Monday, July 20, 2009

So I have been just a little bothered lately. Okay a lot bothered.
What is bothering you blogstalker?, you ask. Just a lot of everything I guess.

#1 Am I the only one who thinks strapless or even sleeveless clothes do not flatter? I mean, I am not a prude by any means but its as if the entire world just decided that sleeves are no longer necessary. And most people wearing these would look better if they covered up a little. But the problem is you can't even buy modest clothes anymore. And while we are at it, what the crap is up with everyone baring a midriff? I understand those with rock hard abs who want to show off but more often than not all we are being shown is someones doughy center, usually very unflattering.

#2 Who the hell are these politicians who are threatening more and more government control? Name me one thing the government has gotten involved with or started that is A. efficient and B. not a complete disaster.

#3 really great songs with really great music just absolutely ruined by cursing! enough said

#4 The "green" Nazis who liken my refusal to buy reusable bags as committing genocide. Get off of it already. And while your at it, go ahead and double bag the milk. lol

#5 Everyone bombarding me with facebook! Even though it seems I will venture into this realm, eventually, give me some freaking space already!

#6 Rich people, and I mean filthy rich people, telling me that I need to help pay for someone elses health insurance. If all these do-gooders came together and put THEIR money where their mouths are they could give everyone not insured care. But that wouldn't be fair? whatever

#7 People who talk so much about nothing that they actually put me to sleep

#8-10, The three people 'I was talking to today who all decried this universal health care idea and then followed it up with where they think the money should be used. THE MONEY SHOULD NOT BE SPENT PERIOD! WHEN ARE WE GONNA LEARN?



jenjen said...

Good list! I know, there is much to be annoyed about! I know what you are saying about people who need to cover up! I have found some rally good sites that offer modest, cute, trendy clothes if you are interested. Have a great day!


Ronda's Rants said...

Nothing...seriously...well there are a few things but I am trying really hard these days to just count my blessings and hold my tongue (which is a full time job.)
I have a few unhappy people in my life right now...and they just drain me...
I hope things get better soon for is way too short! :)

Ronnica said...

I agree about strapless and midriff, but personally, I'm not a fan of sleeves. When I wear a sleeveless top, I just feel so summery!

Excessive spending, government or otherwise, bugs me. Cut it out already!

Rhonda said...

There is a new country song right now called "Beer gut" and it's about the woman's midriff. lol It's hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

your list rocks!

Here are a few of mine: Remember you asked.

1. swim suits, who said we needed to have low cut, high cut, two piece swim suits where are the cute full body swim suits of days gone by.

2. can't we have a happy news channel for once where they report on all the good going on.

3. why can't we have movies with out all the sex, sex but still have the romance. sex does not mean romantic!

4. why do we to text again? Maybe if we took a break from our cel phones and really focused on what were doing, say for instance driving! My day would be a better one.

5. If I want to hold my kid back a year, I think I know what is best so listen to what I have to say after all his head came out of me, not you!

Alright there you go! Have a great day!

JennyMac said...

Love your list...and #7 is my favorite since I had to endure this in a meeting yesterday that should have been 20 minutes but no, was an hour. Thanks Longtalker...

MissKris said...

Absolutely everything you've said here and one more...drivers on cell phones. Because of those idiots, I have had SOOOO many close calls while out walking with priceless, irreplacable cargo...MY GRANDSONS!!! Enough already! When lights turn RED that means you STOP!!!!!

RhondaLue said...

all those things and more blogstalker. whiny kids, judging people who don't know what their talking about, gossipers that spread rumors about GOOD people and absolutely RUIN their reps. Eat my shorts people.

Everyone else? Hope you are having a nice week!

Tulsi said...

I like you list. I don't get the cursing in the movies, either. It seems like they have to see their script and say "lets say &%$* here and there - and then again. It holds no relevance to the story.

I don't like shoulders so no sleeveless here. Mikele hasn't worn a sleeveless shirt in years. She hates peoples shoulders, too.

I really hate Reality shows, too. I don't get them.

Tulsi said...

It also bothers me that we live in such a cliquish area. Not our immediate, but a certain subdivision. I wouldn't have to have anything to do with them if there were no Sunday. The median age is 25 so they are still finding themselves while knowing it all. And the weird thing is........ they are renting (which isn't a bad thing. We did until 8 years ago) but they look down on anyone who does not live in their subsidized area. Granted it is one of the nicest subsidized areas because of the hefty rules, but I prefer my own home and my circle. I was told it was envy and I think that could be true. But it wears on a person weekly forever.

Annie said...

AMEN!!! What has me bothered? The fact that money keeps getting printed to bail out huge companies who continue to dole out HUGE raises to their so called executives but the 'little' people keep losing jobs, going into foreclosure and not getting the help where it is needed the most. Seems half assed to me?!?!?!

EmmaP said...

well, i'd love to tell you what's got me bothered... but i am afraid i'd put you to sleep! hehehe!

wait, so let me get this straight... you think the government SHOULDN'T spened the money we DON'T actually already have??? wow... that's deep. what a concept! whoduvthunk?

You forgot about the halter! the halter is coming back with a vengeance. It's actually a two-fer in the land of sluttamania... see, with the halter, you get to show off your doughy, stretch-mark scarred center AND your tattoo-gone-wrong bare shoulders. Pair a halter with a pair of those lovely, so-short-we-can-see-your-dimpled-white-cheeks-smiling daisy-dukes, and you've got yerself a real hoochie there. yep. i said it. it looks hoochie! hmmm...sounds like the new fall collection...[lightbulb moment]...excuse me, i must go blog now ;)

Christine said...

Great rant list and I agree with you all the way down the list.

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