Monday, February 22, 2010

3 A's and a pompous _____!

Okay, so time to vent! I am fuming. Okay, blog stalker, ......out........... ...............out.....................repeat repetetively........

whew......I have posted about my issues with my 'one' class that I could not seem to get a good grade in. Good grade for me means an A. I am an A student and have been most of my college life(way back then) except for that one class and then there was that one semester....but overall, yes I have been proud of my ability to rise to the level of the class and do what it takes to earn a high mark.

So obviously I was so so deflated when my first grade was so crappy. It just so happened it was the first graded item this semester out of all four classes. I was mortified, to say the least, but motivated to do better. I started "communicating" with the professor. I didn't get anywhere, hence no follow up post about it. I did end up averaging 8 and 9 points on each 10 point quiz since the first one(where I only got 6!) But the problem is, this professor is so full of himself and arrogant. His online lectures are bad enough, but his emails show me just how egotistical he is. I, and other students, have had to point out questions on the quizzes(which we cannot go back and see, or study from) were not found in any assigned readings. I have recouped points because of this.(which give me my 8.5 average)

I have some physical classes with a few others taking this online class with the same instructor. They are having the same experience if not worse. And then we take his first exam(there are only 3, two mid terms and a double weighted final) I felt so good after I checked all my answers with my notes.(online, so notes are okay) There was no way in H*^L I didn't get a solid A, at least that's how I felt till I submitted it. I got a 78. How does that happen?

After this test there was some serious discussion on the online discussion board. Apparently I got one of the better grades. The overall opinion is that he is somehow word games and changing maybe a transition word here and there to throw us off. I swear I took all my answers straight from my 'marked to death' course materials.

So, what is his response? "Some of you are displeased with the results of your exam. I want you all to do well, but please note this is an institution of higher learning, college, and it is supposed to be difficult." -Jerk

I understand difficult. Try having a million kids in a million different things and work full time, go to school full time sleep(3 hours average a night) serve in your church, be active politically at the local level, etc, etc, I KNOW DIFFICULT! He seems hell bent on personally weeding out the dregs of society based on HIS tests. UGH!

Okay, to the one reader still reading this, "Thanks for letting me vent!" As a matter of balance, I am currently earning an "A" in each of my other three classes. And the class in the only freshman level class. Yes, it is a 100 level class! unbelievable, and the rest of them are 300 or 400 classes. I just can't figure it out!

Well, still got that mid term to

You guys RAWK!



Rhonda said...

Oh, that sucks! Keep plugging away, though, and his ways will have you pushing yourself more than you realize you've got in you. He may be one of the teachers you look back on later and thank! (But, yeah, for now he's still a jerk! lol)

EmmaP said...

Is it bad that I am laughing???

i am wondering if he is a "REAL" professor or an adjunct instructor. Well, I guess be "glad" you did so "well" compared to the other students. (Easier said than done.) I'd personally [probably] die if I got less than an A, which still might happen in the very.near.future... funeral TBD.

Um... any chance you could post some of those messages from the message board on your blog??? That might be fun... hehehe!

jenjen said...

That sounds terrible! It sounds like the instructor is not very good if everyone is doing badly. I am so sorry you are having to go through that!


RhondaLue said...

Some instructors seem to need to feel "higher than" and "better than" you silly little college students. I HATE that! Geez, hopefully he can be reasonable in the near future!

Exgf said...

Just found your blog...I'm a total blogstalker!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Dee said...

Just hang will be over soon and venting is good.

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing remarkably well just to be giving this test so much thought.

FOCUS. FOCUS on the positives. see where you score, if that's possible. stress on your strengths. your grades are bound to go up a bit more.

You sleep 3 hrs a night? I don't mind some online tuition on that- sigh :(

p.s. i'm going to stalk you too- i like your blog.

Michelle said...

I wish I had your drive when I was in college. If I loved the class I got an A....if I didn't I just got by.

Oh how I remember dealing with the arrogant professors. Such a pain!

Tulsi said...

I didn't have problems with my professors, but I also haven't started school again. BUT Brie had a jerk for an english teacher her first year in college. They were given an assignment and the teacher didn't like Brie's subject matter and didn't grade her on what she needed to grade her on. Brie went to her and asked her about it. The teacher said that she didn't agree with us being in Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't remember the precise topic, but Steve had just found out he was being deployed so Brie had written why we needed to be there and was in agreement. The teacher gave her a grade based on what she believed personally. Not at all on grammer, complete sentences, etc. She wouldn't change her grade and Brie would tell people just what she thought about her when asked who to take as an english teacher. The College pres. was our Bishop and had a chat with her when it finally got down to him. His wife was my visiting teaching partner and Brie's former Young Women leader so he was bound to find out.She also had another pompus teacher change the time of the final and told a few students and didn't let the ones he didn't get the email to to retake the final so they got a grade with out the final. Some people think a little to highly of themselves.

Minka said...

There is always this one professor or teacher that changes the educational process into testing people's psychological strength. Their personality and mental stability. Meant to build it up or something. Can't do much about it but move on and brag about surviving that, too.

Annie said...

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!! And I know you have ALOT of gusto to get through all of your classes!! I remember my English class as a freshman in college. I thought the prof was way out of line then but looking back I realize he made it hard to see what each of us was made of. Funny, how I also learned the most in his class. Keep up the great work!!!

Just Jules said...

hi, just following comments

Blog Buddy said...

*I'm cheering for ya' Blog Stalker-YOU can do it!!!! Just follow the words to your top song-"Steady Rocking All Night Long"...translated: "Believe you can make it to the top!". I do:)

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