Sunday, February 21, 2010

28 hour day! It could happen......right?

Okay, so my resolve to post more often is not working out the way I had planned. But I have an idea to help me out. I call it the 28 hour day. Sounds pretty good, right? Oh my gosh, what I could do with another 4 hours in the day.

So, how it would work is just get rid of Mondays. With the 24 hours we would save we could just lengthen each day by 4 hours. Of course, we would need to convince businesses and schools etc that 32 hours a week are worth the same now that 40 used to be. Okay, then school could not cover the same amount of material and oh crap, less shopping days............and what would happen to all the calender makers in the country? Okay, maybe I just need to get better at managing my time.

I am supposed to be working on a big research mid-term(one of two due) and yet I am posting a blog. Oh well, gotta get those creative juices flowing, the break from looking at all the research is good for me. right? sure it is.

well, back to the paper I guess....ugh.......and all you Monday lovers out there,.....................chill out, I was just thinking out loud.


RhondaLue said...

I'm all about it, cancel mondays! LOL!

EmmaP said...

tee hee... *monday lovers*

Well, Dear Blogstalker, you could always get insomnia like me! hehehe! seriously... i do sleep more now that I am in school. but on the nights like tonight when it's 3am and I can't sleep -- i blog. Did you know that I have blog posts scheduled all the way thru 3/9??? INSANE!!! With the exception of my "not me mondays" and "six word saturdays". Those are the only 2 I post "fresh" each week.

You'll figure it all out. and if you only blog when you need a quick creative break, then so be it; we'll still be here! lol!

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