Friday, May 29, 2009

Run or post?

To Run or not to run? that is not the question. The question really comes down to whether I am going to run or to blog. So what the frick am I going on about?

Well, gonna delve just a little into my personal side. I sure do not do it all that often. Anyway, I have been wondering about whether or not to post about boring stuff like weight loss or exercise. I finally decided that if it is important to me 'I need to do it. Also, many of you brilliant bloggers out there have awesome words of encouragement or just good advice.

So, where to begin? Well, once upon a time I was..........well, lets just say I had a lot of extra weight packed on. I loved life and did not have a bad self image. (but should have!) Anyway, one day realized I was just plain huge! I was not getting any younger and needed to do something before they needed a crane to get me out of bed.

Much longer story shorter...........I made a lifestyle change and over a year and a half later was down over 100 pounds. I had to buy a new wardrobe. I would bump into people that had not seen me in a long time and they would just gawk and totally pump my ego. I vowed I would never be "that big person" again.

And now after 3 years since I started.........................I have packed 35 pounds back on over the last 5 months. I am and have been very down on myself. And what do I do when I get down? I revert to the old "comfort food" habits. And the downward spiral continues.

One of the things that I developed during my change was that once I lost over 50lbs I found my new love in life. And it was/is running. I started at running 2 miles every night. I got up to 5 miles a night at least 5 nights a week and sometimes up to 7 miles. I love to run. It gives me time for just me. I release lots of happy endorphins and get to listen to great music while I run.

And then...............I hit some kind of wall..............and never really recovered. Started to get back on track.............and then got laid off. Got depressed and was always busy stressing out.

Now, I am finally getting sort of a routine down. Spouse has been very supportive! (much needed) Anyway, I have found some time just for me. I could either blog, which I really want to, or I can run, which I want to, but because of being out of practice find it easy to put off.

Anyway, I am proud to say I have been back on track, and have finally increased again from 2 miles a night to 3. Well, just tooting my own horn and kind of half explaining why I am not getting regular posts up. Hopefully soon I will get it all done. yay!

So, if you have made it through this self prescribed therapy tell all, congratulations! And riddle me this.....................................

What drastic changes have you ever made in your life?

Are there things you struggle to fit in every day that is harder than people might realize?

If you have to choose between blogging and something else, what is it and how do you choose?

Hope you all are well and good, I will posting again soon..........I hope

Have a great day!


pam said...

My kids and family always come first. I love blogging, but I do it when they are still asleep (like now, yours is the last blog I am reading and then I am getting them up). Or, afternoon nap, or in the evening after they are in bed.

Way to go on the running!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Congratulations, Blogstalker! It isn't sister is constantly battling the weight issue. But as far as choosing...
it's always what's more important at that moment. If it's not a business, and it's for yourself, try not to worry about it, unless you've worked out a routine you're comfortable with and it fits in with the rest of your life's demands. Your going through a rough time, so don't beat yourself up. Life's too short! This too shall pass. Try to enjoy each moment, Blogstalker!

Rhonda said...

I love to read posts that are funny and entertaining, but even more, I like to read posts about people being real. And weight issues are oh, so real.

Good for you for seeing what needs to be done for your happiness and well-being. I truly don't believe that those come "down" to size, but just a feeling. I feel better these days than ever and I'm still 40 pounds overweight. But I am just an "all round" happier person now.

I would love to hear more about your progress. Good luck to you on your journey back to health and happiness.

Personally, if I'm not blogging, I'm watching TV. lol At least until my foot gets better and I can get back to soccer!

Ronnica said...

I haven't had to choose between blogging and something else, but I do make blogging a priority, though certainly not as high as more important things (wow, that's vague...I mean more important things like church, work, etc).

Tulsi said...

Wow! I'm NOT a runner and envy anyone who does it. I used to walk faithfully on the treadmill before Steve came home from Afghanistan almost 2 years ago. We moved the treadmill downstairs recently but I haven't used it since he got home. I really should. Since I gained some weight (which is a big deal for me) I could use some toning.

