Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I Like

Well, I think the tone of my last post was a little more edgy than I usually write. I do not apologize and yet I did set out to have this blog to get away from the "problems" of everyday life. Although most of my posts are just questions about real the rule is.........

There will be no rules, except for the rules I set for myself. And these said rules DO change daily if necessary.

Okay, that is out of the way. What I really wanted to post today was a short list about some of the things in life I enjoy or look forward to or just plain wish for. After the last post of some things that bothered me it seems only fair and balanced to do so.

With trumpets sounding, here it goes;
  • The smell of a freshly bathed little baby. Have had enough, not baby hungry, but......yeah, that is a good smell.
  • A good beat I can dance to(where nobody can see me) As noted previously, I move to life with a song in my head. Good music rocks!
  • the cliche "walk on the beach"
  • gathered as a family when nobody is upset or moody
  • believe it or not, hard work. Seriously, my teenager self is just flipping out but yes, hard work feels good and purges the idle toxins and leaves a good feeling of accomplishment
  • people who are themselves, no matter what. And in that vein, people who accept me as myself, no matter what!
  • Being in the rain, on my terms of course(not when it will ruin my stuff. lol)
  • The snow. Visiting it of course. Would not want to shovel driveways or walks etc.
  • Taking zillions of pictures. I just love photographing people, animals, landscapes, etc. Maybe one day I'll get good at it.
  • holding hands
  • Cuddling with special person in the dark watching -_________(anything)
  • Growing older and watching my children grow into the people they will be. This is the most important thing. Being a family and helping each other progress into the beings our lord would have us become.
  • Family game night!
  • Date night with spouse!
  • A night without calls from creditors! ha

Anyway, this is but a short list. I know that by the time I actually take the time to read what I wrote I will have thought of many more things that I like. But alas, the list has to stop somewhere and you only have so much of an attention span. I will reserve the right to re-post at a future undisclosed date, additions to this list.

So, entreat me if you will, to a few things YOU may put on your own lists.

Have a great day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

So I have been just a little bothered lately. Okay a lot bothered.
What is bothering you blogstalker?, you ask. Just a lot of everything I guess.

#1 Am I the only one who thinks strapless or even sleeveless clothes do not flatter? I mean, I am not a prude by any means but its as if the entire world just decided that sleeves are no longer necessary. And most people wearing these would look better if they covered up a little. But the problem is you can't even buy modest clothes anymore. And while we are at it, what the crap is up with everyone baring a midriff? I understand those with rock hard abs who want to show off but more often than not all we are being shown is someones doughy center, usually very unflattering.

#2 Who the hell are these politicians who are threatening more and more government control? Name me one thing the government has gotten involved with or started that is A. efficient and B. not a complete disaster.

#3 really great songs with really great music just absolutely ruined by cursing! enough said

#4 The "green" Nazis who liken my refusal to buy reusable bags as committing genocide. Get off of it already. And while your at it, go ahead and double bag the milk. lol

#5 Everyone bombarding me with facebook! Even though it seems I will venture into this realm, eventually, give me some freaking space already!

#6 Rich people, and I mean filthy rich people, telling me that I need to help pay for someone elses health insurance. If all these do-gooders came together and put THEIR money where their mouths are they could give everyone not insured care. But that wouldn't be fair? whatever

#7 People who talk so much about nothing that they actually put me to sleep

#8-10, The three people 'I was talking to today who all decried this universal health care idea and then followed it up with where they think the money should be used. THE MONEY SHOULD NOT BE SPENT PERIOD! WHEN ARE WE GONNA LEARN?


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rappers delight!

Not only did I like this music but what a funny video. If you have not seen this yet, enjoy!

So, do you remember breakdancing? I sure do, I remember when kids would bring refrigerator boxes to back and head spin on. I can also remember poppin' and lockin' contests.

Oh, and what about parachute pants and spiked wristbands and belts?

What do you remember about breakdancing?

Have a great day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Working a crowd

Okay people, I have been away for awhile. Now, I know nobody missed me because they get all wrapped up in their own lives but I missed blogging.

But I did have a lot of fun. I will not go into all the details of everything I did and everywhere I went, but know while it was a 'almost zero' cost mini-vacation it was uber-exciting and fun.

While I spent much time with people I know, I did get the chance to meet several new people. So in these circumstances I had two choices. While nobody was out to introduce us and force us to mingle, I could sit by myself and only talk and mingle with people I knew(which would be boring since I only knew a few) or I could put on my big person face and just introduce myself, and my family of course.

For the entire weekend, any time I saw someone I did not know yet I just went up and told them who we were and asked who they were. While it did make for a 'few' awkward moments, for the most part it was super fun. I and spouse had some really good visits and made some new friends.

But spouse is not like me. Spouse is a little more (air fingers quotes) shy. So, even though spouse is like ten times more interesting and awesome than I am, I become the one who takes us out of the protective shell we usually create for ourselves. And then I tend to overdo it a little and sometimes end up feeling like a little bit of a ham.

But sure beats sitting around with nothing to do!

So the questions to answer are:

1. Are you the in your face personality or the shy type?

2. Are you and your spouse different in your approaches to meeting new people?

And the bonus question is:

3. Can you be happy just entertaining yourselves?

Have a great day stalkers!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Guessing game

I knew he was different in his sexuality
I went to his parties as a straight minority
It never seemed a threat to my masculinity
He only introduced me to a wider reality
As the years went by, we drifted apart
When I heard that he was gone
I felt a shadow cross my heart

But he's nobody's hero
Saves a drowning child
Cures a wasting disease
lands the crippled airplane
Solves great mysteries
not the handsome actor
Who plays a hero's role
not the glamour girl
Who'd love to sell her soul
If anybody's buying
Nobody's hero

I didn't know the girl,
but I knew her family
All their lives were shattered
in a nightmare of brutality
They try to carry on,
try to bear the agony
Try to hold some faith
in the goodness of humanity

As the years went by,
we drifted apart
When I heard that she was gone
I felt a shadow cross my heart
But she's nobody's hero
Is the voice of reason
against the howling mob
is the pride of purpose
In the unrewarding job
not the champion player
Who plays the perfect game
not the glamour boy
Who loves to sell his name
Everybody's buying
Nobody's hero


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Foot in Mouth

I thought this stuff only happened in the prime time sit-coms. But alas, my life once again mimics the stuff making other people millions!

It all started way back a few

Anyway, my brother several years ago had a girlfriend. Nice enough girl but they lived on the other side of the country. I mean it took me a year to really get her name right. So after a break up and a move my sweet brother found another girlfriend.

Some of you are starting to smile already. You are probably seeing where this is going. Well, just hold up and wait for the rest of them.

So he has been dating this new girl a couple years now. I have met her on several occasions. She is nice enough and I do not have anything bad to say about her. Well, they were here visiting. We had a BBQ and invited lots of old friends that we grew up with. It was an enjoyable time. I addressed this woman by her name on several occasions. But not when i said goodnight!

Oh no, not only did I call her by the wrong name. I called her by the ex-girlfriends name.


But that was not the worst of it. I did not even realize it. I had to get a text message from my brother who texted -"Hey, FYI, you told _________(her name) to "Have a good night, it was nice to see you again ________(the ex's name)"

I feel so bad. I just know he is going to end up marrying this girl now and she will hate me forever! ugh!

But, then again, I tend to over think everything. Maybe it really is just funny to her and it's already forgotten, as my brother vows.

What do you think?

What the worst thing you have slipped up and said?

How did you ever recover from the embarrassment, or did you?
Have a great day!

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