Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not soon enough......

Okay, been really busy with school,..................kind of crazy actually! Things are going pretty good and I am even figuring out my "bad" instructor and have an outside chance at a great grade but am keeping the expectations earthly based. I will be okay, very disappointed-but okay, with a B in his class.

I never before, in high school or college- when I was younger(and less busy), ever been looking so forward to a spring break! And it is right around the corner. After tonight I only have one physical class to attend, one test to take, and one mid-term essay to write. The latter of which is scaring me a little because I work every day this week. But then in class tonight, the instructor lets me know that she will take it anytime during spring break if I need extra time. HOW SWEET IS THAT!? Anyway, still would like to turn it in by Saturday night, but so much pressure is off, just knowing I have extra time if /i really need it.

And just to toot my own a horn a little. Was totally called out in front of other classmates on how to correctly post to the on-line discussion posts and to challenge other classmates. TOOT-TOOT!
(me tooting my own horn, lol)

So, anybody else looking forward to spring break? One mom I know said spring break is no break for her. Just more dirty dishes and bodies laying around the house. I for one am gonna try and find some fun stuff for the family to do. Any suggestions? And remember, we have zero money, so you gotta be pretty creative!

Have a great day stalkers!


Juliana said...

Oh you need to have a stayaction!!!

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! Just popping in to follow your blog! Hope you can come follow mine! Have a great day!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

RhondaLue said...

I have too many church things to call spring break a break. Unfortunately, we have little money too but we got free bowling passes so we can do that (with just shoe rental and I'll just watch to save $), hopefully we can take kids to park to play ball, stuff like that. I am excited for the break too even though I'm not in school. lol

Tulsi said...

Find a friend with $!! Mik has a friend who has some cash. She's her best friend, actually. Mik has gone to Mexico (I've never been), stayed at the Celebrity famous Montage In San Diego - I think - (spelling may be off) where people come poolside to ask what you want to drink or eat and just bring it with little umbrellas. I think that is where she had swordfish. Has been to Disneyland with out us. Going to Las Vegas is no big deal for us as we live 2 1/2 hours away and aren't gamblers, but they go to Vegas sometimes. I don't let her go if I can't contribute because I ALWAYS send $ but they just add her to the family. Most of the time one or more of their family members don't go so she is still cheaper to take than paying for all of their kids. It has been like 3 years, but I still feel kind of funny but they always say the are just glad she is able to go so the friend has a friend and enjoys herself, too. But most of us don't have friends like that. Neither of my other kids did. They have most of the friend parties at her house. Our house is the second place. We don't usually do anything during spring break.

mama of 4 said...

Oh if you can afford a tank of gas, just go for a ride and get lost! We did this the other day, threw a cooler with some sandwiches in the car everyone grabbed their water bottles and we let the 3 year old pick north or south. She picked north and we just went for a ride. Found a pretty awesome playground too :).

EmmaP said...

once, during spring break, the kids mostly layed around the house being slobs. hahaha! so, I told them on day 3 if they cleaned we'd do "fun stuff" on days 4 and 5 (although I had no clue what to do).

So, then day 4, was "Scavenger Hunt Day". First we went to the library. I had handed them a list of things to find, i.e., a book on learning the guitar. Anyway. they had to write down the book title. Other things on the list were "Book about a hoby that inerests you." "Book about country you'd like to visit." "Book about an animal you'd like tohave as a pet". Also, they had to find 2 books to check out. My oldest (then 14) caught on and said this felt more like an "assignment" than a "hunt". However, the younger two thought it was fun. It allowed me time to peruse the books I wanted, and got them out of the house. Also, I let them each pick out a DVD to check out. Then we went to walmart, and I gave them each a list of oddities to locate. they had fun while I did grocery shopping. The next day was movie marathon day. We all dragged our pillows and blankets to the living room and watched the DVDs from the library. We even had an indoor picnic for lunch. It was fun to be "lazy" in an organized way.

Go to PetSmart. My friend says this is the best cuz it's free! and the little ones love to watch the dogs getting groomed in the window too!

See if the local grocery stores have a kids craft day (ours does every other saturday and it's free!). Home Depot does a first-saturday kids project for free. My kids love playing with the video camera and making "commercials". And then we watch them in our own moviefest. Or we watch old home movies and laugh at ourselves. Kite flying? The dollar store usually has an array. Playing at the park if it isn't too cold. There is a local candy factory here that has free tours and then the kids get to sample free stuff after too! any museums in your area that are free or for donation only?

Once I took my kids to the local cemetery. My middle one thought it was creepy. But, we just walked around, reading the different headstones. We talked about their possible "stories", etc. It was interesting.

Once, when my kids were fighting, I called them all into the living room. I handed on a shoe box, one an empty food storage can and the last an egg carton. I said, "Welcome to Project Recycle Runway". (one of them dared roll his eyes at me too) "Your mission is to create something with this object. It must be creative. It must be something someone can use. and you must clean up your own mess. go!" The eye-roller thought it was stupid and balked. But, once he ot his idea, he piped down and really got into it! We ended up with a decorated button sorter (egg carton), a diorama family "portrait" (which was really funny), and a piggy bank (can).

that's all I got for now! good luck!


annie said...

You go girl!!!!!!!! TOOT TOOT!!!!!!!
How about making a fort with blankets, inside of course! Having a picnic there, watching some movies and then camping out! Would hardly cost anything and I bet it would be a blast!!!

Blog Buddy said...

I hear you blog stalker! I'm wishing I could step back into school:)

Jenny said...

My friend you have been in my thoughts. As I work on my home work. That is right I went back to school.

Spring Break will be spent working on a project & catching up on house work that I have neglected. Juggling work, school and family means that blogging goes by the way side, crafts & book clubs don't exist anymore.

Way to TOOT-TOOT...

I am going to plan a few fun outing for my children to do during the break. I have to consider the fact that I am babysitting my mother in-law that week also. YIKES, a story for another time.

Hope you well!
moved my dang blog again,was having trouble posting& putting up photos on the other "New One"....anyways it is working better now here...

please still stalk me!

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