huge event to enjoy at least once. It helps to live in the area.

Heather said...

Thank you for your comment. She is loads of fun, funniest little dog personality ever!

Emilio Travanca + Ana Manessiez said...

Thanks for your comment!!! We are cat lovers

Lynda said...

Oh, I loved the Olympics. Yes, Michael Phelps was amazing. Will his record ever be broken? Probably. It might take another 36 years like it did for Mark Spitz, but that's cool.

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