Friday, July 10, 2009

Working a crowd

Okay people, I have been away for awhile. Now, I know nobody missed me because they get all wrapped up in their own lives but I missed blogging.

But I did have a lot of fun. I will not go into all the details of everything I did and everywhere I went, but know while it was a 'almost zero' cost mini-vacation it was uber-exciting and fun.

While I spent much time with people I know, I did get the chance to meet several new people. So in these circumstances I had two choices. While nobody was out to introduce us and force us to mingle, I could sit by myself and only talk and mingle with people I knew(which would be boring since I only knew a few) or I could put on my big person face and just introduce myself, and my family of course.

For the entire weekend, any time I saw someone I did not know yet I just went up and told them who we were and asked who they were. While it did make for a 'few' awkward moments, for the most part it was super fun. I and spouse had some really good visits and made some new friends.

But spouse is not like me. Spouse is a little more (air fingers quotes) shy. So, even though spouse is like ten times more interesting and awesome than I am, I become the one who takes us out of the protective shell we usually create for ourselves. And then I tend to overdo it a little and sometimes end up feeling like a little bit of a ham.

But sure beats sitting around with nothing to do!

So the questions to answer are:

1. Are you the in your face personality or the shy type?

2. Are you and your spouse different in your approaches to meeting new people?

And the bonus question is:

3. Can you be happy just entertaining yourselves?

Have a great day stalkers!


Rhonda said...

I'm a little nervous because I'm heading out to SITScation in October BY MYSELF!! On the plane BY MYSELF. In the hotel room BY MYSELF!! Possibly having meals BY MYSELF!! And to boot, I've never officially MET any of these people and tend to be a bit of a wall flower / people watcher in crowds.

So I'll get back to you on how I work the floor.... lol

EmmaP said...

1) i might be "in your face" if I was really really super tired, and it was a room full of giddy girls. And I do have moments of anxiety, but I am not shy. Usually...I am chatty-cathy with anyone and everyone. I try to smile and mingle and meet people. I love people and there stories...

2)I don't have a current spouse. But, my (ex)husband used to avoid people. He said it was because he is shy. But, truthfully, he just thinks he is better than everyone so he keeps to himself unless he "has a use" for someone. [my, don't I feel better!] Now, "Big-D" is actually shy. But if someone talks to him, he will engage in conversation. Though he is more comfortable one-on-one.

3)can I be happy just entertaining myself? Well, I jut spent the LAST 4 HOURS playing the piano and singing to my hearts conent in an empty house because I couldn't sleep (and now it's just after 3)... so. yeah, I think I can entertain myself. do I LIKE to? Mostly, no. I would rather be with people...

Ronda's Rants said...

I am the shy one...
Okay that's a lie!
I tend to be more outgoing but Hubby is not really shy. Our family sometimes tends to be stand offish looking because we enjoy each others company. Someone once accused us on a Mission trip of being cliquey...
We are a family...but we got the message and branched out like you did.
My Hubby's best compliment to me is that he thinks I tend to draw those who sit in the corners...out into the open.
I love people and I think most people are very interesting and can teach me something new!
Great post!

Ronda's Rants said...

Oh...Rhonda...I will not let you eat alone...we are going to have a blast!

Bee and Rose said...

I am definitely the brave one! Hubs just isn't a social creature!

We are VERY different in our approach! I'm outgoing and friendly...He's a wait and see guy...

We happily entertain ourselves all the time;)

Tulsi said...

We entertain ourselves well! And spend most of the time doing that. We have such a good relationship with out kids that it is fun. But that only works when said children are older. I am the "shy" one. I would much rather stand in the corner watching. And i would not be having a bad time. Non "shy' people don't understand that. Steve isn't "in your face" either. But with his professions and his position in both professions there are some black tie events that we have to be seen at........... and since he has those positions........ I have to talk to people. Steve never remembers to introduce me so I put on my "Pageant face - nice one" ((I've never done one but my girls have)) and talk to people. I tend to talk to the lower ranking ladies because I remember when we were lower ranking the higher ranking wives seemed to think they were cooler than anyone else did and were kind of rude. Personally...... Steve holds the position. I'm just eye candy so I'm not the one to be seen. Although if there is a position open some thought goes to the wife and if they want to be bothered with her. some don't get the position because they don't like the wife and don't want her involved. If that makes sense. Don't you just hate me commenting on your blog. I don't mean to write a book.

Anonymous said...

1. only 2 to choose from. I find that I am in between, I sometimes am out going, sometimes I am quiet.

2. we are so different in our approaches. He is more comfy on the golf course making friends than in any other place.

3. Bonus answer: Yes, we can be happy just entertaining ourselves! :)

Blog Buddy said...

I'm a person that can be shy and quiet-but if I know ya' real well, I'll be laughing and teasing loud. My hubby is a social butterfly and LOVES to walk up to complete strangers to chat. We usually have fun where ever we go:) Unless, I'm in a pondering mood..."Bicycle-Bicycle-Bicycle-!!!!!

MissKris said...

I describe myself as an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert...depends on the day and the situation. I can hold my own in a social situation but I prefer my own company or that of Dear Hubby. He is an introvert but can come out of his shell if he feels comfortable. I am very, very capable of 'entertaining' myself. My life is so busy I CRAVE alone time. I find social networking situations exhausting and don't care to attend many of them. I guess that's why I fizzled out so fast on Facebook...I'm just not in to keeping up with everyone's trip to the grocery store or figuring out what they want to make for dinner. I'm not a wallflower but my place of choice is along the wall people-watching. I find that highly entertaining.

RhondaLue said...

If someone is with me to sort of fill in the awkward spots I'm a little more outgoing but in general I'm socially retarded. I worry about things being awkward. What will I say if they don't delve into conversation, will I be snubbed? I'm much more confident if I have someone with me. MUCH MORE!

My hubby is the one that is more outgoing and I'm ok with that. And yes, we are perfectly happy in our own little corner as a family most of the time. We like to have friends and socialize too but we aren't "needy" for friends either.

Mike said...

1. no yes
2. yes
3. yes

That one girl said...

Haha, cool! Glad you had fun. Umm, I keep going back and forth but I'm back into a little shy stage now. I hope it doesn't last. I think my husband goes back and forth too, we are soo weird like that!

Umm, I would rather have someone else entertain me like vodka and tequilla, those are some GOOD entertainers!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Glad you were able to open up and have a good time, Blogstalker! Often times, the others are waiting for someone to approach them because they're shy!

While I lived in Edinburgh, I was embraced by everyone. Made many friends, but that's the Scottish and Irish for you! They had no problems opening up and extending their warmth and selflessness! *laughing* I'm grateful they weren't shy! :))

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