Saturday, April 4, 2009

Follow the rules?

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when someone gives you a rule to follow?

Times up. Is your first reaction to question that rule? I ask this because I happened to notice something the other day. It was outside of a business establishment that had a posted notice that there was no smoking allowed on their premises. I read this as I past an employee smoking right next to it. Where was my camera when I needed it?

Anyway, I laughed about how it looked, but it has got me thinking. Now, I am not posting this about smoking. This was just the incident that started this train of thought. See if you can follow me through this thought.

The more I thought about it, the more instances I was able to recognize in life where the rules were ignored. Let's visit a few just for giggles.

  • The toddler who when told not to put their hands on something hot proceeds to do just that.
  • The junior high student who when told not to have "certain" friends or listen to "certain" music, do so because it is what they were told not to.
  • The high school student who takes up smoking or worse because they were told it was wrong
  • The young college student who cheats on an exam or copies someones notes.
  • What about at work: Do you steal paperclips? What about rules about gifts from clients.
  • Taxes! Who can even follow all the different"rules" involved here?
  • I worked with people who said, "oh yeah, you are not supposed to (fill in the blank) but everyone does, so just to let you know"
  • Often do I see someone make left turn on red when there is no cop in site.
  • Is it really a business dinner if it's watching Monday night Football with the buddies?
  • Do we use the Car pool lane when we shouldn't?
  • What about going through the express checkout with more than 10 items.

These are just a few of the everyday rules that are broken. There are some who will not break any of them. And then there are those who seem to break as many as they can get away with. The rest of us are all somewhere in-between.

So, are you a rule breaker?

What is the threshold for how serious you treat a rule handed down lets say at work?

Do you judge others based on what rules they follow?

What rules have you broken this week?

What rules have you seen broken this week?

Have a great week stalkers!


EmmaP said...

I believe that there are general "guidelines", implied rules, posted rules, and then there are Laws.

I always do my best to follow Laws. I even try hard to follow all of the rules. However, I do think there are times in which bending a rule slightly for the good of the cause/mankind/situation, etc. is acceptable. And not just because it benefits me.

I have allowed a very pregnant woman use a restroom at my work even though the sign said, "Restroom for employees only". I feel like that "rule" is more of a guideline. Obviously, not a law.

What gets me is when I see laws posted and it's like, really? What had to have happened to cause that law to have to be voted on and passed? was that simply not a "given"??? Case in Point...

Wisconsin has a law on the books that states it's illegal for Citizens to murder their enemies. whew! I am glad they cleared that one up. Cuz, y'know, the whole "murder" thing had me confused!

Mike said...

It depends on who made the rule and what's in it for me or society. Don't forget to wear your burka today.

Greg said...

Yeah, I'm with you. As long as we all strictly follow the speed limit signs, right? Who's with me?

Michelle said...

What a great post! For the most part I tend to follow the rules. My greatest offense is sometimes using my cell phone (non hands free) while driving (against the law). I might sneak a snack into the theater too.

I think the biggest rule breaking that annoys the heck out of me is when people litter (especially ciggy butts).

Summer said...

I LOVE rules. Especially made-up ones that have a time-limit. Like- "No shaving your legs on Tuesdays." Or "Don't eat that brownie. You can only have the one next to it."

I'm sorry to report that I usually have little respect for man-made rules. Ever since I managed an Olan Mills studio at 18 and realized that the world is made up mostly of people who don't know everything. ;)

Nightowl Mama said...

WHAT??? I wasn't allowed to take the Paper clips...aww poop

Tulsi said...

I've always been a rule follower almost all of the time. Even if they are dumb to me. But it depends on who made the rule. Like taking shoes off in someone's house. Is it a rule for their family or do they expect everyone to do it? I don't. We may not be that chummy. And I've seen some people watch my feet the whole time. It's now a HUGE fine to be caught texting while driving in UT now. I wait to text. And if you were the cause of a crash because of a cell phone, you get another lovely fine, and sometimes worse. Which I think is fair. But I answer my phone. The phone things are laws and new. I'm working on those and being part of Law Enforcement, I see the need for those laws. I don't run stop signs and people who are stop sign runners behind me almost smack into the back of me thinking I'll just be going. There is a NO cell phone rule in the school building here. Not at all. You can step 2 feet out an use it. Just not in the school yet I get texts from my daughter at random times. She has had the consequence of having her phone taken twice this year. One more time and she's out. Well, she won't get her phone back with out doing something I can't remember. I don't run with a sucker stick. I don't water my lawn during the hours that are "suggested" that we don't. My dog does needs to get her shots so she can be Legal. I'm a slacker there. I have called and excused my daughter when she has over slept more than once. In short (ha ha), I see the need and do obey the laws most of the time and many of the rules. Even if I don't know the need for them. We've had head UT leaders want to change the DUI laws because they keep getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol. That is totally ridiculous to me. Just don't drink and drive. That law seems pretty cut and dry to me.

Bee and Rose said...

It depends on the rule! I am a rule breaker some days and a rule follower some days...But no kid of mine better break my rules! HA!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Didn't you notice that the rules made up by oneself are the best?
Would there be rebellion against the self? The happiest are those who live to the beat (or rules) of their own drum! :)) Something to think about anyway! ;)

Shea said...

I guess for everyone it's whether or not the possible consequence for breaking each rule is worth the enjoyment/convenience/pleasure you get from breaking it.

I'm a dork. i don't break many rules. I'm afraid of getting in trouble. :-)

Lisa said...

as an adult i am not a huge fan of rules- as a mother, though, i love them !

RhondaLue said...

I follow rules when they're good reasons for 'em. Like God's law and all that. Man-made ones are sometimes stupid.

So yah, generally a rule-follower 'cept when I'm not.

Ruthykins said...

i have a fear of authority, so i'm a rule follower. if there's a rule, no matter how silly, i'll probably follow it. i just don't follow my husband's rules. i guess i'm just not afraid of him. that would be a good thing, right?

Anonymous said...

Rules are made to be broken, right? Well, here is a bad habit I have. It say's on the box to read the directions first before putting some thing together. I usally toss the directions aside, look at the photo and got to work. It turns out, some times looking a litte different than the box. Which I think is wonderful. Who wants what they are createing to look like everyone elses. So I am blabbing, it is late. Glad I got to finally catch up with you.

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