Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time management?

So, I am way way behind on everything I thought I was going to have more time to do.

When I was first laid off I thought I would look at the bright side. At least I would have time to do some of the things that I really never had time for and squeezed in when I could.

One of those things was blogging. I really thought I was going to be spitting out at LEAST one a day and spend time keeping up with all my blogging pals. Alas, it has only been a little over a week and I have nothing to show for myself. In fact I am already late for the interview which is overdue, and have not even updated the playlist with the awesome requests I have gotten in comments and in email.

I even had another post all thought up about how I was gonna spotlight Ronda from Ronda's Rants and how I was lucky enough to win an ipod through our promotion of Sara Nelms. I was even going to write about how I blindfolded her so she has no info on me! lol

And then there was all the organization I was going to implement but never had time for. I guess I simply thought that I would spend all the time I normally spend at work doing stuff I wanted to do. BOY was I wrong. I think I have had less time for me this past week than I did when I was working. Cannot explain how that happens and looking back, don't seem to have anything to show for my time either. Go figure.

I guess I will just hope that I can get a handle on my time management skills and improve.

So this week is Spring break for all my kids(HELP!) no, seriously we want to do "stuff" but what to do on a small budget (emphasis on small). Kids were not keen on laying in bed all day and watching movies. darnit! Any good ideas out there?

Have a great day stalkers!


pam said...

How is the weather where you are? Send them outside to ride their bikes/ play in the mud!! (if that works for you) Mine spend the whole day out from 10am until 730pm tonight!! They are covered in mud, but tired:)

mama of 4 said...

Not up for staying in bed all day??? Wow mine LOVE having jammie days... hmm how about packing up a picnic lunch and heading to a local park??? Don't you know PB&J ALWAYS tastes better outside!!

Rhonda said...

sigh.... I saw your post title and thought, perhaps, that you were hosting a class on time management.

I so need help! lol

I rarely get to the things I want anymore. And I don't think it's just life pissing me off that is keeping me from blogging. But that is part of it. Sometimes I just don't trust myself not to vent online and get myself into trouble!! lol

I do know that my readers have dropped off because I just don't have time to reciprocate. And amazingly I'm okay with that.

Any job possibilities yet? Good luck on spring break!!

Mike said...

Find a job you like. Take your kids on the interview. Tell them you're coming back every day with the kids until the hire you.

EmmaP said...

hahaha. time flies, eh? for spring break last year i made a list of all of the free/cheap stuff around town i could think of. i then held a family meeting and let everyone vote on their top 3 picks. i did that about 4 years ago too. we ended up getting up early in the morning and driving down to moab and doing the "car tour" where you drive to each of the arches and park and hike the short ones. we had a lot of photo ops and we were back home in time for bed. we packed breakfast "snacks" to eat in the car, and we had a picnic lunch. then we ate off the $ menu at Wendy's for dinner. it basically cost us the gas money and the wendy's dinner. but we had fun. i even took my laptop along and hooked it up to the van speakers and they got to watch two movies in each direction. which meant no fighting! yeah!!!

oh - last year - i told them that things on the list were "Utah things". meaning, things we never saw and yet we should know about since we live here. we visited brigham youngs grave. we hiked ensign peak (but should have taken more water!). we even "toured" antelope island - though they were not impressed by that! ha! as a treat, since they indulged me - i took them to a dollar movie!

good luck - i am sure whatever you decided they will have fun.

Jagriti said...

time management is one of the basic thinds we need to do but before that we need to know about what management is and for the same i am working on my blog management-a-skill.blogspot.com.

Bee and Rose said...

I was surprised over 13 years ago when I became a stay at home mom that I my days were 100x busier than when I was a working girl! Weird how that works, huh?

I have had my kids write a list of all the things they want to do. They are pretty creative! They've actually written things like go to the park, play board games, etc. Crazy, I know! I think what they want most is just to be with the parents!

Good luck and enjoy Spring Break!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lisa said...

time management is over rated- do what you can when you can, everything else will fall into place or into pieces..smooch xx

Lisa said...

time management is over rated- do what you can when you can, everything else will fall into place or into pieces..smooch xx

Ronda's Rants said...

Wow...blindfolded huh? Sorry I missed that! :)
I hope you got it okay...Thanks again for supporting Sara!
Well, my first thought was the Public library....movies and books but they are already bored with movies. Next a theme...Ireland comes to mind for March...Irish film, books, food and history etc.
Next state parks are fun...our tax dollars at their best. I don't know if you own a GPS device but it is fun to hide something and then plug in the address or location and have you and the kids hike to find it...like a cooler with you lunch in it!
Good luck with everything including the job...I am just impressed you aren't curled up in the fetal position! Good for you for being busy!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Do you like baseball? Is there a farm around? It's cheaper than the majors and the kids would enjoy?

Is this Martin Sexton singing? He's awesome. Let me check. Nope,
Jason Mraz. He sounds just like him.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Blogstalker!

cornnut32 said...

same here...i've been doing nothing too since i haven't been working.

i gave you an award on my blog! yay!

Lorie said...

If you keep them active and hang out with them then they will have a great Spring Break. Get outside as much as you can. Take walks, ride bikes. Play tag. Hide and Seek. Twister. Have a water balloon fight even if it is FREEZING! More fun!

We slept out on our trampoline! Froze our butts off but then they all came inside and slept until 10 am!

If you have a redbox by you there is a free code for Wednesdays in March.

Bake. Let THEM bake with you. Make cookies and let them decorate. Have them plan the menu for the week. Have them help you cook.

Watch movies with blankets and popcorn on the floor together.

Check online for free things! Right now in AZ you can go to different museums for free.

Do you have a drive in? Ours is super cheap and you can cookout there! Or even just take your own snacks which saves SO much money!!

Good luck!

Tulsi said...

Find something close to home. We live NEAR 3 National Parks that I know of. We could visit and be home for bed. Plus, there are a wealth of other places that I just don't know of. I just googled the towns close to us. I'm thinking about doing that now. Since my son is out seeing the real world, we even have room in one car for my daughter and her husband. We better do it quick. We don't have room for the car seat with everyone. Many things are free. I always think of the Brigham Young home and Jacob Hamblin home. They are 40 minutes away. Moab is the most awsome place. Bryce National Park is the best, but Zion is the BEST. Mikele shot her commercial there and it is my favorite park!!! Find treasures at home. And pack peanut butter,, even if I hate it. I can eat it if it has honey.

Melissa B. said...

This is my mantra: The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get. There's never enough time in the day. Either it will get done or it won't. Take your pick!

Muppet Soul said...

Me too, me too!

so many things I wanted to do on the Blog and am just now getting around to it.

I agree with Mike above...

And I'm not sure where you live or how old your kids are (hmmm.. research). But are there any museums around ( i know some cities you have to pay, but some, you don't). Parks? Maybe an all-day art project?

Sorry. Don't have kids (yet) so they are like aliens to me. Every once in awhile I'll see one, stare at it, and try to figure out how their head got to be that shape.

Good luck!

Nightowl Mama said...

Congratulations on your IPOD win! hopefully the kids aren't playing cow boys and indians have you tied up. Hopefully you found some fun things to do with them this week and have some wonderful updates to share with us once they are back in school next week.

Juliana said...

Thank you SOOOOO much for posting the icon for Jonathan...SIGH that means the world to me! Are you on twitter? We can stalk each other there? I'm JulianaMKing

Melissa B. said...

Please don't forget Sx3 today...I'm doing a video today, which is quirky enough to get everyone's creative juices flowing!

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