I bought my son's laptop when he left on his mission since technology will be greater when he gets home. So it is by where I sit in the living room. It's easy to just get it when I have a few minutes. I don't have to do much choosing on whether to blog or do something else since I sit when there isn't anything pressing. I've noticed that over the last year I have a lot to say. I justify by saying it is a journal. I write in my journal MUCH less than I blog so it really is a journal. Especially since I make a book out of it. I write whatever floats in my head. If no one could tell, strange float in there .

Blog Buddy said...

I've been getting up at five every morning and walking with my buddies. We like to change the route-so today we went to the HS track and stayed there for an hour going around and up the bleachers and down:) Good work out too. What do I do for fun when I'm not blogging? Eat sushi-♥

jenjen said...

GOod for you!!! I put on some weight over the winter because all I ddi was post and comment. Now I have decided to cut back and exercise. I feel so much better! I have been walking/running every morning and I feel almost back to my normal self. This blogging thing is fun but not very good for the bod.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I am just starting down this road again as well...two years ago I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off. But I am once again exercising, I walk, and eating healthy. Here is a GO GO GO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!! You have accomplished ALOT!!!! And you can do it again!!!!!
Course I am blogging this am as it is raining!!! Regardless of the weather this afternoon, unless it is thunder and lightening, I will be putting on my walking shoes and heading out :)

Mike said...

You need to keep running. Blog during the cool down.

Ronda's Rants said...

That is great...another reason to admire and be intrigued with you! I have someone close to me who could lose 100 pounds and I struggle with how to encourage without embarrassing that person who I love very much!
I have gained about 20 pounds over a 5 years span...
I am a small person and this change in weight has made me uncomfortable...not just with the fir of my clothes but with how I look...I must struggle with body issues as when I look back on my life...I have many memories of feeling uneasy with my image.
I wished I liked to run...I did when I was younger but now I prefer walking and I usually walk 3 miles a day.
But...if I don't blog...I read and favorite things!

EmmaP said...

i agree with you...with everything you've just said. I am a big procrastinator. But - I have given myself "rules" hen it comes to blogging.

First of all, I only "blog" on the weekends. It did take a while to build some posts up, but now I always have at least one week's worth ready and several more in progress. Secondly, I do not "allow" myself to read other blogs until I have read my scriptures and exercised. The exercise can be my 3 mile trail, or it can by my "gym workout" (5 miles on the bike + 3 miles on treadmill) or on an "easy day" it can be 20 minutes on the Wii fit doing step aerobics or 100 situps + 50 reverse crunches.

And finally, i have come to the realization that if I am ever going to be happy with myself I *MUST* exercise EVERY DAY. Even on Sundays I take a nice "2 mile stroll"... Seriously, if I miss even 1 day, it is over for the rest of the week. So, I make myself do some sort of exercise Every Day. I figure if I eat, sleep and pee every day I can sure as heck exercise!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

RhondaLue said...

Run Forest Run!

Anonymous said...

I want to start running.

Things in my life have been pretty stress over the last year. Thus food became my comforter. So the other day I stepped on the scale when putting in the bathroom of our new home, to only discover that all that comfort has given me 40 exta pounds of fat to carry around. I need to get rid of 50 pounds now.

As things are calming down now, I can admit that I looked to food for comfort and that I am ready to make some changes.

Love your post!
Love your blog.
Glad I got to catch up with after all my moving.

MissKris said...

Funny -ironically - how you and I are both facing life head-on here lately. I was hitting a spiritual brick wall. My days are so crammed full with daycare for my grandboys I was not 'finding' time to read my Bible like I have in the past. So what did I do? I MADE time. I now set the alarm at 3:15 instead of 4:15 and get up in the wee hours to spend some time with the Lord. Sure, I sacrifice a bit of sleep but I am rewarded by feeling more balanced, more peaceful. I have sacrificed some of my computer time, too. It has also helped. I hope you're able to defeat your life 'demons' right now, too.

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