Thursday, July 2, 2009

Foot in Mouth

I thought this stuff only happened in the prime time sit-coms. But alas, my life once again mimics the stuff making other people millions!

It all started way back a few

Anyway, my brother several years ago had a girlfriend. Nice enough girl but they lived on the other side of the country. I mean it took me a year to really get her name right. So after a break up and a move my sweet brother found another girlfriend.

Some of you are starting to smile already. You are probably seeing where this is going. Well, just hold up and wait for the rest of them.

So he has been dating this new girl a couple years now. I have met her on several occasions. She is nice enough and I do not have anything bad to say about her. Well, they were here visiting. We had a BBQ and invited lots of old friends that we grew up with. It was an enjoyable time. I addressed this woman by her name on several occasions. But not when i said goodnight!

Oh no, not only did I call her by the wrong name. I called her by the ex-girlfriends name.


But that was not the worst of it. I did not even realize it. I had to get a text message from my brother who texted -"Hey, FYI, you told _________(her name) to "Have a good night, it was nice to see you again ________(the ex's name)"

I feel so bad. I just know he is going to end up marrying this girl now and she will hate me forever! ugh!

But, then again, I tend to over think everything. Maybe it really is just funny to her and it's already forgotten, as my brother vows.

What do you think?

What the worst thing you have slipped up and said?

How did you ever recover from the embarrassment, or did you?
Have a great day!


Rhonda said...

One of the secretaries at work was asking me how I liked doing medical transcription, because she was thinking about trying it. I proceeded to tell her exactly what I thought of the thankless, invisible job that I do and how, after two years, most of the doctors don't even know my name. I then announced that if they were going to belch in my ear, they could at least know my name!!

You guessed it. I turned around, and there was our new doctor standing just. over. there. lol

It worked in my favour though, because he ALWAYS uses my name. All the others just call me "transcription".

Ronda's Rants said...

I have called my son's girlfriend by the last girlfriend's name...and I felt awful and she DID not think it was funny! I felt so badly...I took her shopping and I am very I think she has forgiven me AND hoping I will screw up again!

Ronnica said...

I have a good friend who is seriously dating someone after they each got of long relationships. Each of their families have called them by the exes' names. Just something to laugh at!

EmmaP said...

way to go, Smog-Smacker!, I mean BlogStalker... hehehe.
As long as she isn't the overly dramatic highly jealous type (ewww...hate those types) she is probably ok with it. i am sure I've called people by the wrong name. However, my BOSS (who I am the assistant for) has worked with me for 10 months now and STILL calls me CHARLOTTE (my co-workers name) and the ONLY things we have in common are 1)we both have brown hair and 2) we are both female. hmm....maybe I shall start calling him Jason (the other coworker) and he'll get the hint. hehehe.

jenjen said...

That is funny! I do that kind of thing all the time. I swear, I have the WORST memory when it comes to names!


Tulsi said...

That's funny. I'd just chalk it up to experience. I remember names and faces really well, but there have been times when someone comes up to me and I have to remember which town I remember them from. Then I place the name. If I don't recall, I just talk without mentioning a name. My husband never introduces me to anyone because he is so bad at names. He has black tie events because of his rank in the Guard. At those I can read their last name on their name tag. Usually I just reach out my hand and say "Hi, I'm Tulsi. Col. Esplin's wife." Then he introduces his wife and has no clue that Steve forgot. What is bad now is that we hob knob with the same people so the introductions don't happen much because we all are supposed to know each other. I would be really upset if someone called me his old girl friends name thinking he had married her. At least your brother and girl friend will remember you!!

Tulsi said...

Oh yeah. My brother's former HS friends knew he was married and remembered her name. He took his second wife who is built like her and has the same dark hair. They called her Karen when she is Amy. Boy, that did not go over well. But that's ok because he is divorcing this one, too. But that's a good thing.

Taylor Clan said...

I kept calling my cousin's wife by his brother's ex-girlfriend's name. Every. Time. I. Saw. Her. The ex-girlfriend left a sour taste in everybody's mouth so I was just rubbing salt into the wound.

Mike said...

That's why I very rarely use names. A "nice to meet you" works just fine.

Summer said...

My mother-in-law did the same thing- called me by my husband's last girlfriend's name back when we were dating. She was so emabarrassed and apologized and worried I was going to feel bad. But there wasn't any other reason for me to feel compared to her or to feel insecure about anything, so it was easy to laugh off. I'm surprised I even remembered it- I haven't thought about it since! Anyway- my point. If she isn't immature and insecure, she probably won't be too affected by it. ;D

The Mom said...

I have done the same thing.... except it was my Mother in law, I kept calling her my Father in laws new wife's name... Very awkward.
They all hate me anyway, I just sealed the deal with that!

That one girl said...

OH, I ALWAYS say the wrong thing. You just have to laugh it off, and in front of her too. My friends think my bad choice of words is just a 'funny' part of my personality. Because of that, I don't have to try too hard.

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