Friday, August 29, 2008

Again? Really? Me? Cool!

So, I just received another award. I don't gush and give acceptance speeches but I would like to thank the little people. No, not the Village people. That was the last post. Anyway, Ronda over at Ronda'sRants gave me this award. So what is the appropriate protocol for multiple awards in one week? Am i supposed to start speaking(typing) with an air of stuffiness and condescension? I don't feel any different. I know it gives me instant street cred though. Not that I need any of that. My Rep speaks for itself. I am an OG from way back in the hood. Okay, starting to go to my head now. Feel a little light headed. Is this what it feels like to be on cloud 9? And what the heck is wrong with clouds one through eight?

So, I guess I AM gushing and totally letting it go to my head. Sorry, but It's not like I have that many opportunities to prop myself up. Who knew a stalker from the --------(not telling) could catch the interests of first
Dawn and then Ronda? I definitely want to pass on the award. But here's the dilemma. What should I base the award on? There are a lot of very deserving blogs out there. But one way out of this would be to keep getting awards. Then I could totally keep paying it forward.

But until I get more awards(hint, hint) I have devised a way to give out these awards.

You, my fellow blogstalkers will tell me what I am looking for. That's right, you.

So leave me a comment and tell me:

#1. Tell me what YOU think makes for a good blog/post

#2. List any blogs you would like to nominate for my consideration.

#3. Sit back and enjoy the wait while I decide who to give this award to In fact, check out some of the cool blogs to the right.

I don't think this is that hard. I might even give out the awards to the best comments I receive on today's post. You'll just have to participate to find out who deserves this award.

Who knows It could be you.


Dawn said...

1. To me a good blog could be several different kinds. Yours is thought provoking and I like to use my brain sometimes. I also LOVE to just peek into other people's lives and see what's up. I think my blog is kind of like that. Just someone different to peek and see what day to day life is like. And then some blogs with recipes, tips, etc. are pretty cool.

3. And yes, I know I skipped 2, I will sit back and enjoy the wait!

Scary Mommy said...

Your name freaked me out, but I'm glad I came to visit, you aren't scary at all :)

And, I like blogs that make me laugh and that I can relate to. So, basically, stories that make me feel like I'm in good company on this crazy ride of mommyhood.

Ronda's Rants said...

New picture is less scary...but I kinda miss the "Blair Witch" look.
I agree...I like different blogs for different reasons. I really enjoy your questions...I like reading everyone's answers to those questions. I think a blog that causes you to laugh or think about something differently appeals to me more than any other reason!

Ronda's Rants said...

BTW...The award... What is it a picture of?

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

congrats on another well deserved award. I would nominated you of course b/c you are truly talented blogger.

So what do I think makes a good blog well for me it the people who are real, and one can find humor in life crap.

I have so many I would nominated b/c there are so many good ones.. I just don't know picking a few would be fair....

Tulsi said...

As to how to award Awards, I am at a loss. I spent a couple of days contemplating who should be my first "pay it forward" awards. Personally, I like to read deep thinkers, those that make me laugh and forget my deep thinking, those who's life experience is different from mine, and those who's lifestyles are similar to mine. I have to say, as a comment before me, the name almost scared me off - given personal experience - but that would have been my loss, and also judging, which I hate. One thing that I keep coming back to your blog for is that it is so interactive, and I wouldn't have thought to do it. The 80's thing was so up my ally!! I kind of miss seeing where you are "from" each day. Or maybe I misplaced it.

And which of the Village People would you be?

Petra said...

I just wanted to say congrats and thanks for visiting my blog! I also got this award, so you are in good company, haha, just kidding (although I am pretty fun on a Friday night with a couple glasses of wine in me!)

Veggie Mom said...

1. Has to be well-written or clever enough to hold my interest. I'm not patient reading 4 paragraphs about Dirty Diapers!
2. My friend Melissa B. over at Scholastic Scribe is always funny, a little crazy, sometimes corny, and often knows how to turn chicken poop into chicken salad, as they say in politics. I'd pick her any day!
3. I'm the impatient type, but I'll get myself a refreshment and then kick back and wait. And wait. And wait some more.
4. What? There IS no Number 4? Well, anyway, Good Luck!

goooooood girl said...

So good......

RhondaLue said...

I think Practically Joe is hilarious...he's commented here before. I love how entertaining he makes every day happenings, like shopping with his wife. SO FUNNY with the picture of the cart whirring down the aisle. lol

I try to put that sort of spin on my daily happenings too but am likely not nearly as funny. But please don't award me this time because sure as I put something on my blog with profanity my kids'll be repeating it. lol

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Congratulations, Blogstalker! I know the dilemma you're in. You know, it's so subjective; it's like asking your favorite song out of hundreds, or which flavor chocolate over another, or chiraz over pinot noir...I know, you get it! I dunno. My favorites can be simple or ornate, funny or sad. I think it's the feeling of a genuine soul behind the blog. But have to admit that there's usually an entertainment factor as well. If it has in some way entertained the reader through their passion, I think the blogger has done his/her job. Well, there's my two cents worth. I'm just going to "sit back and enjoy and wait". Good luck!

Rhonda said...

Congratulations on your awards! Aren't they both silly and exciting all at the same time?

I'm late in getting here, so I am happy I don't have to wait long! lol I will check them out for sure!

Oh, and what makes for a great post? Anything entertaining (which could be an incredibly boring story wrapped up in just the best expression and wording), funny, tearful, thought provoking. I LOVE a good debate!!! Throw something out there and ask me for my opinion and then WATCH OUT! lol

Have a great day!

Mother Goose said...

congrats on your blog awards! what keeps me going back is give aways! I also love humor and personality to ooze from a blog. Not saying mine is. I write for me, and no one else!

ncgirl3608 said...

I like funny sarcastic blogs about real life that I can relate to.

Jed said...

You need to update your blog...none of your awards are here anymore. why not? just wondering

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