Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creating a Playlist

So all you crazy music lovers out there in bloggy blog land, I want to know what your listening to. Well, actually what I want is a little more complicated. As many of you may already know I have quite the diverse playlist here on this blog. The reason is I enjoy many different types of music.

Other than vulgar and obscene music, I probably listen to everything out there. And have listened to a lot of it for quite some time now. I have posted in the past about my belief that life has a soundtrack. There is a song out there for everything you have ever gone through. And there is probably a song out there for everything you will ever go though in the future.

Some songs set the mood or inject zest and happiness. Some music we simply enjoy and many years later appreciate even more because along with that song we associate the memories we created with the music.

So back on point here. I try and change up my playlist here and there and have it on shuffle so you as visitors should not have to hear the same songs EVERY time. But there is one flaw with this. Okay, at least one flaw. And that is it is the music I picked.

I just assumed everyone would like what music I picked. And then I visited somebody Else's blog. And the music was just hideous. I mean it was so bad that if there was an Olympic event for exiting a website I could have beaten the world record. Well, I exaggerate, but the point is I didn't even stick around to leave a comment.

So that got me thinking, a scary thought in and of itself, and I figure you guys, my readers, should have some say in the playlist.

So there it is......your assignment............tell me what song or songs you want to hear or like to listen to. If there is an artist you want me to pick something by that is okay too.

I am looking forward to your input and hopefully it will be up soon.

Have a great day Stalkers!


Bee and Rose said...

I arrive and I hear Wolfmother! RoCk On!!! Love that song! I like Muse (my tween got us tickets to see cute is that?) Your playlist is absolutely fabulous already! Love The Killers!

Tonight it's all about the instrumental for this chick! I am listening to Craig Armstrong, PM Love Theme and the other instrumentals from the Love Actually soundtrack. Trying to recover from the hair drama! lol!

My son is wearing me down and finally convincing me to listen to Bullet 4 My Valentine...alot...(saw them in concert last fall...they were unbelievable!)

Lisa said...

i go for classics and of course Jackson Browne xx

Ronda's Rants said...

I like all music...really except Country..although I can listen to some of it! I agree ...Music is so important...very can transport you back into time or a feeling! I love the music but I stopped it on my blog for just the example you stated!

Ronnica said...

I don't listen to a whole lot of music anymore. It's weird, I used to love it, but then I realized I'd rather listen to (some) talk radio or books on tape in the car, and that was really the only time I was listening to music before. There are two bands that I greatly enjoy still (and they're the ones I pop in when I'm in the mood): Maroon 5 and Barenaked Ladies.

Juliana said...

Haha...I am not much of a help because I like everything...almost with the exception of that damn "Celebrate Good Times" song which makes me want to punch masscots in the face.

I really like your music very much. I used to have a playlist on my page and I may be bringing it back (the music, not sexy)

fiona said...

I love your playlist! so much in fact that I created my own but I'll be darned if I can get the "widget" to work so that I can have it on my blog...*help*
I'm a sucker for Sinatra and Dino ;-)

pam said...

Eighties all the way!! The bigger the hair the better:)

Mike said...

The best thing you did was put the 'player' at the top. You're never going to please everybody. And people like the same song for different reasons. If I'm not into a particular song I just hit the stop button. But I don't leave.

jenjen said...

I like all kinds of music. 80's is fun - I like alternative best. I also like Owl City, All American Rejects, Plain White Tees, Jack's Manequin, Jack Johnson and Keane.

I usually have my computer on mute while I'm looking at blogs because I don't usually like the music that people have on their lists.

Yours is fun though!

Have a great day!


Nightowl Mama said...

You always have something good for me to click on. Happy listener here. thanks for the music puts a nice break in the ever beautiful sound of my children screaming and fighting with one another.

Anonymous said...

Funny I just changed all the CD's in my car. I love Lifehouse, The Frey, Casting Crowns, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin...pretty much anything...except heavy metal...

EmmaP said...

i am like you... i have an eclectic taste in music. currently i am on a jason mraz kick. though i do love me a bunch of other stuff... simon & garfunkel, james taylor, america, the police/sting, john mayer, 311, 3 doors down, gavin mcgraw, john denver, the carpenters, cake, some creed, damien rice (the non-sexual ones), green day, third eye blind, stevie wonder, chicago, red hot chili peppers, abba...

see - just ramblin'...hoping something will spark an "ooh! i like him/her/them too!"

cant wait to hear the new playlist.

mama of 4 said...

I like all kinds of music, except rap, and music with vulgar lyrics.. I have little ears listening all the time LOL but I don't usually have the speakers on the computer on.. :)

BTW thanks for the comment!

Mike said...

Don't forget that people come by to check for new things. So if you see short hits on a tracking program it's just somebody checking. I'll stay for a minute or so if I hit a song I like.

Right now I listening to Queen. Hammer to fall!!!!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Am like you, diverse in my music (from country to heavy metal),
Ozzy whom I adore is playing right now. Thanks for taking your listeners into account, but as one of your commenters said, you can't please everyone. I don't think you can go wrong by having the diversity which you love anyway!

p.s. Blogstalker, I can't seem to get my playlist on shuffle. Can you help?

Kitty said...

Ha! Now I'm wondering if mine was the blog you visited that had 'hideous music'?!

I'm a rock and blues girl - Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, BB King; who also likes modern groups like The Kooks, Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, etc.

I'm pretty much ok with any music though.


Muppet Soul said...

Oooooh! Good questions!

(I had exactly the same hesitancy with my playlist - so I ended up taking it down).

I am currently in love with:

*Led Zeppelin: Fool in the Rain
*Social Distortion: Story of my Life

Ooooh! And my new love ( the song I keep listening to over & over again and I highly suggest)is:

whole wide world by Wreckless Eric

I dare you to hear that and not feel good.

Tulsi said...

I've been listing to the music that Mikele listens to lately. I turned the computer room into my sewing room so we have to share. I'm not to into country. Some things hit a little to close to home when Steve was gone. The 80"s are the best by far. But there is one song that says "you're beautiful girl". Another on where he is smiling because his ex is working a 9-5 job and he hopes she is is sad about jilting him for a picket fence she doesn't have and now he has money. Something like that. And of course, Womanizer by the Britney. I like Boys Like Girls and Metro Station. Some of there stuff has an 80's twist. I hate REMAKES but I like when the sound is ok. Steve HATES the thing that messes with their voice so they sound like a keyboard.

Rhonda said...

It's gotta be '80s ballads, '80s dance music. If it came from the '80s, except Robet Palmer and U2, then I love it!!

Melissa B. said...

I have an eclectic taste in music. My latest fave? Either "Thriller," or the soundtrack of "A Chorus Line." Don't forget mañana's Sx3!

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