Saturday, November 21, 2009


AS I sometimes lay down at night I have been prone to self pity. I do not need to go into too much detail as many of you know that we have been suffering financially for the last year. It has been too easy to lay awake at night and feel so bad about all that I have lost or may lose.

And then I think of my ancestors, and some of yours. We have it so much better than so many ever did. I have read accounts of my own predecessors who didn't even have running water. There were times in my own fathers lifetime that an outhouse was normal.

My dad lived for a time in a two bedroom home with dirt floors and there were 6 kids. And here I am thinking I have it so rough, just because we lost a job and a vehicle etc.

I read of parents burying their babies in shallow graves. I then hear about a brother shot to death over some land rights. Couples separated for months at a time because there is no work at home.

Yes, I have so much to be thankful for. All my children are fairly healthy and I have an awesome spouse who somehow puts up with me.

So, with perspective, LIFE IS GOOD!

With that being said, I want to spotlight another awesome blogger who stalks me every now and again. If you get a chance go check out MISS KRIS. Tell her I sent you and give her some comment love.
I loved this post, Read it and tell me where you are from.

She is also a very talented poet, please go here and read some of her awesome stuff.

And just when you thought you knew who MISS KRIS was, here are 20 questions that really tell us who she is! I hope you had a great time getting to know this fellow blog stalker.

And as always, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy day and SPOTLIGHT!

Happy Day!

Why you ask? or maybe you didnt ask. Anyway, I had some good news today when I went to check on some possibilities on my future. For those of you who may be newer to my blog, My family income has crashed. Because of lay offs and work now which is apprciated but not very high in the pay, we bring home 40% of the income we were bringing home.

That is not an exagerated figure and we have had to adjust to a hard reality of life. A life of weighing needs vs. wants. For example, we want shoes with no holes in them but we need food on the table. Anyway we have found ourselves doing without so much that we thought we had to have.

This has been traumatic at times. Everyone in this family has had a time when the lack of money has been heartwrenching at worst and inconvenient at best.

So we have had to re-evaluate the direction in career and life in general. We have had some life changing trials and blessings because of them. I hope we are passing the tests we are up against. We are closer as a family for sure.

I am not ready to reveal what is going on because I have to talk to another person first, but hopefully that will be soon. It is a boost to my confidence that there will be a better future and it is exciting to boot! The musing banterer (inside joke for some) has some idea of where this could be going.

So, that was a little long winded, I appologize but I had an entirely different idea for this post. Guess I just can't keep things inside. I know that I do not post nearly as much as I would like to. I do not visit all your blogs with the kind of frequency as I would like. And I leave comments even less. And so in turn I have lost followers. Albeit fringe followers with finiky tastes maybe looking for something different, but they have left al the same.

No crying here, but I have been sittingon an idea for the last week or so. Because we all connect as bloggers, we have this kind of network with each other. But not all of your followers know each other. Neither do mine.

And I have some of the best followers ever! I want to start spotlighting from time to time some of you awesome bloggers. If you know them already, awesome. If you don't, spend some time getting to know them.

Today I am going to spot one of my first blog followers. Her name is Rhonda and you can read some ofher posts in the followng post selections:

First off she tells us what her Kids have taught her

Then, you really need to read WHO AM I? Itis a real self look into herself as a blogger. You may want to read more of her adventures at the SITScation or whatever that thing was that I didnt go to! (couldnt reveal myself now could I?)

A good way to finish up is reading her funny post/poem about her Family.

Check her out. And I am going to do this a little more frequently, lets ll get to know each other a little better! Branch out andfind new readers for our blogs!

Have a great day Stalkers!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not too late.

Okay you procrastinators out there, get out your calenders. It is getting close and closer to the end of the year. What does that mean? Christmas and thanksgiving? Yes, but what I want to talk about are the resolutions you made at the end of last year and the first of this year.

How did you do? Did you start but not finish the goal? Did you achieve your goal only to sabotage yourself? I will freely admit that my biggest goal just blew up in my face. Here it is November and I am the same weight I was last January. Oh FRUIT! (inside joke)

Anyway, I decided to do something about it. My running never did get back to "habit". I was told it takes 21 days to make something a habit. So, I am digging in and hitting the pavement. The past two weeks have been stepping stones. Two weeks ago i ran 3 days, two miles each. Last week I ran 4 times 2 miles twice and 3 miles twice. So far this week I have ran 3 times at 3 miles each run. I must say I am feeling better.

My goal is to continue to eat sensible but to try and not obsess with the scale but how I feel when I consistently run. The weight will come off as I make this thing a habit.

Wish me luck! Now i have gone and posted to the world so no going back, right?

So, how have you done with YOUR resolutions?

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