Thursday, November 17, 2011


Life is, well.........complicated!

If that is not the most understated phrase, then I am just doing it all wrong! Heck, I probably am. Oh well, my new outlook on life is to just keep on trucking. Look where it has gotten me thus far. I am just three weeks from earning my first degree. When I started on this roller coaster it seemed that I had boarded a ride that would never end. People would say that at least there was light at the end of the tunnel, but I felt like with the way my luck always seems to go, the light would probably be a train!

But now I see that light, and by golly it even looks like daylight. Keep on trucking, thats what it is all about now, keep on trucking.

Kids lives are topsy-turvey and you feel their pain along with your own, keep on trucking.

Seems like every class decided to load up all of their assignments at the end of the semester, keep on trucking.

your "right now" job asks yo to choose between your school and committing to more work, keep on trucking.

Kids get sick, loved ones fall on hard times, everyone seems to be loosing their jobs, businesses are failing right and left.................

Keep on trucking!

Cuz, what else you gonna do?

Life may be complicated, but its all worth it in the end. Even if our reward is not in this life, it WILL come.

Its all about the simple joys anyhow:
  • the hug from a child
  • the smile from a stranger
  • that warmth in your heart when you provide service
  • holding hands with your spouse
  • sharing fond memories and making new ones
And none of these have to cost any money.

Have a great day blog stalkers!

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