Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everythings great, right?

Life throws you curve balls. It's just a fact. If we do not jump out of the way, they can knock us around and may sting for a bit. But get up swinging! This life is but a mere moment in the eternalness of the universe.

So, if you are down and out right now, remember there is definitely someone more down and out than you.

Get up swinging!

Have a great day!


EmmaP said...

because i know of your love of music, i am going to share this with you. now, I know that you may not be a jason mraz fan. However youtube "The Sunshine Song". THIS is what he is talking about! and if you are NOT down and out, spread the love!

Glad you're back! hope all is well!

Take care!

Tulsi said...

Very true

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