Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, if you notice what Summer had to say in the last comment you may think I have been found out. My secret Identity has been discovered and I can no longer work at the daily planet as an average reporter.

But don't worry, I will bribe her silly not to share any information so stop composing those emails to her right now!

So, was wondering if anyone else is watching all the town hall backlash on the govt. run health care issue?

What do you all think about it?

Catch ya later,

Have a great day stalkers!


Tulsi said...

I remember when I had to email you something about your identity. Still don't know if I was right or wrong, only right on duel Citizenship.

I choose to not listen to healthcare. It just makes me mad and they are going to do what they want anyway. Unless there is a vote for us, then I'll pay attention. It's amazing how much less we have watched the news since January!!

Armed US Citizen said...

I don't know who yhou are and don't really care. A mystery can be good.

As far as the health care town hall silencers? It is crazy how Americans who want to voice dissent are being silenced. And by the same people who used to be the anti-war children of the 60's and seventies.

I say speak up no matter your opinion!

Summer said...

Ha ha- I really scared ya, didn't I! Don't you know by now I'm full of hot air? ;D

Here's the link for those against the reform planned

Mike said...

The right wing nut jobs are coming unglued about something that has needed to be done since Truman proposed it 60 years ago. Those that don't want it can get off my socalistic roads, quit using the police, fire and schools. Add water, sewer and electric to the list of don't use socalistic services also. As well as protection from the socalistic armed services. The lies that are being spread are just crazy.

EmmaP said...

i have no problem whatsoever with everyone being OFFERED the OPTION of having some type of health care. However, I HATE that many of our "options" will go away and that we will, once again, pick up the slack for many unwilling-to-work individuals. I have heard that in other countries, where there is socialized health care (or whatever they call it) that if someone needs a catscan or biopsy there is TONS more paperwork to be filled out (no duh... govt) and then they are on a WAITING LIST to get approval for the test. Ugh... I could be dead by then, thank you Mr President...

ahhhh... i hate when i have freedoms in which I have worked so hard to get, seem to disappear right before my eyes... *sigh*

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